Every Thorn Has Its Rose

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Chapter Four


Aro approached, looking visibly upset. Good. Whatever it was he probably deserved it. But still, I stood and folded my hands behind me respectfully, “Master.”


He looked up at me. When he reached me he spoke in a low, unsteady voice, “I will be away for the day, as you know. Possibly longer than I planned originally. Go to Ashleigh and do as you're supposed to.”


And then he quickly walked away without a glance back. I groaned. I hated that I agreed to do this. But then again, I didn't get much of a choice. It was either do as he asked or die on the spot. So I headed to the elevator and made my way to the room Aro kept her in. I knocked before entering. The young woman sat in the chair by the desk, staring out the window. Poor girl, I thought. She almost never left here and it had to be awful.


When she looked over at me, she smiled, “Hi.”


“Hey, girl,” I pulled a second chair from the corner and sat close to her, “How are you holding up?”


Her smile faltered but she said, “I'm okay, I guess.”


“You guess? What'd he do now?”


Ashleigh pressed her lips into a line, “Last night he came to talk to me. He told me he didn't want to do what he did, but didn't regret it either. That I needed to be shown what he would do to get his way.”


He said what now? I stared, mouth hanging open, “Are you serious?”


Her eyes glazed over as she nodded. I reached out to rub her back comfortingly, “Maybe if I told you a bit about his kind you'll better understand why he can be such a jerk sometimes.”


That was about a stupid line, but I didn't know how else to transition into my speech from there. But she seemed content to listen. So I rattled off how the three rulers founded Volterra and still owned pretty much all of it. For that reason, no one was allowed to hunt within its walls. I told her about the covens Aro told me to mention, including the larger one in Washington that drank animal blood. She looked confused by that and I shrugged. Although it wasn't required, I got on the topic of some vampire's gifts. Aro could read minds, which she knew. Caius had the supernatural ability to be almost as huge of an asshole as Aro. One had visions of the future. Though, talking about the supernatural was a good way to move on to the topic Aro cared about most.


The mating bond.


Ashleigh stared in confusion as I explained that vampires have a single, true mate. And that when they find each other, there's an inexplicable attraction that seems to forever tie them to each other. I had no idea if Aro actually felt that way or if he was just trying to get into Ashleigh's head so he could then get into her pants. I assumed the latter. But I continued, “Aro seems...different, now that you're here.”


It wasn't a complete lie, I suppose, “I heard about what happened that morning in the counsel chamber. He was so focused on you he missed feeding entirely.”


No reaction from her. I acted like I was curious, part of me was, “Tell me, how do you feel about him?”


When he isn't being his typical self, at least.


Ashleigh sighed, “I don't know. He confuses me.”


I asked for clarification, though I didn't really need it. She provided, “I mean, he terrifies me. He's controlling, he purposely intimidates me, he's...abusive.”


Her face contorted like it physically hurt her to admit. The mating bond must have been an actual thing and, surprisingly, Aro hadn't lied about it connecting him to Ashleigh. Because I otherwise wouldn't possibly be able to wrap my head around why it would upset her to admit he's terrible.


“But,” Ashleigh spoke again, interrupting my train of thought, “It hurts when he says and does certain things. For some reason it feels as though he's betrayed me. Sometimes I crave his company and his touch. I don't understand how I could feel that way about him.”


I really couldn't either. Had it been me, I would have ran first chance I got. I wouldn't want the man within forty feet of me, let alone touching me. Or...other things. He hadn't tried anything again, had he? If I find out he did I'll get a garlic laced wooden stake and kill the bastard myself. Guilt crawled up my throat as I realized exactly what I was doing. Aro's ultimate goal was to gain his own offspring. He had forced himself on her in an attempt to get what he wanted. And now, here I was, helping him to manipulate the poor girl back into his bed.


I didn't want to help Aro do that to her. But, I didn't want him to kill me either. She was sweet and I really enjoyed her company. I needed to think about myself, too.


“Aww,” I forced admiration, “See, that's what I was talking about. You're so lucky!”


She stared at me like I was insane, “What?”


“You get to experience the mating bond, and I'm jealous,” I tried to look the part while she considered what was wrong with me, “I can only hope I get to feel it too someday. I don't understand why you're fighting it.”


I did. I didn't blame her. For a moment she looked irritated, and she should have been. I was pushing her into the arms of a poisonous man, who would ultimately end up killing her. And then, all the color drained from her face.


“Are you alright, Ashleigh? You look really pale.”


“I need to lay down,” she squeaked. The woman went over to the bed and laid on her side, curling around a pillow. I came closer to feel her face. She didn't feel warm, but that didn't always mean anything, “Do you need me to get Aro?”


“No!” she replied quickly, “No, I just need some rest.”


Figuring I had covered the important parts of Aro's speech, I pulled a blanket over her and left her to get some sleep. Dread filled me when I rounded the corner to my desk and found the jerk was waiting for me. I though he was supposed to be gone for the day?


“Well?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest. I grimaced, “It's done.”


He smiled coldly and walked away. What the hell did I just do?


* * * * *


Footsteps echoed off the stone floor. I looked up, seeing a quite good looking blond man walking toward me. He had the telltale pale skin of a vampire, but his eyes were gold instead of red. Which was somehow more comforting than the intimidating ones of the Volturi guard. He smiled warmly, “Hello. I'm Doctor Cullen. I was sent for by Aro.”


“Of-Of course,” I stammered, getting up from the chair, “If you'll follow me, please.”


I tried to squelch the hope that the man was admiring me as I led the way to the council chamber. Reaching for the brass knocker, I tapped it twice and the doors swung open. All three men were seated in their “thrones”. My gaze immediately found Caius, who returned it with a smirk.


“Ah, Carlisle,” Aro said politely as he stood. I moved aside so that the doctor could meet his friend's approach. A part of me was surprised that Aro even had any friends with the way he behaved. For a moment I thought the two would embrace, but they simply shook hands instead.


“I'm grateful for you coming on such short notice, my friend,” the self-proclaimed vampire leader continued, gesturing for them to leave the room, “Come, my dear.”


It took a moment to register that he was meaning me. I hurried after the attractive blond doctor. Who apparently had been given scant details on why his trip was necessary, “So, Aro, this patient of mine, is he an employee of yours?”


I glanced at Aro. This should be interesting. His smile slipped slightly, “No, she isn't in my employ.”


“She?” Carlisle asked, slightly surprised, “Why do you have a female human in your care if she does not work for you?”


I had to suppress a snicker as the smile vanished completely. Busted!


“Aro-” the doctor's voice was stern. The dark haired man tensed, “Save the speech, Carlisle. We've arrived.”


Aro tapped the door quickly before pushing it open and gesturing for the doctor to enter first. The jerk narrowed his eyes at me before following his buddy into the room and introducing him. I stood back in the hallway. I folded my arms and leaned against the wall. When I heard Ashleigh comment on how well Aro had been caring for her I snorted. Either the man hadn't heard me or he hadn't cared because he didn't come to confront me.


“Rosetta, my dear,” he called a few moments later, an edge to his tone. I stepped around the corner and stood in the doorway. His gaze was piercing, “Get the water for Doctor Cullen, if you would.”


I nodded and did as I was told. When I returned with the basin, Carlisle thanked me and I turned to leave. The look Aro gave me as I left suggested he had indeed heard me earlier. Oh well. I stepped out the door and right into Caius. He gripped my wrists, hold me to him, “Just the human I was hoping to find.”


He began to walk, pulling me along with him, “I require your assistance with something.”


A spark shot through me. Excitement? Fear? I wasn't sure. Maybe a mix of both. We returned to the elevator and he selected one of the basement levels. The decent was borderline torture, proposition hanging over me but him offering nothing but silence. The doors opened and he led me further down the hallway to a very old looking door, reminiscent of one you'd see in a dungeon. He opened it and pushed me inside. I immediately wished it was a dungeon cell.


The room was some twisted science lab slash torture room. Complete with an iron maiden in the corner. I hoped that was just a collector's item. A table sat in the middle of the room; shackles hung from the walls; all sorts of odd instruments I'd never seen before. The heavy door slammed shut and the lock engaged with a loud clunk. Caius stood directly in front of it, a gleam in his eyes as he stared at me.


“Strip,” he commanded. When I didn't move, he added, “Now.”


I twisted my arm around behind me, tugging the zipper of my dress with my fingertips. His look burned into me as I slipped the straps from my shoulders and wiggled it over my hips.


That, too,” he said, indicating my underwear. Hadn't he ever seen a thong before? Now that I had an idea of what he wanted I was feeling a bit more bold. I slipped it off and threw it to him. He looked at it curiously for a moment, like he didn't understand the point when they covered so little. Caius tossed them over his shoulder.


“Aren't you going to-”


“No,” he answered before I got the entire question out. He waved his hand, “On the table, human.”


I jumped up and sat on its edge. He disappeared behind me, rummaging through something. After a moment he reappeared holding a length of rope. The man forced my wrists together and secured them, “Lie back.”


I obeyed and he proceeded to tie the rest of the cord to the middle table leg, locking my hands above my head. He turned around to retrieve another item. I was surprised to see it was only a feather. My curiosity had been piqued, “What are you doing?”


“Playing,” was his short answer. He placed the soft end of the quill to my cheek, slowly trailing it down my jawline, down my neck, over my collar. It traced around my breasts and Caius stared intently to see how my body responded. Goosebumps raised on my skin at its delicate touch. He drug the feather down my stomach, watching me squirm as it traveled lower, passed my naval. It stopped where hair normally would have started; he dipped a hand between my legs and into my folds, “You humans are curious.”


He pushed his fingers in and I moaned, trying to push my hips against his touch. Caius smirked, “Takes nothing to get you going, does it?”


I whimpered in protest when he removed his fingers and was surprised when he then forced them into my mouth. Tasting myself was kind of gross and kind of a turn on. I sucked on his digits, caressing them with my tongue, and I could sense him tensing. I met his gaze. His fingers were pulled away as he worked at the waist of his pants. I was sure he intended to play more, but obviously I had pushed him over the threshold early. He straddled my chest, his erection, more or less, right in my face. I couldn't do much, considering my hands were literally tied and he was sitting on me. But I caressed him with my tongue as far as I could. He adjusted his position so that he could push it into my mouth, hips rolling in shallow thrusts.


Moisture stuck to the insides of my thighs when he began to pant. I loved a man who made noise, knowing I was causing it. Caius removed himself from my mouth, moving down the table and situating himself between my legs. I arched my back toward him. He rubbed the tip against me, at my opening, smirking as I strained against my bonds. I groaned, “Please, Master.”


His hips slammed against mine, his cock forced inside me, and I gasped. The intensity didn't let up as he began to pound into me. He hovered over me and growled, “Only because you asked so politely.”


I started having sex at a relatively young age, losing my virginity at fourteen. Admittedly, I had been with quite a few men; I wasn't ashamed by my sexual appetite. Never would I have thought one of those men would be a vampire. And never would I have thought it would be so amazing. He didn't hold back like a lot of my partners had. It was almost like he was absentminded, out of control. If I wasn't sore there in the morning I'd be surprised, and I enjoyed every second of it.


And then I had a thought that completely ruined the moment. I thought of Ashleigh. I thought of Aro, restraining her and roughly violating untouched territory. Losing my virginity had hurt enough on its own. I couldn't imagine hard sex like this following. A new wave of sympathy for her and hatred for him swept over him. I was brought back to the moment when Caius grunted, his cock throbbing within me as he came.


He was off me immediately, pulling his pants back into place. The man freed me from the ropes and threw my dress at me. Guess it was time to leave.


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