Catelyn Stark Breaks Her Vows

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"All I mean, my lady, is that for such an honorable man, he certainly hasn't been honorable by you."

"My husband is the most honorable men you'll ever meet, from here to Bravos." Catelyn's beautiful blue eyes, slightly glazed from the drinks they were sharing, narrowed at him. "And I won't have you insult him. You'd do best to remember your place as a guest in this house." 

He leaned back from the table they shared and held up his hands placatingly. "I think very highly of Lord Stark! But I also state the truth, my lady. He brings home a bastard from the war, and insists on raising the lad with your own true born children? How can that be honorable?"

Her eyes lessened in intensity and she looked wistfully down into the drink. "It wasn't, you're right. I've had to deal with Ned's betrayal everyday since his return. See it walking through the halls of my home, sharing meals with my children. I've told Ned I'm past it, but I don't think I ever will be."

What luck! He scooted his chair around the table in a swift movement, so they were abreast, and smiled suavely. "If your interested in moving past the injustice done to you, may I offer my service."

She hadn't noticed it before, but up close like this, this boy was quite comely. His features were strong and handsome, with deep green eyes that entranced her. More than that though, and it might have been the drink getting to her, but she thought that he smelled divine. Such an heady masculine smell she'd never before encountered, certainly not in Ned. And with it so close now, surrounding her at all sides, she felt her stomach grow warmer and her head grow dizzy. 

"H-How, What service? For what?" He leaned closer to her and gently rested a hand on her thigh, covered in a thick dress. The smell was more intense with his closer proximity, and when he smiled, she felt fire pool between her legs. What was this stranger doing to her?

"Well, to get past such a large imbalance in your marriage, we must even the scales. And since he made love to another woman while married to you and fathered a child..." He started massaging her soft thigh.

"You can't possibly be suggesting..." She absently noted with a blush on her face that his massaging hand felt nice.

"No! Of course not." Not yet, at least. "But absolute faithfulness cannot be expected when it isn't returned, can it? And since he lived out his lust, despite your marriage vow," he leaned in so close their noses were touching and met her glazed over eyes with his own shining gaze, "why can't you?"


She had so many memories of her marriage bed, the bed she shared with Ned all the years of their marriage, where they'd made love, cozily slept in on cold days, and conceived their children. Memories that paled in comparison to her now lazily reclining between a stranger's spread legs on said bed and noisily sucking off his huge throbbing cock.

"Oh, this is such a wonderful horsecock," she nuzzled his huge pole with her eyes closed, adoringly kissing down his veiny shaft. "It's sooooo~ much better than Ned's." It was true; Ned wasn't even half as big, didn't make her cum like a banshee every third thrust, and didn't spew tons of absolutely delicious thick cum.

It took her so long to slurp all the way down because of his cock's extraordinary size, but that's what made it worth slurping. It's length was longer than her face, she knew that from experience. It's width was wider than she could grip with both her slim hands, and it's warmth so intense she could feel it's heat inside of her (his cum scalding hot when deposited in her pussy).

She licked up and down the smooth skin, like a cat lapping at milk. She leaned back and watched as his glistening cock throbbed by its lonesome. Some salty precum dribbled out of his tip and stretched in a long rope toward the bed. She was quick to lap it up back to the source, sucking on his tip while her hands started to stroke his shaft. His cock always tasted so perfect. If there was anyway she could have any more precum, she would be sucking him here all night. 

After she sucked out all she could from his tip, she pulled back and let the enormous phallus rest on her cheek as she jacked it swiftly with both hands. "I think I'll spend the rest of my days like this, jacking your fat cock off while it rests on my face. Have you here to blow so I can get a nice serving of cum with every meal. Oh, and fuck a nice deep creampie for desert, of course."

Speaking of cum, while still jacking him quickly, she lowered her plump lips down to his enormous balls and slobbered over them. "Hmmmmmmm~!" If there was anything that came close to the love she had for his cock, it was her appreciation for his enormous cum factories. They were so tasty, she could lick and caress them for hours. And they made probably the most delicious food in the entire seven kingdoms. 

"Get ready! Here comes some more, my lady!"

Catelyn's face lit up at the promise of her new found favorite treat. She jacked him at a furious pace, the shlick-schlick sound of her dainty hands flying over his slick monster cock filling the room. She aimed the purple tip right across from her mouth and said in a sultry voice, "Have you stored up enough of your jizz for me in those big balls, young man? Have I got them aching to pump all of it through your big cock and onto my face? Well, as acting Lady of Winterfell, I demand you empty your huge balls all over me right now!"

He groaned and bucked against her, his huge dick pulsing more and more as she jerked, so she sealed her lips around his head and licked the underside of the crown. When he felt the tongue lapping the underside of his cock, he couldn't take anymore. He shouted and exploded, his huge tip shooting big ropes of cum straight down her throat. She moaned loudly as he unleashed a salvo of sperm in her mouth, sucking out as much as she could. She pumped and swallowed his tasty cum, but was sure to twirl her tongue through the river of jizz pouring from his cock for a taste. It tasted absolutely divine, the heavy cream was like some exotic Dornish wine. 

Since she had already swallowed tons of his baby batter, and he was still firing massive load after massive load, she took the opportunity to pop her mouth off his pulsing tool and aim it at her face. She closed her eyes as the thick shots leapt across her face, covering her beautiful features in fat streaks of cum. She continued milking him furiously all the while his cum formed a gooey mask on Catelyn's face. 

Even though he seemed to cum forever (she swore he came more than every stud in the stable combined), the size of the ropes started to taper off, so she made sure to point his canon's thick load down to her chest, covering her huge milky breasts in a net of jizz. She was certain to paint her little pink nipples with his delectable offering too.

When his orgasm tapered off, Ned Stark's wife was soaked with cum, face covered in the gooey white stuff and dripping cum down onto her chest. She swallowed the deliciousness in her mouth and moaned loudly. "You do your Lady such good service. I'm positively covered!" She scraped her eyes of his semen and greedily gulped it down. "And so thoughtful, a pearl necklace!" she brought her breasts up and sucked some of his creamy cum off them, moaning all the while. It was so naughty, being marked by such a superior stud's sperm in her husband's bed. But what else could she do? His cock was too big, his cum too tasty. He made her pussy absolutely sopping. Cocks like his were made to cum on bitches like her.

He reached down and grabbed his still-erect tool (she realized she probably hadn't ever seen it soft) and shook. Cat giggled and leaned in as flecks of cum landed on her face. 

"Clean me off, my Lady?"

She looked scandalized beneath the layer of cum obscuring her. "Of course!" She gathered her lustrous red hair, hair Ned loved so much, and mopped his jizz off his shaft.

After cleaning him, she leaned back and rubbed the cream on her chest into her ample funbags. "Oh, your cum feels so good on my skin. The only place it feels better is deep inside me." She pinched her nipples and gave a moan. "You must fill my womb next. Your lady commands you as soon as you are able."

"Well, I'm ready to go again if you are."

She gave him a bright cummy smile and set to work getting her next treat.

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