Reviews for Estella (by Phillip Phirrip)

BY : Caligula

  • From ANON - Anonymous Poster on April 13, 2005

    Great job in keeping it in the style of Dickens! b^_^

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  • From Caligula on April 13, 2004

    thanks for the reply and review..I might add more chapters..there are so many avenues I can take..perhaps more background on Estella or Miss Havisham. Or a prequel of Miss Havishams story. Or Pip could regain his fortune. Right now I am brainstorming all those options. I just love Great Expectations so much that I most likely wont leave it hanging here. Unfortunately I am pretty busy right now, and most of my attention as far as writing is going to my play (Rebel Rebel).

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  • From ANON - RubyRaven on April 13, 2004

    this is really good
    will there be more chaps?
    luvz Ravn.x.

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