Reviews for The Stray

BY : Mishap

  • From Ezri-Candy on April 26, 2008

    That was sooo great :3 I loved it!

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  • From ANON - myladymystere on August 14, 2005

    most writers of fanfiction don't want to add an OC and when they do the new character does't mesh with the established ones, Brad was great and I enjoyed learning about him so much that I forgive the lack of smut. You protrayed the others well -especially Nate . I look forward to reading your other stories -keep up the good work :)

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  • From ANON - MarzBar on April 08, 2005

    What a good and funny story. I'm now going to read Stray II. You have a fan.

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  • From ANON - babarr on September 02, 2004

    Very nice story. A lot of stuff on this site is really poorly written. Your premise was good, I al tho thought Nathaniel should go back to school to be child psychologist or a social worker. I liked Brad's interaction with all the characters and they all seemed in character. You did especially well with your treatment of Jean Claude. I liked that you told the story from Nathaniel's point of view. The only inconsistency I saw was that Brad did not know Richard was a werewolf. You left a lot of room to work further with the story in discovering more of Brad's past. Email me when you put out your second story, I'd love to rea. I'. I'm also a teacher and would be glad to proof/edit for you if you need it. Thanks for a nice read BEV

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  • From ANON - musicgirl141 on June 17, 2004

    I liked it. Interesting idea.

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  • From ANON - Magnus on May 01, 2004

    Your story was one of the best fan fictions i have ever read it earned and absolute greatness title in my books

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  • From ANON - fishy on October 30, 2002

    Hi! I read this story when it used to be on I just wanted to say that you keep true to Hamilton's characters plus adding a little extra magic of your own. I love 'stray' in question - he's a well rounded character in his own right - defensive, loud and very, very determined. Plus anything with Nathaniel in it has got my vote. I'm so glad that this site exists now - I think it's appaling what has done. I write a lot of NC RPS stuff (Placebo if you must know :) and I was very annoyed that they pulled the whole lot down.

    Oh and before I blather on for too long I'm glad that there is part 2 of this story!!


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