Percy Jackson's Dirty Fantasies

BY : Smutty Demigod
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Disclaimer: Incest Smut Rape? Profanity

Percy was laying in his cabin, fantasizing about his mom...I mean she was hot. 

Percy was looking at his mom's curvy ass as she picked up something she dropped, her butt in the air. He stared at a part of her red thong that was exposed, the friend in his pants twitching in excitement. Oh how much he wanted to slap her sexy ass. Before she could stand up, he walked over and placed a hand on one of her ass cheeks, giving it a feel. She yelped and stood up, "W-what are you doing Percy?!" 

He didn't answer, checking her out, her beautiful breast being showed off by the tight top she wore. He never realized how much of a slut his mom was...he walked over, pulling her closer, kissing her. Her eyes widened, surprised, but she kissed back, always dreaming of making out with someone younger.

He squeezed her ass a few times, lifting her into the car, throwing her on the backseat, she squeaked in surprise. "T-this is wrong Percy!" She half-heartedly protested though she made no move to re-button the button that popped off of her jeans. "Take off your top." He demanded. She did as he said, revealing a matching red bra.

This is Part 1 of Sally Jackson, this fantasy will continue next chap.

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