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Chapter One
Rand awoke from his bed within the the stone of tear. He was in a good mood for the first time in a long time. Elyne had recently confessed she was fond of him and had even asked for a kiss. He never thought she would be that forward. however, after what happened with Berlaine, Elayne seemed trimmed. He rose, and walked over to his wardrobe, and dressed in a well embroidered gold cloak. He had a meeting with the high lords soon and needed to look as formidable as possible. When he exited the chamber, the Aiel guarding the door stoop up and began following him. the Aiel never made themselves noticed except during a crisis. Sooner after he began walking through the halls, Elayne appeared at the end of the corridor looking dazzling like a queen ready for a royal ball. How does she always find me he wondered. They had walked together a few times the previous day and talked about the politics of tear, it was comforting to have her around, and she gave very good advice. He gave her his best smile when their eyes met and walked a little quicker to reach her. She smiled back with her dimple, that she knew was any man's weakness. “Hello Elayne, nice to see you this morning would you like to walk with me,” he said while extending his arm for her hold. She gave a small curtsey and took his arm. “It would be my pleasure” she responded. they had not walked far, when she suddenly pulled him into a secluded corner. “What are you doing,” Rand said not understand why they had stopped, instead of responding Elayne looked up at him with her large blue eyes and wrapped his arms around her. “Have you missed me” she breathed into his ear. He had missed her even if they had only been apart for a night, she was so beautiful he just wanted to kiss her forever. “Yes,” he responded looking down at her fondly. She was tall for a girl but still had to go on her tiptoes to plant a soft kiss on his lips. She tasted sweet, and her lips were lush and juicy. His arms went around her slender waist pulling her into him. The kiss deepened, Rand was giving it as much passion as he could muster. She had her arms around his neck and caressed the back of his head. They broke apart from the kiss when the need for air overcame them. Rand quickly began railing kisses along her graceful neck, eliciting murmurs of enjoyment from Elyane. The both ever blushing immensely but that did not deter them in the slightest. Rnad felt overwhelmed wit here and picked her up not too gently. Placing her back against the nearest wall, whing giving her a fervent kiss. His knee slid between her legs and parted them, moving so that he pressed up against her. She looked startled at first but then had a look of pleasure. One of her hands was on rand’s back, the other of the wall behind her to try and steady herself. Rand kissed her avidly, and then lightly sucked on her neck. They were both panting now in the heat of ecstasy, he was so exhilarated he started pressing his hips into her. She leaned forward and bit his ear playfully. His hands began pulling at the laces of her tight bodice. Elayne’s eyes grew wide and she said breathlessly “Rand stop, please put me down now” Her words snapped him back to reality, and he set her down lightly.  She looked like a mess, her dress was rumpled the bodice half untied, hair in disarray and her neck would bear his mark for the next few days.” I know I said I was fond of you, but that does not give you the right to treat me like your plaything.” she said in a queenly manner while straining out her clothes. Rand’s face flushed and he raked his hand through his hair. “I am sorry Elayne, I do not know what came over me,” he said abashedly. “I won't do that again; he said looking down not able to meet her eyes. She smiled and said, “yes, definitely not while we are able to be seen.” Rands’s face colored again and he gave a small laugh. "Shall we continue our walk daughter-heir of Andor?” he said while giving a royal bow. She gave him a look of mock anger but took his arm, and they went on their way. The Aiel were right behind them instantly, with no expressions on there faces. 

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