My One Night Stand with Mystique

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Hey there. This is my first adult fanfiction that I've ever written. This is based on one of my sexual fantasies that involves Mystique from the Xmen. Please enjoy! In this story, Mystique and I (aka Xander) are 18 year old students at Professor Xavier's School for Mutants.

My One Night Stand with Mystique

By Ricky Bars

Chapter 1: Meeting Mystique

My name is Xander. I'm a senior at Professor Xavier's School for Mutants. My mutant powers are super strength and I'm physically indestructible. I'm tall, I've got an athletic build and short black hair. 

I just left Mr. Logan's History class. I'm walking down the upstairs hallway, heading towards my room. Thats when I see her. A blue skinned mutant. I know of her. Her name is Mystique.

I look at Mystique's beautiful body. She's got a great set of blue breasts, a sexy ass, and fine looking legs. 

She's wearing a black low cut tank top, blue ripped skinny jeans, a black thong and black high heels.

I knew instantly that I was falling in love. Mystique is a beautiful blue goddess.

I felt a sudden urge inside of my pants. My dick was getting hard.

I accidentally bump into another student, dropping all of my books. Mystique walks over to me and helped me pick up my books.

"Hey. You're the new guy, right?" Mystique asked.

Mystique's voice sounded beautiful. Almost as if she was trying to sound sexy.

"Yes I am. I'm Xander," I said.

"Well, nice to meet you, Xander. I'm Raven, but everybody calls me 'Mystique'. But you can call me whatever you want," Mystique said.

"I think I'll just call you 'Mystique' if that's okay," I said.

"That's okay with me!" Mystique said.

"Hey, so. I got a question to ask you," I said.

"Ask away," Mystique said.

"I was wondering if you would like to hangout sometime?" I asked.

"Sure! That would be great! Would today after school work?" Mystique asked.

"Yeah. That'd be great! I'll see you then!" I said.

Mystique and I part ways. I walk into my room and start playing on my computer. I have no roommates. It's just me all alone.

I started to think about Mystique. I was picturing her naked, showing off every curve of her body. Then I started picturing Mystique with something else on her body. 
Something big, blue, hard and veiny. I was picturing Mystique with a huge dick. 

My dick started to get hard. Just thinking about Mystique with a huge dick was turning me on. 

Hardly any of my friends know this but I like getting fucked in the ass. I'm not gay. I'm one hundred percent straight. I just happen to like getting fucked in the ass. Not by men though. If I'm getting fucked in the ass, its going to be by a woman with a strapon or a woman with a huge dick. I have gotten my ass fucked by women with strapons and women with dicks, but not by a woman that I love.

My dick got harder and harder the more and more I pictured Mystique with a huge dick. I begun to think about Mystique slowly and passionately fucking me in the ass. I imagine us kissing as she is slowly thrusting me and as I hold onto her blue breasts.

I pulled my pants and boxers down to my ankles and begun to masterbate. I slowly move my hand up and down my dick, feeling a great sense of sexual pleasure.

I decided to make things interesting. I pulled out a box from under neath my bed and opened it. What's inside is a twelve point five inch dildo and anal lube. 

I grabbed my dildo and anal lube. I squeeze  good amount of anal lube and apply it to the dildo. I grabbed my dildo and slowly inserted it inside of me. I begun pushing my dildo in and out. I moan quietly.

"Oh, Mystique," I moaned quietly.


Well, school is almost over. I better go and see if Xander is ready to hangout with me.

I walked over to Xander's door and was about to knock, but I heard something. I quietly open the door and take a peek through the crack. And what I find is Xander fucking himself with a dildo and moaning my name.

I was shocked. Not by the fact that Xander is thinking about me sexually, but that he likes getting fucked in the ass.

I smirked. I was actually getting turned on. I think I have a plan with Xander. It's going to take me a while to think it through but I think I can pull it off.

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