Reviews for Accidentally In Love

BY : Crystal56

  • From ANON - jillij (too lazy to sign in) on March 03, 2005

    I think this story is just lovely so far and I'm dying to know what happens next. There are typos but I think that's because the site screwed with all our stories a few months or so ago. Anyhow, the only complaint I have is that I haven't read the book. * winks * Other than that I think it's very well written so far, the poem/song breaks up the dialogue nicely and seems 'intentionally' appropriate. Could you possibly e-mail me when you update this? I have to run and get to school but I'll be back, if you post the second chapter and I haven't left a review then e-mail me because I will have forgotten. I have a horrible memory. Thanks luv!


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  • From ANON - lady mac on August 21, 2004

    wow!! I've never actually read these books, but i like this story! it's going real well so far, update soon!

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