To Love a Monster

BY : EristinePHAN
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Disclaimer: This is fiction. I do not have the rights to The Phantom of the Opera. All rights go to Gaston Leroux. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is unintentional.

Christine stands by the door to the room, unable to move as Erik thrusts the white gown into her hand. She feels the satin of the gown, but tries to withhold the tears that are threatening to escape her eyes. She wants to stay strong, so as not to give him the advantage over her. But being a stronger male, he already has the advantage.

“I said change your gown, Christine.”

Christine knew what she was doing was playing with fire, but she knew it was the only way to still be moral. She did not want to give herself up to him so willingly, even though she completely doubted he would demand wedding night bliss. Christine gulped down her tears and took a deep breath before denying him once again.

“N- no.”


Christine looked up to him, his frame towering hers by a foot, at least. She took in his glowing, yellow eyes and then quickly averted her gaze. Erik stares down at her still, unwavering as he takes her in with his eyes. The poor girl – quivering, with the skirt of her costume drenched by the lake. Had he not seen the kiss between her and the de Chagny boy, he would still feel some remorse in what he was about to do.

“Christine, I will give you another opportunity to do this. Now – change into your wedding gown, or you will most definitely regret what is to come.”

Christine let the tears slide down her cheeks and went into the bedroom to change. Erik waited beside the door and heard her sopping skirts hit the ground. Rustling sounds followed, but then a gasp accompanied – she set the gown onto the bed.

“I,” he heard her stutter, “I can’t!”

Erik stomped into the room and saw her in a mess on the ground. She trembled at his presence, raising her hands to her face as she sobbed. Erik felt a pang of guilt in his chest before he began tearing at her garments.

“No… No!”

She begged, trying desperately to push him off – though it was no use as she knew he was too strong for her. Christine did not rest, though. She kicked at him, scratched at his arms and tried swatting him away, but it helped not at all. She would not give up, she reminded herself. Be firm, she thought as she was huddled against his chest.

She could not see anything, being so close to him, and felt him tug at the strings of her corset. She wept as she felt the garment come off, covering her body in response. Erik tossed her onto the bed, but she struggled once again to get up. He stood over her and pushed her back down, her body trembling wildly. She did not understand how he could be so cruel. Her once angel of music – her guide and guardian – was hurting her in the worst way a man could hurt a woman.

Christine felt tears slide down her cheeks and she clenched her thighs together as Erik took his place on top of her, “Please! Don’t do this!”

Erik took a deep breath and continued. His mind told him not to, but something inside was begging him to ravish her youthful body. Despite the heinousness of this act, he kissed her from neck to chest and parted her thighs with his strong grip. She begged for him to stop, but he simply ignored her pleas. Christine knew she would not be let go and she recognized this as her fate as he opened his trousers.

“No! Please! Erik-“


He tied a discarded garment between her teeth, her petticoat most likely, and wrapped it tightly around her head. Her muffled screams echoed in the room and Erik shook his head in distaste at both himself and Christine.

“No one can hear your screams down her, my dear. It is a futile attempt.”

Erik pulled down his trousers enough for his manhood to escape, looking at the tears on Christine’s face. He laid between her thighs and pulled her hands away from her chest, gripping each of her wrists in a single hand and forcing them above her head. He nipped at her breasts and she cried, turning her face away from him. She felt him adjust to insert his thing, but she sunk into the bed.

“You best do what I tell you.”

Christine sniffled at his words and submitted, her body still trembling in fear. Erik quickly entered and she screamed, though the garment tied around her head muffled most of the sound. She felt a warm liquid run down her thigh and the smell of iron fill the room, so tried her best not to faint - to keep collected. She tightened up as Erik began moving within her, crying the entire time.

He removed the tied garment from her mouth and forced his lips to hers, which made her tremble even more. She does not really want this, but she cannot help but feel enticed. She shivers at his touch at the realization that his suave nature has worked its way around her. Christine fears for her future marriage and she cannot stop the man above her from working his magic. Her eyes are closed as she cannot bear to look at him. Something has taken hold of her and she doesn't know how to say no - or how to say anything, really. She trusted him with everything, yet he lays atop her pounding ruthlessly into her. She is fully convinced he has gone mad.

"Please stop..."

She finds the words again, but he continues. He wouldn't dare... would he? She trusted him with everything and thought that he would treat her accordingly, but to no avail. She attempts a scream, but he covers her mouth quickly and still loves her body. Tears run down her cheeks and she is heartbroken by his actions, but he cannot stop. He finally lets go after tightly clinging to her form post release. Christine shudders under his weight until he stands up and once again tosses the gown onto the bed.

"I hate you!"

Erik looks back to her guilt, closing up his trousers. He glances at the wedding gown on the chair and throws it at her once again. Her costume is in ruins on the floor and he shakes his head – disgusted by his actions.

“It is your only option for clothing now, so I suggest you put it on unless you want to be ravaged again.”

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