Reviews for Edward Poem

BY : JocelynPayne

  • From ANON - aislynn crowdaughter on May 26, 2013

    I like! Good capture of what and who Edward is!

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  • From Draciann on November 21, 2008

    Hi there! ^^

    Thanks for the compliment and yeah you're right I do have errors in my story... but hey it makes it unique right? hehe.
    Anyway just read your poem and what else is there to say, but I like it!!! It is really discribing! ^^


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  • From LadySilver on September 16, 2008

    I wish I did right The Conspiracy. That story was so cool! Unfortunately None of the Adm. will answer when I contact them soi I don't know why my stories where hidden. I think my stories in HPFandom are up to date. but I;m not sure. I will continue uodateing there since all the other sites love to delete or hide my fanfics!

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