Reviews for A Song of Lust And Desire

BY : AryaStarkNaked

  • From Darksnider05 on April 03, 2014

    Hope to see more of this :)

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  • From ANON - Ulforce Diizoid(Dunno why it won't accept that I've logged in!) on March 31, 2014

    Now how does a story of this caliber in such a fandom lack for ratings, let alone reviews? I have never considered the wanton urges of an Other woman, a most fascinating idea to explore. But that was only a sampler, a teaser, compared to the second chapter and the lusts of Arya Stark! Now that was a satisfying experience, and for those out there to read this after the fact I am indeed aware of her age at this point in time. So what? Its fiction, don't get bent out of shape.

    But to the original point, I loved it. Everything from her behavior to Jon Snow's to the bit about Sandor Clegane catching sight of them in progress! I really hope to see a third chapter. I can only add that perhaps a bit longer next time would be nice too.

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  • From Sage of Discord on March 23, 2014

    Nice so far. Wish the chapters were longer, but I'll take regular updates instead of excess wordage any day.:D

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  • From Kain on March 22, 2014

    Alright, you have got me interested. I'm curious to see where this goes.

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