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Reviews for Edmund and the White Witch
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harpling 2005-03-03 id # 2035170161
that was really good! though CS Lewis is probably spinning in his grave at the moment, but who cares?! you stayed fairly well withink canon and your style even sounded a little bit like the original, which was very cool. good job!

i always thought Susan was a stuck-up little bitch, too.
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Mr. Double 2005-05-25 id # 2035257842
Wow. This is the first NC-17 Narnia fanfiction I've ever read (ok, it's the only Narnia fanfiction I've ever read), but I enjoyed it tremendously. Nice "what-if" scenario, and good job keeping Jadis in character. Will you write others?
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Intreagued 2005-06-23 id # 2035295677 was amazingly hot. I'm near speechless. Gah.

You have to tell how Lucy and Susan and Peter got that way! I mean, other than Edmund's betrayal. How did they give in to sexing each other? "Proper Queen Susan" and Lucy? Tell!
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west (Email Hidden) 2005-07-15 id # 2035325075
I did not expect to stumble onto a narnia fic!! Good job! Snow witch looks way sexier now ;)
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Hannah 2005-09-18 id # 2035412134
you are WAY too old for this shit
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mysticsong (Email Hidden) 2005-09-24 id # 2035419774
I wasn't sure ... as I really like the books ....

But this is quite clever and quite well written.

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Fiction_Lover 2005-09-25 id # 2035420935
Ok, you can never be too old for anything, as long as it's good. And wow, that story was awesome! I don't find many stories that I like(hard critic) but wow... A couple spelling mistakes but
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RAW19 (Email Hidden) 2005-11-14 id # 2035494920
damn. that was different. in a good way though!
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Troys_Priestess 2005-11-20 id # 2035503950
wow. edmund's such a pervert, lol ;)
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MorvanaDuMiruvor (Email Hidden) 2005-11-28 id # 2035518248
That was...really strange. But it wasn't bad...just strange.
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Finality 2005-12-11 id # 2035530560
Lovely. Quite a few of those lines were deeply moving. I read them more times than I can count. xD Continue writing.

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Knorg 2005-12-14 id # 2035536783
I thought it rather well written.
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Anon 2005-12-18 id # 2035543649
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Anon 2005-12-20 id # 2035546857
Wow, that's stunningly graphic and far too enjoyable.
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g 2005-12-28 id # 2035560331
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ahh 2006-01-01 id # 2035568723
alright did the White witch made the other Penvensies sex slaves or something. Or did she rape them?
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Anon 2006-01-03 id # 2035572923
Aaaaaarggghhh! EARTHQUAKE! It must be the spinning grave of C.S. Lewis!!!!
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nixwilliams 2006-01-04 id # 2035574653
ouch! i feel dirty... in a good way, of course!
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2006-01-09 id # 2035586060
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Anon 2006-01-14 id # 2035595283
Wow, that was really good. It left me speechless. Wow...
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Omega12 2006-01-17 id # 2035602694
Omega12: They deserved it!

Aslan: Hey! What happens to me?!

Omega12: Who cares?


Aslan: *groans and walks away*
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Anon (Email Hidden) 2006-10-30 id # 3000012630
Freaking awesome! *tackles*
You've got so much talent for writing... you'd better intend to write professionally or the world will be missing out...
AUGH! Yay for the White Witch! :P
Erm... I'm still reeling from how freaking brilliant your writing is...
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ChaosProphet 2007-04-22 id # 3000013496
short, sweet, and deliciously twisted. great stuff.
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Heather Williams (Email Hidden) 2016-02-25 id # 3000043713
Well, there goes my childhood . . .
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