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Yumi Asuka
Joined: 2007-04-01
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Birthdate April 12
About Hmm... To sum up(too lazy to be all cool and junk), I like video games, manga, horror novels, writing poetry, writing original stuff, anime, blah, blah, etc.
Specifically; love Naruto(and so much more anime I won't list 'em all), "Tales of" games, OHSHC(manga), and Clive Barker's books. Kudos if you've read Clive Barker! I'm the only one around here that does. Such boring people. The fan-people around here are cool though.
I have 34(those are just the fanfics)legitimate stories, most of which are yaoi, in the making at the moment. So please excuse any extreme lateness if I mention a sequel and it doesn't come out fast enough for you! Sorry! ^^
Oh and I am so totally going to Yaoi-Con in October! Woo! My first con! Can't wait. Don't think I'll be cosplaying though(Never have, so I really want to). Ya know.. Since I'm a chick and all. We're all goin for the boys, it'd be pointless.
If anyone cares, I'm under the same pen name on But it's all the same junk so it's pointless unless you want to read more about me.
The link to "Naruto B-Day" is there! Go click and read it! Not mine, but it is so cute!
So yeah back to my numerous site postings. Am I spamming? I mean I guess not since I didn't even know AFF existed for a while, so I was glad that I got to read what I could find on ya know? I hope no one gets irritated by actions such as mine.
Oh yeah I forgot to say my reason for submitting such fluff on this site.
*Cough* Ahem.
A lot of people are too immature to understand a boy love relationship, even if all the boys in love do is hold hands. Thus I submit on this site in fear of the day crazy people like those kids in Sacramento somehow get a hold of the rights to sites like
Was anyone else offended by those shirts? Anyone get what I'm talkin 'bout? I'm not a guy or lesbian or take part in acts of "sodomy" but I don't go around tellin people they're going to hell(cheh, obviously). I guess the whole thing struck a nerve for me though. Why else would i take my time to type all this in my profile. I actually laughed at the stupidity of it all. Not like anyone was telling those kids with the shirts "Support sodomy or die".
Sorry.. I got carried away. I understand religion and whatnot, but come on. It's a waste of their dumb time to try to guilt someone into being straight. Like a poor boy loving boy would read that and cry and say "OMG you're right! What is wrong with me?! Blah blah self-hate blah blah I'll convert!"
Damn.. I got carried away again. Apologies. Especially if anyone finds my opinion somehow offensive. I just like to state my opinion. Freedom of speech and all.
See that's the other point, those kids with the shirts have freedom of speech. So maybe I'm angry at the loop hole that let's them "get their faith on"(hehe, that's like a pun or something).
Maybe I'm just angry. I don't know. I have a headache now so I give up. Someone else takeover. I'm off to read some yaoi manga to smite some religious people. *evil laugh*

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