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Disclaimer: I do not own School of Light or Waking In Dreamland. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the books School of Light or Waking in Dreamland, where this story flows from, okay? Both books are property of Jody Lynn Nye.

Chapter: In the Land of Twilight

“Are you going to the dance?” Peppardine asked and wove a strand of light around his finger.

In the land of twilight under the moon

We dance for the idiots

Ring-around-the-roses, jump to the moon

We sing with the castanets.

“Roan wants me to, so I kinda have to go,” I said, “But at lease it’s a masquerade Halloween dance. Are you going?”
“Princess Leonora sent us an invite,” Peppardine said. Her royal highness was my brother Roan’s Fiancée.
“So are you going?” I repeated. Peppardine smiled and glanced towards the door.

I will sing for Crescent Moon

Dancing with the Castanets

As the earth will turn too soon

In the land to twilight

“…maybe. I think I’ll be forcing Rutaro to go,” Peppardine said.
“Dressing him in old fashioned Victorian wear?” I asked, realizing that he was still avoiding whether to answer if he was going. I’d drop it for now. Peppardine was an idealist and I was his protégé, although he had asked me/ invited me to the ivory tower, I always refused. He knew I didn’t get along well with others, partially because of a previous horror in my past s’d s’d spend time with me instead of forcing me to the Ivory Tower. That’s why many never saw him during the day, while other Idealists roamed the campus.
I’d hardly ever met any of the other idealists. I’d seen Rutaro once up close though. Peppardine had wanted him to see an image I was working on and he had critiqued it to a point where I started to argue and we ended up in a shouting fight. Peppardine never brought another idealist after that and he did his best not to talk about Rutaro, algh tgh the subject did come up.
“I won’t tell,” Peppardine said with a smile.
“I hope you aren’t scheming anything,” I said, cocking an eyebrow.

I will sing for crescent moon

Dancing with the castanets

As the earth will come so soon

In the land of twilight

“Me, scheme? In all the years you’ve known me, do I scheme?” Peppardine asked, “What are you wearing?”
“Why do you wish to know?” I asked.
“Are you dressing like a slut, like you sometimes wear, or will it be fancy dress or what?” Peppardine asked with a tea ton tone.
“I am not dressing like a slut!” I exclaimed, “Some of the outfits Meg makes me wear may look like that but I’m not a slut!”
“So what are you wearing?” Peppardine asked.
“A…white ballroom gown,” I muttered.
“With lace on the dress and pearls in the hair?” he pressed.
“Leonora…” I replied, “Will be having fun.” He dropped it after that. When I mentioned Princess Leonora’s name, he knew I’d get the works done, whether I liked it or not. We worked in silence again for a bit, and I sculpted the feet of the wolf piece I was working on.

Now you are watching us outside the circle

Wanna be in the company

Boy but you are lonely

Dance with nobody

Run away child, to your hiding place

After some time, Peppardine looked up at me and smiled.
“I’ll be dressed in Victorian Attire,” he said thoughtfully, “Can’t sow Row Rutaro will look, or try to make himself look.”
“Will he try to be a womanizer?” I asked. I think Leonora said something about eligible ladies with a dance card for people to sign, and I shuddered at the though he might (Rutaro Might) try to sign it.
“Go with red hair and find out,” Peppardine said, “Of course you won’t know who he is…”

High and loud the sound of your bell of the


All alone, it rings and echoes in twilight

“Harrumph!” I said and turned back to working on a wolf paw, making sure each furry and fuzzy detail was there.
“Well, you should try to enjoy it,” Peppardine said seriously, turning from the tree that was his own work and coming over to mine, “very nice, the details are getting better defined.”
“Means a lot you you,” I said dryly and Peppardine smiled widely.
“Perhaps you’d like Rutaro to critique instead?” he asked and barely avoided the book I chucked at his head. Laughing, he began to pack away his stuff.
“Where are you going?” I asked, and then I checked my watch. Oh, he should be heading out to the ivory tower now.

In the land of twilight, under the moon

We dance for the idiots

Ring-around-the-roses, jump to the moon

We sing with the castanets

“You know. Anyways, I hope to see you ad the ball. I’ll be sure to sign your dance card,” he trailed, heading for the door.
“How do you know about that?” I asked with an angry flush but he was out of there with a sly grin upon his face. He was a man of many personalities and he always seemed to be scheming when I was with him.
“See you at the dance,” I said wistfully, “And maybe later on before that too…”






A/N: This is one of my favorite books I’m basing it on. If you need to know a little bit more about the book, I will in the next chapter give you a summary the two book series this is based on. And please, feel free to offer suggestions or try to guess my plot bunnies, because I have…more than this chapter down on paper so I just need some feedback on how I’m doing. I know how this’ll go down and how I want it to end. The trouble is getting there and help is always appreciated. Well please don’t flame me, unless its rated G-PG but give constructive criticism instead. And please at lease tell me one good thing I did with this. Please remember, it does take time to develop characters as well, so no one tell me my charrs ars are underdeveloped, okay?
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