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Disclaimer: Some fetishes maybe offensive. This story was written to experiment with the Maximum Ride Fandom. Maximum Ride is owned by James Patterson. This is only for entertainment, no profit.

(Here we go. Welcome, oh horny ones). 

Former FBI agent, Ann Walker, stood in her home . She sold away everything she had. Itex had double crossed her. Itex was collapsing. Almost nothing left. But.. There were still people, she needed to hide from.

She'd failed to keep watch of six experiments . But , she did something, she'd regret. The scientists gave her a serum, that increases the sex drive, in all experiments. She'd used it on them. A fail safe. If the experiments wouldn't obey, they'd breed the experiments. Make their offspring obey. These experiments.. Were the Flock. Now , wherever they are, regardless of age.. They are l.. Eager to breed . Ann had one place, she could hide. A remote island.

She said, "I just hope I don't regret this.' She got into her car, and drove to the docks. She knew where she was going. As well.. She knew who she'd be meeting there.

(Meanwhile. Doctor M's house. )

Doctor Valencia Martinez looked down at the brochure for the island vacation. They needed one. Her, Ella, and the Flock. They had all been under a lot of stress over the past few weeks, So, for a treat, she'd gotten herself a five month paid vacation and a school pass for Ella. There was, the woman reflected, something to be said to being qualified for home schooling. The Flock, of course, were not an issue, but laying around the house all the time, Valencia was sure, got kinda boring. An island vacation, when she brought the subject up with them, had sounded like an excellent idea to all of them.

Everyone had gotten busy packing, but Dr. Martinez said. "According to the brochure, we don't need to bring our belongings." The woman blinked at that, finding it a little unusual, but brushed it off and decided to just follow directions. One less thing to worry about. She called up a friend to look after the dogs (including Total, who was less than happy about being excluded, though it couldn't be helped as pets were off limits, according to the island brochure). Nudge was also unhappy to leave behind most of her designer clothes, but it was for the good of her Flock and she grudgingly agreed to make due.

Once on board the boat the dark girl's spirits lifted though. In fact the entire Flock though this would be a really nice get away.

Angel said, "So, what are we all looking forward to? "


The ocean." Gazzy answered wistfully, looking around. "It's just so big and blue and. I can't wait to see it from the beach and swim in it. I heard the water is even warm in these parts."

Nudge shrugged and simply replied, "It says in the brochure, this place has an amazing spa, and lots people and stores ." She was still trying to act a little grumpy over the loss of her clothes, but was to excited to really pull it off. Proving this, a second later she squealed, "It's gonna be so exciting! "

Iggy sighed, "Feeling the sand on my body! The scent and feel of the ocean! GettingFang to tell me what the girls look like in their bikinis" The girls of the Flock, and Ella, groaned and Iggy had the good sense to look embarrassed, adding quickly. "You guys being with me. Just spending time with my family."

"Good save, Ig." Fang laughed then smiled at Max, before glancing at her mom appreciatively.

Max smiled back at the brown haired boy "Ditto." Impulsively she snuggled against him for a moment. "We'll be safe here, I think."

"Just the eight of us." Ella added, deciding in turn to lean into Fang from the other side and wrap her arms around him and Max both. She smirked sexually, "And all those HOT people on the beach."

"People?" Max asked her sister, "People?"

"Weeeelllll…" Ella blushed, stretching the word to the limit as she realized she'd just let the cat out of the bag "I'm…err…Bisexual. I like guys AND girls."

The entire Flock blushed, then sort of glanced at each other for moral support and said in unison, "Me too." Doctor Martinez could be heard saying that and for a moment seven pairs of wide eyes turned in her direction, putting the woman on the spot.

"Ever since college." Valencia said, slightly embarrassed though not to much. She looked hard at Ella to see if the girl would take issue with her confession then realized the girl had no room to because their tastes were the same. That put the older woman at ease, and oddly made her nipples hard. With secrets out in the open, the eight of them would be happier. Now, they had nothing to hide from one another.

The boat docked on the small resort island within the hour and the Flock wasted no time in getting off. Gazzy ran down the dock, doing double time with excitement and Angel following suit. Nudge, holding onto Iggy, almost possessively, followed next. Then, came Ella, who looked like she was trying to see in all directions at once as she passed the men and women and boys and girls blustering around her. And finally, Fang, With both Max and Doctor M. in his arms. Walking up to the admissions desk. Gazzy saw all the men from the boat taking off their shirts  so he did the same, enjoying the beating waves of the warm sun on his as yet hairless, bare flesh. The boy hadn't been at the resort for five minutes yet but he was sure he was going to love the place.

Angel saw the women from the boat, most walking barefoot. It seemed like a good idea so she slipped her sandles off and stooped to carry them, inadvertently giving Nudge a nice glimpse of her childlike but still nicely rounded rump. From her bent over position the petite blonde watched as the other women began removing their skirts, jeans and shorts, a sight that made her both blush a little bit and had her heart rate pick up. She

noted that the hotel staff was moving in behind the new arrivals, picking up their clothes as though stripping down in public was something to be expected. Angel swallowed hard and thought about undressing as she walked herself. Part of her wanted to, the Flock had seen each other naked hundreds of times, but Max's mom and Ella were there now too, plus all the other people hanging around by the boats. The girl glanced back at Doctor M., biting her lip, and reluctantly decided to wait and see what happened. Who knew what the rules were around here. She didn't want to be responsible for getting them all kicked out three minutes into their vacation.

"What's up with that, Mom?" Max ased her mother, looking around with ever widening eyes as many, not all but many, of the people around her started to undress. She felt a funny little fluttering in her stomach and was relieved to see that some of her fellow guests looked just as confused as she felt. Being the only one to not know what was going on would have bugged her endlessly.

Doctor M. could only answer "I don't know. All the brochure said, was that this was a free introduction to the resort, for the first three months." Valencia looked around, surprised at all the flesh on display herself. For a moment she wondered if maybe it wasn't a good idea for them to leave, but then consoled herself in that even Angel, the youngest of the Flock was taking all the near nudity in stride. "Everything else, they left out. Just said, 'leave your stuff at home, they said, we'll provide everything.'"

The whole Flock, as well Ella and Doctor M got ready to fight (though the last two couldn't fight very much), when they saw the man at the front desk.

"Just leave your clothes here in the lobby." He told them, respectfully. "We'll give them  them back to you, at the end of your stay." As the eight of them got confused looks on their faces, he explained. "We don't include this in the brochure, but... This island is a nudist resort. If you're here for big business, we'll let you wear whatever you want, but if you're just here for a causal stay, like Doctor Martinez said in her reply letter, you are forbidden from wearing anything. Hell, if I were to stand up, you'd see my balls clear as day."

The Flock were Surprisingly comfortable with this. Being part bird... It lead to more acceptance in certain areas. Ella was just turned on. Not only because she got to see plenty of damn attractive men, including the guys of the Flock, naked. But some DAMN attractive woman too (one of whom was her sister and another her own mother! She was plenty hot). Most of the men around seemed, to the teenager, to have huge dicks, and the women were generally heavy breasted. All of them, Ella decided, had tight asses and the men were endowed with great balls.

And, the girl thought with a thrill, she could finally be naked and not be judged. People on the mainland are so judgmental. So, now she and her mother (whom she also, shamefully, found hot) wouldn't be judged for their bodies.

'Screw it.' Doctor Martinez simply thought, then looked at the group and said. "Alright kids, strip. Angel, you go first."

The Flock, Ella, and Doctor M were all barefoot now. Angel had already loosened her skirt during their walk across the dock. Now the little blonde took it off completely, or rather just let in  drop and pool in a heap around her feet. Next came the shirt, and training bra. She was sexy for her age. The long blonde hair, blue eyes, reasonably flat chest , and... As her panties came off.. The group saw her bare pussy was already dripping. She was turned on and wet.

Gazzy came next. All he had on was swim trunks. He'd thought ahead (as far as he could without the 'nudist' information) and changed before they ever got on the boat. Everyone saw the bulge in his trunks. He removed his trunks, showing his large penis, and slightly smaller balls. He was smooth and as hairless as Angel, but had lean hard muscles for his age. Angel, Nudge, Ella, Max, even Doctor M was impressed by his 'package' and Iggy could smell the pheromones coming off all of them. He was starting to harden and the slightly different smell told him that Fang was stiffening up himself.

Nudge, frowning slightly, took off her skirt. Then, came her fashionable blouse followed by her panties. She removed them, showing her ass as well as her snatch. It was dripping and Max, Fang, Ella, and Doctor M, were once again impressed. Nudge had removed her her bra first though. Her creamy brown breasts weren't as big as Max's, but still large large enough to capture the attention of the guys in the Flock; as well as that of several men around them. The black girl was proud of her tits, of the looks she was getting, but was somewhat unhappy to have to abandon her designer duds. Gazzy, for his part, was glad that she had. He almost thought he was getting harder (though, at this point, that'd be biologically impossible) just by looking at her boobs.

Iggy didn't wait. First came his shirt, which he pulled off casually over his head to reveal his ripped pysique. next his jeans finally, with the large bulge sticking out of them, his boxers; showing his large penis off for all to see. Everyone was horny now.

Ella was next. She got her shirt off first, though she had some difficulty with the buttons, staring at Iggy as she was. Then her skirt. The teenager asked her mother to help her strip and with Valencia's help, first her bra fell to the floor, revealing her big breasts , then, her panties hit the floor as well. Her pheromones were at a life time high and all over.

Fang didn't say a word, as was his nature, but his eyes never left Ella as he watched her own mother stripping her (Something Max noted but didn't remark on) .  He He slid his shirt off and was even more ripped than Iggy. Much to the delight of the girls. His tight jeans and black boxers followed to reveal the biggest dick in the Flock. Hard and dripping pre cum already.

Max didn't have to be asked twice to undress. Unlike the other girls though, when down to her underwear, the panties were the first to go. Revealing her puffy pink, lightly haired pussy. Her bra was next and she removed it proudly to show off the biggest breasts of all the girls in the Flock .  

Finally, Doctor Martinez. It was a little bit more difficult for her, being older and more set in her ways, but she made due just fine. The adult stripped her pants, then her shirt. Treating the other to the sight of her massive breasts, and full child bearing hips. She unhooked her bra, freeing her boobs and finally slid her panties down to show off the dripping ocean of her pussy.

The clerk said, "Welcome to the island. Hope you enjoy your stay." 

(We'll get to the rest, in the next few chapters) 

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