Tales from the Blade Ship

BY : CosmicStorms
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Chapter 1


(Yes, yes… She will do just fine. A bit on the thin side but she’ll do just as fine after a bit of feeding.) The hand that was firmly placed on your neck loosened before slipping away. You sucked in a breath of clean air before your gaze wanders to the captain of this ship. Captain Arrian, the dark pelted male andalite just behind this creature, nodded his stalks.

(You have brought what you are going to trade correct?) He asks, casting a stalk at you. For a moment, just a single second, you could see pity in those silver depths. Your stomachs tightens ever so slightly before you sucked in a breath through your nose. Out of the corner of your eye, Lerrur shifts from one side to the other while tightly holding his shredder to his chest.

(Of course I have, do you think I’m a fool?) The controller snaps, straightening up as he continues to stare at you with a single eye. You could feel your purple pelt pricking ever so slightly in alarm as he stares at you. You did not like how he looked at you… like the cat who has it’s prey corner.


He was a yeerk, a parasitical species that controls other beings by entering their ear and crawl up to their brains where they wrap themselves around it. There they sink into the cracks of your brain and take control of you. But the one in front of you was the worst one of them all, a yeerk warlord that went by Visser Three. The only one to have an andalite host and the only one with the power to morph.


The power he held speaks for itself.


(Very well then, let’s complete our trade then.) Arrian replies, shuffling out of the way so the yeerk could move past him.


(Let’s, I’ve already wasted enough time talking to you.) He snaps, moving off with a snap of his tail blade. This was obviously going to be rather interesting. Your stalk follows after him, nervous of the powerful air he had around him. It would seem the others felt just the same because as soon as he had left the room they all relaxed.


You half expected one of them to come up to you talk about about him or tell you what’s going to happen. But your hearts dropped to your hooves as you realized that they didn’t even look at you as they walked by. The coldness of how they ignored you spoke volumes of your situation. There wasn’t anyway you’re getting out of this.

Nervously, you followed behind the last one, ears angling back as you walked. What was going to happen to you now? After all that has happened, after all the things that you learned from them you weren’t going to even get a good bye from this motley crew were you?


Your stomachs tightened at the thought, following them in silence.


You were once human at one point in your life, at least until you had awoken as an alien species called an andalite. Over the last few months you had spent your time on a bandit ship known as the ‘Swift Blade’ and with it’s odd crew of miscreants. You had grown to like them despite the fact that they had planned on selling you at the start.


Garran, the ship’s medic. A father who’s supposed to be dead by andalite records. He was saved by the ship’s captain from death and is incredibly loyal to Arrian because of it. Stoic but at the same time almost fatherly, you enjoyed being in his presence to relax.


Lerrur, the technician. A brother who lost his twin to a horrible fungal infection and now cares for him at the belly of the ship. An asshole by all accounts and a terrible joker, he does have a fierce loyalty to Arrian even if they seemed to hate each other.


And Finally, Captain Arrian. He was once a child of a powerful andalite and a female bandit. He had a timid side that he shows to you and seemed to actually care about you despite everything else.


But now it was time to say good-bye to everyone. Despite the relationships you’ve fostered with the crew, they still sold you off. Now your new ‘Master’, Visser Three, was taking you away from the quickly disappearing ship in the distance. Your hearts clenched with anxiety and loneliness as that tiny ship disappeared in a flash of light, leaving you for good.


You feel non-existent tears welling up in your eyes as you gaze down at your hooves.

(Quit that.) You leap with a yelp of shock as a firm hand slaps your haunches with a meaty crack. You tremble nervously for a moment before slowly turning a stalk upon the Visser himself. He was sneering down at you as he steps close to your side, arms folding behind his back.


His dark ears were angled towards you while he steadily stared down at your face with his main eyes. You could feel the fur around your shoulders pricking under his intense gaze wondering what could possibly be going through his mind.


(You are rather quite lovely.) He cooed lightly, running his fingers through your light purple fur until they came to rest at your mid-back. You managed to suppress a shiver as they dug right into the soft part though your tail lifts ever so slightly.


(Ah yes that reminds me.) He turns a stalk around before motioning with a hand at what you assumed to be one of the guards that had met you two as you left the bandit’s ship. There was a moment of clawed toes clicking on the floor before Esplin was handed something heavy and metal sounding.

(Now lift that lovely face for me.) He lifts up something that vaguely looked to be a horse halter, though something was off about it. A moment of hesitance earns you a loud snort from the warlord making you jump lightly. Your fur bristles along your spine before you lift your head, unwilling to find out what would happen if you were to anger him.

You feel him slip the front part over the top of your nose slits before clasping something under your chin. A strap goes around both of your stalks and clasps to something behind your neck. You feel him wrap a strap around your throat before it too was clasped to the back of your neck.

(Now for the tail.) He hums lightly, reaching around behind you. You stiffen ever so slightly as he touches just below the blade and wraps something around the hard bone circlets. He then pulls your tail forward causing you to flinch a bit as it’s clasped to the back of your neck, sharp side turned away.

You realized dully that this exposes your back side to everyone who cared to look and left you practically defenseless. Though the halter part confuses you for a moment, wondering why he would need that if he was just strapping down your tail.

(Good, it fits perfectly~) He slips back to your side, lightly resting a hand just on the side of your halter. (Just one last thing.)

He takes up a rope from his back and loops it through the ring below your chin before giving it a light tug that caused pressure to form along the top of your nose and along your stalks. You couldn’t help but try to skitter away from the pressure but more pressure was applied making you stop in your tracks.

(Yes, yes I believe this will work perfectly fine.) He sighs, looking out the window before lightly dropping the rope at his side. You uncomfortably shift around for a moment, suspicious of him still.


You ask him why he had chosen to purchase you, wondering what a yeerk could possibly want with an unhosted andalite. Surely he would’ve infested you by now right?


You were surprised by him turning to you and lightly backing you up to another wall using his bulk. With a wave of his tail he sends his guards away leaving you utterly alone with him. Breathing in deep as panic sets in, you become acutely aware of the hand that slowly slid it’s way up your chest until it comes to rest on your throat.

You suck in a breath, fear eating at the edges of your confused mind.


(Females are so much more easier to manage than males are, that's why. Small, weak, easily frightened. So much more easier than any male andalite.) The andalite-controller replied with a small laugh, goo green eyes glittering sadistically as the pressure along your throat tightens. You could see the muscles rippling up his arm as he twitches ever so slightly.


(But they are equally as hard to get one's hands on as well. There are plenty of males out here but the andalites keep all of their females on Andal. Finding a female off planet is rare and catching them...) He pauses, eyes glazing over for a moment. You could've sworn you saw longing deep in those green eyes but you weren't sure. But that moment of silence came to an end quickly with the shake of his stalks.


(Once I have you trained, I'm sure you'll make a fine pet. If not, perhaps you’ll just make a fine host for someone else then after I’m done with you.) He almost purrs, his fingers cruelly pressing around your neck as he applies more pressure to your abused airway. Your back legs shake as you feel your air being completely cut off now. What had you done to deserve this? Why was he choking you?


A little voice in the back of your mind already had the answer. He doing it to dominate you. To make you see exactly how precarious your situation really was now. He could end your life in a moment if he so pleased to. This was his way of telling you that if you fought him, he was more than able to end you.


Your vision begins to darken at the edges as your lungs and brain screamed for air. You could feel your legs shaking, growing weaker which each moment without air passes. Terror was eating at your mind, your body screaming to fight back but your tail uselessly flails in it’s shackles against your back only succeeding in bruising you.


The pressure releases in an instant, allowing you to breathe in wonderful, cool breaths of air that you so dearly needed.


You were relieved that he was moving away but that was quickly dashed as he rears back onto his hind legs, imposing form shadowing you. His green eyes seemed to glow as he stares down at you, arms out slightly to give himself an even more imposing form.


You back up firmly against the wall, flinching as your butt slaps up against the cold, dark metal. Terror rushes through your body as the image of his hooves slamming your head into the ground kept playing over and over in your head. Cringing, you tightly close all of your eyes in preparation for the pain.


Your eyes snap open in shock as his forelegs come to rest on each side of your withers, squeezing as they slipped further down until his lower chest was almost resting against your’s. You were treated with a good look at his well muscled chest and a good whiff of his oddly sterile yet maleish scent. Your legs tremble for a moment at the extra weight but you managed to hold despite your leg shaking terror.


You feel a slight tug on your halter as he takes it up into his hands. As you gaze up at his face nervously with a stalk. Cold horror strikes you once again as you got a good look at his expression. Cold, maniacal, and desire all wrapped into one ugly, horrifying expression.


His nose wrinkles ever so slightly, stalks gazing at your torso while his chest fur rubs up on top of your fluffy mane. He shifts around for a moment, tugging back on the lead which forces you to look up with your main eyes. You could feel pressure right over your nostrils, painfully cutting off air to three of them.


You managed to suck in a breath through your nose as you gaze up at him. He was applying just enough pressure to make it hurt to breathe without completely cutting off your air.


( Ohhhh yes... You certainly will be fun to break. ) His stalk's chilling gaze leisurely travels up your body with in a very predatory fashion.


You could feel cold seeping into your body at his words, causing your stomachs to tighten nervously.


You did not like the implications of the way he had said 'break you in'. Not knowing much about this 'Visser Three' guy except from what Garrinic had told you, you weren’t sure how bad that could get. But the throbbing from your poor, abused neck told you exactly what you didn’t know.


He pulls at the lead rope, forcing your face closer by the halter. His breath billows hotly into your face making you cringe ever so slightly. You could really smell that underlying male scent now you were up close. What ever he’s using to masking it you were glad he was. Up close, his scent was extremely potent.


Your hearts pounded in your chests, finding yourself focusing on the freezing metal pressed up against your haunches instead of the fact that this 'Visser' could choke you out at any moment. But yet you also couldn't help but think he was challenging you.


Challenging you to talk back to him which... could end pretty badly to tell the truth. But maybe this was another one of his 'games’ that he had been playing with you since the bandit ship.


Your right stalk eye gaze flickers across his dark blue body and to his raised tail blade. It glinted dully in the lowlights of the ship, a warning about just how badly this could end.


(First rule, do not ask me questions unless I explicitly say you can.) Visser Three says after a few moments of chilling silence. You breathe in nervously, your main eye’s gaze focusing upon the ground. You give a slight bob with your stalks in reply to him.

Within moments his weight disappears off of you and you hear the clop of his hooves upon the metal ground. The halter slackens and you suck in a clean breath of air, glad that you didn’t faint. Who knows what you’d wake up to if you had.


(Second rule, you do not deny me access to your body.) But the relief you were feeling was quickly chased away as you feel his hands upon your sides. You suck in a breath through your nostrils, nervously stiffening as his strangely cool hands ran down your side until they came to rest upon your haunches. You were too focused upon the fact that he was probably staring right between your exposed cheeks given how your tail was still clipped to your neck.

(Third rule, your desires are to be fulfilled by me. Do not seek anyone but me.) His right hand dipped between the crevice between your cheeks and you trembled as a thumb ghosts lightly over your anus. You try to crane a stalk to look at him but your tail blocked his face. You were tempted to crush his hand between your backside and the wall but you held back on it.

(Fourth rule, my commands are final. Now move forward!) He roars as he suddenly slaps you on the haunches making you jump forward with a mental yell of shock. You skitter a bit unable to find your balance before ungracefully falling forward, your nose smashing against the floor making your world explode into whiteness. Your mind spun from the pain as you feel a trickle of blood run down from a nostril, filling your senses with the smell of it.


You faintly hear the sound of his hooves coming up beside you over the roaring of your ears. A hand suddenly grabs upon the blurry strap in front of your eyes before your head was roughly pulled up, sending a dizzying wave of pain through your head. You suck in another, painful, breath trying to focus your gaze upon his face.


His eyes mockingly stared down at you while his stalk eyes gazed around your body. (Fifth rule, know your place. You are uninfested as part of an ‘experiment’ I had approved by the Council. That could change at any moment if I find you are too much of a hassle to keep.)


His hoof rests upon your head, forcing you back down as he lets go of the rope. Your chin rests against the ground as you feel the pressure his hoof put between your stalk eyes. You dared not to move even as your mind returned back to clarity. You knew exactly what he was doing, he was mocking you and making you ‘bow’ to him. He was letting you know exactly how much power he had over you now.

That was almost enough for you to give in and there. But yet you continue to hold on.

(Hmph, your pretty face has blood all over it.) He observes apathetically, moving his hoof from your head. You continue to lay there though, your body trembling against your will as you wait for whatever abuse he had planned next. But what happened next surprised you.

He knelt down in front of you, lightly slipping the palm of his hand under your chin before tilting your head up. With a gentle finger, he lightly wipes the blood that was dribbling down your face away while gazing at you with the same apathetic look as before. You blink a few times before he lets your head drop back down.

He carefully wipes the blood on his right front shoulder before giving a small snort. (Good, continue being docile and you won’t be experiencing that again. Now to your hooves, you look pathetic like that.)

You close your eyes tightly at his voice before shakily getting to your hooves again, your knees feeling weak. But after a few moments you managed to keep standing and you turned a wary stalk upon the face of your new master. He was gazing at you with his eyes curled into a small smile, placing his hand upon his chin as he does.

(Good, good.) He purrs lightly, resting on his haunches. You catch a glimpse of something strikingly blue between his legs for a moment but his front legs hid what it was. Not that you needed to figure that out considering where it was. But still, what did an andalite’s tool look like?


Your curious gazing was bound to get you in trouble which you realize a bit too late as Visser Three purred, (Wanting something?)

Your gaze snaps back to him and you pitifully look up at his face. His expression twists into that sadistic look once again while he crosses his arms over his chest. (Perhaps it is about time I break you in anyway… Hmmmm.) He pushes himself to his hooves, all four clopping loudly as he does. You shrank back a bit as he walks forward, reaching for your face.

(Rule one, my pet.) He warns lightly, stopping as soon as you had flinched away. Your ears angled back before you straighten up again. So he really was going to enforce those rules then. Well this certainly was going to be interesting if not utterly painful. Perhaps it was best for you to play along for as long as you can.

You step forward nervously, placing your chin in his awaiting hand. Catching a whiff of that underlying male musk again you realize that it had gotten a bit stronger than before. Nervous, you slowly turn a stalk around his body before gazing at what could possibly be between his legs.

Hanging from an almost neon blue sheathe, glistening with pinkish-blue fluids, was a monster you would’ve expected to find between someone as imposing as Visser three’s legs.

The head was oblong with a dip in the middle where you could faintly see his urethral opening. Around the head was light-blue barbs that flexed outwards as his shaft did as well. His shaft had to be at least two feet long with the top side covered in even bumps that led down to something you certainly wouldn’t expect to find on a cervine looking creature.

A massive dark blue knot.

You unexpectedly whimper as you gaze upon the beast that the warlord had hidden between his legs. Your mental bleat did not go unnoticed by the owner. In fact, his sadistic expression became more smug.

(Oh? Have you not seen one before? Or perhaps those bandits were hardly as big as my host’s?) He leans forward, bringing his nose up against the side of your head before releasing a breath of burning hot air against your trembling ear. Your back legs weakly trembled, almost giving out.

(Good, if you had not been mated then perhaps I might actually get some enjoyment out of this.) He pulls away, snatching up your rope before giving a firm tug, signaling for you to follow. You hold back on the groan that threatened to escape you as you take a few steps forward.


(Now come with me to my room… I’m sure that you’ll love what I have prepared for you there.)




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