Reviews for Hung Out to Cry

BY : NecroNOMNOMicon

  • From ANON - Anon on July 07, 2015

    Lovely, bloodthirsty as ever, and very deftly done! The prompts blended in so well, and this was a perfect little continuation of the Match Girl's trials. ::applauds::

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  • From JayDee on July 05, 2015

    "The Wood of Suicides has changed since my last visit to hell. I remember it as a tiny grove. Now it resembles a forest." ~The Sandman.

    This drabble's about as dark and bleak as it gets. Can there be no redemption for the girl? No hope at all? Well, not everybody gets a happy ending. Certainly not when I'm writing. Perhaps the prompts will show mercy... You've really got the horror vibe nailed though, it's a really spooky 100 words.

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