Aisha being naughty.

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Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction of a non-profit based web serial called Worm. I do not own Worm, nor any characters that are from it or that are from any crossovers. There is no money being made from this. I do not condone such actions in real life.

AN: Aisha is a 13 year old athletic black girl that lives either with her yelling and drunk father, or her druggie mom. Her brother is trying to get her out but it is a work in progress. Vista (Missy) is 13 as well though here I decided she has her birthday after Aisha making Aisha a bit older. She is a Ward, which is a minor that has powers and a hero that works for the government, and has been an active hero for years. Her powers, though not shown here, allow her to expand/contrast/twist space itself though not anyone inside of it.

Once triggering Aisha found herself having to concentrate to let other people know she is there, to see her in any way or form. As such the young teen found herself wondering around and just either taking little things or watching people. Sure it wasn't right but getting out of either of her parents homes was a good thing to her, so she generally walked and watched and listened. Her dad yelled and was a drunk while dear old mom was a druggie, being there with her "boyfriend" of the day could be dangerous after all do for her being out and about was the only current option. Her powers made it so if she didn't try to appear before someone they couldn't know she was there. Push someone? They think they tripped. Talk and no one would hear her and so on.

Being a teen means being horny pretty much all the time, and this power would let her do so much. After a few weeks Aisha caves in and decided to do something very risk, follow a Ward home. Vista to be precise, they were nearly the same age and she found her to be very cute. Once Vista, real name Missy, was home Aisha watched with glee as she took a shower. Watching the younger girl clean herself was great, she had budding B cups and a small amount of pubic hair that was well kept. She was also quite toned, which wasn't surprising considering her day job as it were was being an active hero in a nearly fully controlled by gangs city.

After the shower and getting clean Missy goes to her room and locks the door before tossing her towel off to the side and laying down. Loading up a few pages of porn she starts rubbing her small pussy with one hand while either changing videos with the other or flicking a nipple. With her mouth watering, along with another spot, Aisha leans in close so her face is hardly a few inches from Missy's pussy and takes a large inhale of breath, savoring the smell. Quickly reaching down and rubbing her own lower lips, Aisha then takes a larger risk and grabs hold of Missy's hand and moves it to her breast, her powers causing Missy to think she decided to do that herself.

Now with a free view of her young and wet pussy Aisha leans in even more and takes a slow lick from top to bottom, getting the first taste of another girls cunt. With a spasm Missy lightly pinches her nipples with both hands and moves her hips in a thrusting motion while imagining it was her crush Gallant who out of costume is known as Dean. Now far to into everything to stop Aisha jabs two fingers into her pussy with it making a loud wet sound because of how turned on she is. Ignoring that she uses her free hand to pry apart Missy's nearly hairless pussy and sticks her tongue directly into the smaller girls hole a few times before moving a finger inside of her.

By this time Missy is getting close and reaching a hand down she starts rubbing her clit quite hard while whimpering. Raising her ass off her bed she lets out a small squeal as she starts cumming harder than she has ever before. Aisha seeing and feeling this sticks a second finger inside of the girl and violently starts to finger fuck her into a longer lasting orgasm. Sadly before long Missy is left laying there panting with a light sheen of sweat, her pussy still spasming from the best orgasm of her young life.

Nearly there herself Aisha takes her hand away and switches her hand finger fucking herself with the other. Using the hand covered in her juices she traces the Wards mouth and slips a finger inside, which Missy unthinkingly starts to lightly suck on. This last bit of taboo erotica leads to the black girl cumming herself with a deep moan. After taking a breather she removes her now second juice covered hand to have Missy suck her fingers clean again before giving a light kiss to her forehead and leaving with a smile. Deciding that was much more fun than expecting she would have to do that again, and maybe bring some toys along with her.

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