Taylor the Voyeur.

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Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction of a non-profit based web serial called Worm. I do not own Worm, nor any characters that are from it or that are from any crossovers. There is no money being made from this. I do not condone such acts in real life.

AN: Taylor is a 15 year old girl that has suffered a severe bullying compaign for at least a year, one of her bullies was her best friend since childhood. She has no friends at this time. Amy was adopted by the Dallons after they caught her Villain father and having been raised by them never knew that, as such she believes they are her blood family. Amy can effect any biology she touches in anyway she wants, that includes minds though she only uses it to heal people at the hospital or after battles.



After triggering Taylor found that her emotions were all over the place in some ways, while in others they were deadened a great deal. An example of this would be how she now becomes aroused at damn near anything. Yet on the other hand she finds things she would be repulsed by before to be fine or even amusing. She doesn't even find this to weird and simply continues on. Her power happens to be controlling bugs at a good distance, multiple city blocks in all directions to be more specific. Bugs that allow her to hear, smell, feel and see through their senses and though they don't always match up it is still fun to watch people in secret.

Taylor decided after some thought that she doesn't want to be a full time hero but more a information specialist that gathers said information and gives it to the authorities for the right price, so the technical term would be a rogue. Being honest with herself she knows that even that is because of how turned on she becomes these days from being a voyeur. Watching people in the shower, or masturbating, even having sex gets her off a great deal. It's one of the things that changed, before it wouldn't interest her at all but having triggered really messed her up.

This brings the story to where we are now, watching Amy Dallon rubbing her pussy through near see through panties while looking at pictures of her sister Victoria Dallon. Turns out Amy has a huge lust and love thing going on for her older sister. Watching while gently rubbing her own lower lips that are getting wet she decides it is probably because Vicky, who is known mostly as Glory Girl, has among other powers a master ability. It causes fear or awe the most in those around her and she generally doesn't have good control over it.

Imagine going through the start of puberty and then puberty itself while someone you live and go to school with has that sort of power? Just think on the unknowing conditioning that would be happening.

Shaking her head Taylor focuses as Amy moves her panties to the side revealing a utterly smooth cunt with slightly plump limps, the slit looking very tight. So much so that as Amy sticks a finger inside of herself as she pulls back the lips follow in a nearly perfect seal. Copying the other teen Taylor slides a finger inside of herself while two moths flutter along her nipples. Feeling her wetness leaking she has a bug go down near her asshole to drink it up as she puts a second on inside herself with a light clench of her muscles.

Amy in the meanwhile has positioned herself in front of her room's mirror while on her bed, spreading her legs wide with pillows proping her head up to watch as she gently grabs a hold of her lower lips and spreads them with a soft moan. Looking over she focuses on a image of Vicky and says quietly for her to lick her up before inserting a finger inside of her pussy again. Wanting a better look Taylor moves a small insect real close on her bed, enough so it's entire world view is Amy's wet pussy and being able to easily make out the squelching sound of the finger fucking.

Holding back, as she really wanted to get a taste now, Taylor grabs a small dildo she stole from a store and starts to fuck herself with it. Ignoring everything else further out around her she has a few insects crawl over her to cause goosebumps to form as she pushes the small fake dick all of it's four inches inside of her with a whine.

By now Amy has two fingers in her pussy and it looks like she can barely fit just those in, the sound and smell that are coming through from her bugs watching from multiple angles increasing the speed of Taylor's oncoming orgasm. With a lip between two teeth Taylor jerks the dildo as fast as she can as more female cum oozes out of her spasming cunt while Amy seems to be finishing up as well with hooking her fingers upward nearly violently.

Leaning against her headboard Taylor watches as the other teenagers wetness leaks down her ass and onto the bed. Waiting a short time for Amy to move and finally get up to clean herself Taylor then has a few different types of small bugs to go to that spot and drink up the pussy juice that was left. To her it tasted wonderful and one day she hoped to taste it with her own tongue. Settling in to sleep Taylor once more uses her senses through her insects to watch Amy, perhaps tomorrow she will watch Vicky?

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