Weekend Getaway to Gor

BY : Kitchendoll
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Disclaimer: This is a non-profit work of fan-fiction. I do not own Gor, nor do I make any profit from this.

Thought I'd dedicate this little fanfic to my wonderful Dom, Master Storm, who also enjoys his Gorean play! I may have gotten a few details about the Gor stuff wrong but I hope you all enjoy.


ps. I don't advocate the RL Gorean lifestyle. It's fun to RP though.

Lovefoxx x.

After much persuasion I was able to convince you to visit Gor with me. Although you were fine with your prize I felt that there was so much you didn't know about me. Before we took the portal there I had to prepare. It was easy for you. Earth men are rare in Gor and with the gravity there giving them superhuman strength, are treated as champions. I on the other hand had to maintain a more humble appearance, especially being a human woman. Not only does the gravity in Gor make earth women weaker, earth women are subjected to more racism than any other caste. Even as slaves, we are mistrusted and rarely ever more than pleasure girls in city brothels or domestic slaves.

I wear a simple, silk, red, knee length loincloth to cover my shaven sex, it leaves my ass exposed. I remain topless with my feet bare. Gorean slaves are often permitted ankle and toe jewelery but on earth women this is looked down upon. You fasten a secure leather collar around my neck. To your surprise I wear a veil to cover my face below my dark painted eyes. Both are signs of ownership and a must. Women in Gor are safe as long as their Master's mark or collar is shown but if we are out alone or in public the veil is a sign of humility.

We arrive in an ancient looking medieval city, I walk a few feet behind you on your left on hard cobblestones with my back, straight, head high but eyes down. Immediately the city locals take an interest in you and shun me, women paw at your arms asking your name, I smile and bow. Traders offer you goods and slaves. They even offer to trade me in for a finer Gorean girl for a fine earth man such as yourself.

I show you the ancient temples, canals and market streets, hot sun tanning my bare breasts. Last time I was here was when my nipples were pierced for the first time. I look down at them wanting to get them pierced again just so I can blend in a bit more. I tell you that ear piercings are the greatest humiliation a Gorean slave can experience. The customs confuse you but you seem to love the attention!

Eventually I take you to the brothel were I was trained...You want to go inside but a part of me is afraid that they'll never let me leave! As you reassure me I feel a large hand on my shoulder.


It was my previous owner, Xham. A tall, broad, shaven-headed handsome brown-skinned man, wearing dark eyeliner and fine clothes.

"My Lord!"

I bow to touch his feet. Accepting my respect he bids me to one side and greets you. He is immediately impressed with everything about you and introduces himself as not just my former Master but also as a wealthy merchant who will not take no for an answer as he invites us both to his home.

At his large, opulent home Xham claps his hands and you find yourself surrounded by four of the most beautiful, exotic women you have ever laid your eyes on!

"My slaves, attend to him! Please Sir Storm, sit."

I stand awkwardly feet together as a Gorean slave should at a distance from you both.

"Sula-Ki! Fetch the wine! You know where it is!"

He commands before politely bidding you to remove my veil and collar so he can enjoy your mark tattooed on the back of my neck. It's safe for a slave to be uncollared in another man's home providing she is marked and her Master knows where she is.

"Yes Master Xham."

I bow to you both, but you're already being entertained and pampered by his slaves of different skin colours, their naked bodies adorned with expensive jewels, exotic makeup, lustrous hair styles like nothing you've ever seen and eyes that shine bright green, blue, gold and the warmest brown.

"No need to call me Master anymore, he is your owner now so lets dispense with such formalities."

"Thank you Sir!"

I smile with joy before leaving the room.


You ask.

"I gave her that name when I bought her from that accursed brothel. It was a cruel name they had for her there. In your language it is quite demeaning. Earth women are very beautiful and little Sula was quite a prize. She works very hard, is loyal, humble, did she tell you that she converted to one of our many religions? She did much work at the temple to please our gods, even with that name..."


"...Earth whore..."

His slaves feeding you grapes, dancing for for you and massaging your feet and shoulders giggle. Xham claps once, angrily. They cease and continue serving you.

"Gorean women, even as slaves they are not above certain prejudices...They say little Sula...Of course, 'Sula-Ki' is a sexual position. She used it well to pleasure me and she became my favourite. I bought her the next week!"

You let out a laugh, the slaves love it.

"Yes, little Sula, she was very young then. They say she wore the white silk when she was sold to that place...When I bought her they were red."

Xham paused.

"Sir Storm...Not many men in Gor would have treated Sula as well as I...She would smile at 'earth whore' but I gave her a good slave name, clean home, food, a place at my side once she earned it and a place in my bed. I loved her as much as these four little devils at your feet now."

Hands caress your shirtless torso, hands soothe your un-sandaled feet, their dance is hypnotic.

"When I passed her to others to help my...'business deals', she served me well and no man dared cross me...Earth slaves can often be mistreated in Gor...Poor Sula...She has a high tolerance to pain. Many times she was beaten, accused of theft but she has always been honest."

"Honest My Lord?"

I ask returning with the wine.

"Talking about me?"

"HAHAHAHA! You earth women and your poor manners! And here I am telling your Master how good you are for an earth slave!"

*He slaps my bare ass firmly, but affectionately as if I were his horse*

"F-forgive me My Lord!"

I bow to him and you.

"Master I meant to bring no shame.."

"So serious Sula! I'm sure earth men aren't as strict as my fellow countrymen!"

*I pour your drinks before kneeling between you and Xham at the table trying not to look with envy at your fans*

"Tell me Sir Storm...What exactly is Sula's earth name again."

You think for a while, Xham smiles as it's a sign that you really do behave like a Gorean male in matters of ownership.


Xham looks confused...

"...Strange name...Very strange name..."

He looks down on me...

"..But it suits a small brown earth girl. Stand!"

With a jolt I immediately stand before him correctly as a Gorean girl should.

"You were my favourite but you are an earth girl Sula...I must inspect you in case you have dirtied my home. These walls are too thin for the price I pay."

"But I washed My Lord Xham and Master Storm's feet before my own when we arrived Sir."

I feel nervous, dirty, this was life in Gor and even Master Xham could be very intolerant and strict.


With a single gesture, one of his girls reaches into your lower tunic teasing your manhood...Soon, delicate fingers and lips tease your long, thick pride that knows me so well...

Xham gently pinches my chin opening my mouth to inspect my teeth...

"Good...Sir Storm, always inspect your slaves like this, new or present, they learn cleanliness and respect for their own bodies and manners."

He runs his fingers through my hair...

"No lice...In Gor, we shave infested women...Sometimes it is also for discipline, punishing whore and for earth slaves...It can be for fun."

The my neck is supple to his touch, it's why he wanted the collar off...He holds my hands inspecting my fingernails...

"Clean...You still have the hands of a good cook Sula. Good..."

Xham cups my breasts rudely and firmly...He smiles, squeezing, pushing then patting them, thumbing my nipples, enjoying that they are so hard.

"You still have the body of a teenager Sula...Sir Storm! In Gor we age very slowly! You are gifted! Her experience is of many years but she's likely younger in body than you!"

My abdomen is firm to his touch...

"You have not yet given any man a child...Were you a Gorean woman you would have mothered many for me by now..."

He unlaces the red silk loincloth...I'm naked...His hands pat, squeeze then slap my buttocks, pulling my cheeks apart...Looking at my ring down there...I bite my lip turning bright red.

"Part your legs slave..."

Your cock is deep in the slave girl's mouth, lips pleasure your mouth and feed it wine, tongues lap at your nipples where another mouth sucks your toes...I part my legs...

"Your hole is so tight Sula...You give so much love but you are so tense with your body..."

He teases around my ring gripping my thighs.

"After so many men..."

His attention moves to my pussy, he parts my lips to see me...

"So many men...Still fresh like a virgin..."

He caresses my smooth mound before moving his hand down to grip and lift a single ankle, inspecting my feet on after the other.

"Clean...Pretty...Looked after...The dainty feet of a temple girl Sula..."

He sets my feet down when he is done with them, as if they are and were his property once.

"There! My spies can now say that there are only clean earth slaves in my home yet again!"

Xham takes in the sight of his slaves pleasuring you. Before sending me away, stark naked to fetch more wine, my feet slapping on the cool marble floor of his home, the sound of four Gorean pleasure slaves satisfying your every need in my ear.

"Sir Storm...Sula cares for you deeply...She says she fears shamed you in public the other day for which you rightfully punished her...In Gor this is commonplace, it is even a sporting event, but in your land I understand it can bring embarrassment to both parties! I would say move here but I fear life would be tougher for my little brown Sula-Ki. I would say, sell her back to me and take these girls but her heart has spoken...You are her Master...Which is why I wish to help..."

You brush aside the full set of tan breasts with gold, tasseled nipple jewelry in your face.

"Sir Storm. I wish to enjoy Sula for one more night...In return you can enjoy these slaves as my most esteemed Earth guest and in return I will be able to help little Sula-Ki with her problem...I believe it bothers her deeply in her serving of your needs which only the finest of Gorean treatments can help..."

I return holding the wine jug naked, feet together bowing.

"My Lord Xham...Master Storm...How may I serve?..."


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