ADRDR - Eyeless Jack X Reader

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A Dead Race is a Delicious Race - Eyeless Jack X Reader


        You had refused your father yesterday. It wasn't true. You wouldn't believe it until you saw proof. You headed downstairs into the kitchen, grabbing some cereal and sitting at the table. You hardly noticed your father, who looked up at you with concern a few times while eating his omelette and bacon. He set his fork down, clearing his throat. 

        "I thought maybe that today we could go and visit-"

        "I don't . . . really want to go anywhere today." He sighed.

        "Your . . . friend is coming over today."

        "Can't you call her and say . . . I want to be alone?" You shoved your spoon into your mouth.

        "Well, she should be here any-" Your father looked towards the door as the doorbell rang. "minute." He finished, standing. You watched him walk to the door and open it, welcoming the guest. You grabbed your bowl and headed to the sink, washing it out and placing it in the drying rack. You strolled to the back door and went outside, heading towards the woods. A hand gripped your shoulder, turning you around. You were greeted with a familiar face, your friend's.

        "_____, it's nice to see you." She said. You quietly started to walk towards the forest again. "H-hey! Wait. . . ." She caught up to you, grabbing you to make sure you stayed put. "I-I thought we could hang out."

        "I'm . . . not really in the mood." You replied, removing her hand from you.

        "_____, please. . . ."

        "I said I want to be alone!" You yelled, pushing her to the ground. You stormed off, not even looking back.



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