Fire & Blood

BY : Silvana
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Disclaimer: I do not own any characters or places of In Throne of Glass/Sarah J. Maas. No money is being made. This is for personal enjoyment only.

Celaena Queen of  Terrasen had to prepare for coming ball. Two servant girls were attending her, her dress her hair that was still colored in dark brown. Golden dress was perfect for her to make contrast. Rowan was patiently waiting outside more handseome then ever. Tall broad in golden green tunic and light pants, his white short hair was turned on one side so that his tattoo was revealed. Green eyes of his waited just for her only saw her.   


Queen of  Terrasen made her appearance fianlly taking his hand gently giving him smile that reached her eyes finally after all she have been triough. This glass castle once prison once object that all were feared of is becon of happiness. Why then is she so nervous? All her friends are there. Young prince Dorian in head of grand hall on his glass throne. Soft face smilling to her, Manon next to him more bautifull then ever, in her red dress. Lysandra in her short grey dress and with mask of owl on her face Celaena would recognize that curly hair of her anywhere mask or not.

Chaol Westfall how she could forget him thanks to Dorian he is back now to his rightfull place as captain of guard standing firm still to his post protecting. But against what? Magic is free people are free. Is he nervous like she is? 

-"Realx Aelin I can feel how tense you are" Rowan always called her by her real name.

Celaena looked up to him giving reassuring smile and caress over upper side of his arm.

-"Where is your mask love? Wait don't tell me you will shift into eagle?" Always was like this when she felt unsecure she would make jokes on his account.

And yeat again he never mind it so he took his mask on, panter perfect choice to his green eyes and to his cocky smile that showed canines.

But soon after this celebration she will take her place her throne and have Rowan by her side so all these doubts will have no meaning.

Couples danced laughed and drank as musicians played and singed ancient songs of Fae of magic of life. Whole palace was washed in yellow glow and lights shining trough glass outside like falling star.

Scent of snow and pine how she loved it from the first time they met he always had that scent her mate. 

-"May I get honot to dance with Queen?" That was all she was hearing all night as one after another. She was so tired of changing partnes that at the end she was sitting resting with glass in hand.

Rowan was sorounded by ladies that he didnt know which one he would take to dance first. That is what you get when you tease me Celaena  thought. 

But then another male walked gracefully out of crowd like snake trough grass, like water sliding, walk only immortals can achieve. Dressed in slik with deep V opening on front exposing his collar bone, tall but not too broad. Mask of fox covered his face hair tied in braid back firmly hidden, leaving face and mask clean. 

Male bowed deeply straching hand asking for dance.  Celaena  made smal sigh but she didn't denied him she was intrged. His hand was warm and gentle but as she looked up to face him, blood froze in her veins silver grey eyes of killer. Arobynn Hamel was alive before her. Celaena  was opening and closing her mouth like fish unable to say anything her brain could not understand how he survived his throat was slit and she personaly after that cut his head off.

-"Surprised to see me walking and breathing?"- Arobynn purr words out against her hair as they danced so no one would suspect anything 

-"Lysandra killed you, for what you did to us to Sam to everyone. We buried your body. Assasins keep is empty" - She replied never braking stare he alawys had hold over her power, she was fighting not to shiver as he run hand over her back over her thin dress.

-"I am not so easy prey. You should of all people understand that what I am"-  Arobynn gave her grin caressing her back knowing what it do to her.

-"You are just a human. I will find you and end you when she could not, whan I could not"-

-"And never find out why she didn't kill me? Or could not kill me? Or maybe I just can't die"-

Before she could reply he parted from her bowed and before blink he was gone in the crowd leaving her with paper in hand.

"Find me come alone for if you come with someone you will not find me. You will not find answers you seek."




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