A Brand New Life

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Sixteen year old Tina Swan, was sitting on a plane going to Forks Washington to live with her father Charlie. She was very nervous because she hadn't met Charlie before. Her mother Renee left her father when her older sister Bella was a year old. Renee didn't find out about Tina until later. Tina didn't know she had a older sister either.

How did Tina get to where she was? Her mother Renee left her in an Orphange and the Matron was very abusive to her. There was  only one women there that Tina liked, her name was Miss Sage. How did Tina get away from the Orphanange? Renee called Charlie and told him that when Bella was a year old, she found out she was pregnant with Tina, but she had already left Charlie so he didn't know. At long last, the plane touched down in Forks Washington. Tina got off the plane and went over to the baggage claim, where she saw a dark brown haired man with a dark brown mustache and brown eyes.

"Dad?" She asked. She had to be sure it was him. He nodded and helped her take her only suitcase off the belt. "This is super lightweight what's in here?" He asked. "Oh nothing." Tina said. "Then what do you have for clothes?" He asked.

"Just this and an outfit for tomorrow in my carry on bag."  She said wheeling it behind her. "I asked my friends daughter to come by today when we got home to take you shopping for some things that you might need. Charlie said.  "Okay." She said. "So tell me about yourself." Charlie said as they were driving home. "Well I'll be Seventeen on the last day of September, I have a mild case of Cerebral Palsy and a learning disability, I love anything Disney, and my favorite colors are Purple baby blue, Silver and baby pink." She said.

"You're nothing like your older sister that's for sure." He said. "I have an older sister?" Tina asked. "Yes you do." Charlie said. "Does she live with you?" She asked. "No She's actually staying with Renee for the summer in Florida, why her boyfriend didn't go with her I don't know." Charlie said.

"Maybe she just wanted some girl time without boys around." Tina said.  "Maybe." Charlie said as he pulled into the driveway. He led Tina into the house, and up the stairs to Bella's old room. "This is where your sister used to sleep when she lived here." Charlie said. Just then, Charlie got a text message.

"My friends daughter is here, she's one of the Cullens, I mentioned about earlier. "Charlie?" The girl yelled. "I'm in Bella's old room Alice!" Charlie yelled back. Neither of us heard her coming up the stairs. Hi I'm Alice you must be Bella's sister Tina." She said.

Tina nodded. "How did you know who I was already?" She asked. "I'll tell you later if I'm allowed to." She said. "Well  come on let's go to the mall and get some new clothes for you." She said. Tina hugged Charlie goodbye and the girls left the house to drive to the Mall.

When the girls got to the mall they went into every clothes store they could find. They found Dressses, nightgowns, shoes, underwear and even some underwear from Victoria Secret. Alice wanted to look at makeup, but Tina needed to use the restroom. While Tina was in the restroom Alice was seeing bits and pieces of her future. She saw her with the Volturi  and sitting on her own throne and knew that her mate had to be one of the Volturi Kings but who was it?

Alice knew what she had to do, so she took out her cellphone and dialed Aro's number. Aro, and his brothers Marcus and Caius, are the Volturi Kings. "What is it Alice?" Aro asked. "Well hello to you too." She said. "What do you want?" Aro asked again.

"Bella has a little sister named Tina. I want to tell her what we are, because I can see bits of her future and she ends up with one of you three  as her mate, who it is I don't know but she has her own throne." She said. "Alright you can tell her, but I want more information on this when you can get it." He said and ended the call. Tina was waiting on a bench for Alice. "Were you waiting long?" Alice asked.

"No I saw you talking on the phone and didn't want to interrupt." She said. "Oh that's okay." She said. "Come here Tina I want to tell you something." Alice said. Alice dragged Tina outside of the Mall to a spot with no one around. "I'm a vampire, my whole family is except Bella, Charlie knows this already, from the Volturi giving Bella permission to tell him." Alice said.

"Wow that's so cool! I have no problems with that." She said. "There's something else, I can see bits and pieces of the future, I saw yours and saw you as the mate of one of the three Volturi Kings." Alice said. "Wow I'm a mate to a Volturi King! Which one?" Tina asked. "I don't know that yet, but when I find out I'll tell you." She said. "So tell me about the Kings, what are their names and what are they like personality wise?" Tina asked.

"Well there's Aro, he's the leader of the Volturi. "He's kind of childish for a king he giggles when he's excited and he has the same powers as my brother Edward but stronger, and he can only trigger them by touching someone. "Marcus on the other hand is more withdrawn he doesn't say much and he always looks like he's sad. Now Caius is the only one that has blonde hair, he can be a bit hard to get along with considering he doesn't like humans very much." Alice said. "Oh." Tina said.

"Are they really brothers?"  Tina asked. Aro and Marcus were but Marcus's wife, Aro's sister Didyme, turned out to be unfaithful to Marcus and was killed for it." Alice said. Meanwhile in Volterra, Aro, Marcus, and Caius were sitting on their thrones. "Are you sure Alice doesn't know who this human girls mate is brother?" Caius asked. "I told you brother Alice told me it was one of us, but she doesn't know who yet." Aro said.

"Personally I hope it's me Sulpicia is getting on my nerves lately, and we know she's not my mate, since I caught her making out with a lower guard yesterday." He said. "We all know Didyme wasn't my mate either or she never would have kissed that lower guard all those years ago." Marcus said. "We'll just have to wait and hear from Alice then." He said. Back at  Charlie's house, the girls were just coming through the door. "Tina this is my father Carlisle and my brother Edward, Bella's boyfriend." Alice said.

"Hello Tina it's nice to meet you." Edward said. "Nice to meet you too." She said. "How are you Tina?" Carlisle asked. "I'm a little worried." She said. Alice told Edward, Charlie, and Carlisle what happened at the Mall today.

"Girls sit right there for a minute Carlisle and I have to talk." Charlie said and he led Carlisle upstairs. "What are they talking about Alice?"  Tina asked. "Charlie is asking Carlisle to adopt you, because now that you're the mate to one of the Volturi Kings, you'd be much better in a vampire coven than you would be in a human household, considering your mate is going to be the one turn you." She said. Carlisle agreed to it." Alice said.  Charlie and Carlisle came back downstairs.

"Dad don't say anything Alice told me everything already." Tina said. Tina hugged Charlie in tears. "I might never see you again depending on who my mate is!" She sobbed. "Tina honey I'll make sure whoever your mate is that they give you permission to see your father." Carlisle said. "Okay." She said.

"Tina I swear when you get all settled in at Carlisle's and find your mate, I'll be over to visit, besides I have to meet the vampire that's going to be with my daughter, it's my right as a father." Charlie said. Tina and Alice giggled. "As for you Edward I don't think Bella is your mate, have you been in pain since she left?" Charlie asked. "No I haven't Carlisle is there a chance Bella isn't my mate? I hope she's not, She's so whiny, I don't know what I saw in her." He said.

"It may be a possiblilty." Carlisle said. Carlisle, Edward, Tina, and Alice left Charlie's house with all of the clothes the girls bought at the Mall, and drove home. When they got home, Esme was there to greet them. "Tina this is my wife Esme." Carlisle said. "Oh hello Tina it's so nice to meet you sweetie." She said.

Charlie called me when you were driving over here." She said. Carlisle nodded. "Alice why don't you take Tina with you to get some furniture for her room, I should have her room ready for you by the time you get back. "Okay thanks Esme." Tina said. "Your home is goregous by the way." She said.

"Oh thank you sweetie I was an arcithect and a house designer before I was turned." She said. "I think you should go back to doing that it really paid off." Tina said. "Thank you sweetie." Esme said. "Come on Tina, by the time we get back, Esme will have your room built." Alice said. The girls ran off and drove to the Mall.

When They arrived at the Mall something amazing happened that neither girl was prepared for. "I want to look in Victoria's secret first." Alice said. "Why?" Tina asked. "Well I think since you're mate is one of the three kings he'd love to either see you in lingerie or a baby doll nightie." Alice said in her mind. "Alice!" Tina hissed.

Alice was shocked. "Tina I didn't say anything!" She exclaimed. "Yes you did you said that since I was mated to one of the three Volturi Kings he'd love to see me in  lingerie or in a baby doll nightie." She said. Alice looked shocked. "Tina you have the same power as Edward!" Alice squealed.

"Is that possible?" She asked. "I don't know hold on." Alice took out her phone and texted Carlisle. "Why are we having a family meeting when we get back?" Tina asked. "How could you see what I typed? Your back was turned!" Alice exclaimed in amazement.

"I don't know!" Tina exclaimed. Suddenly Tina's ocean blue eyes glazed over. "Tina what's wrong?" Alice asked. She carried Tina outside of the Mall and texted Edward. Edward came racing in his car as fast as it would go.

Human laws don't apply to vampires. "What, what's wrong?" He asked. Alice told Edward what happened. "This is amazing  the thought reading goes along with her actual gift, It's called Mind Sight." He said. "What does it do?" Alice asked. "Well Tina can't see the future but you know how you can't see where people are in the present?" Edward asked. Alice nodded.

"Well Tina can she can see everyone, what they're doing, where they are,  every minute of every day." Edward said. "That's amazing can she see her mate?" Alice asked. Suddenly Tina's eyes returned to normal. "Edward Bella is not your mate Marcus is, Bella is only your singer." Tina said. "What about you can you see yours?" Alice asked.

Tina's eyes glazed over again. A few minutes later they went back to normal. "It's the giggling one you were talking about." She said. "Oh god it's Aro." Alice said. "I think it'll be okay, but we'd better pray that Sulpicia isn't his mate." Edward said.

"I think we should get the furniture for Tina's room and go home, we still have to have a family meeting anyway." Alice said. They bought Tina a plasma 80 inch 4k tv for her room, a giant purple bean bag chair, A huge canopy bed with Purple bedding, and an egg chair that hangs from the ceiling in white. "I think we're done here let's go back home and have that meeting, I have to call Aro and tell him the news." Alice said. "Hey Tina where does your Strawberry red hair and Ocean blue eyes come from?" Alice asked. "I really don't know hang on."  She said.

Tina took out the cell phone she had just bought and texted Charlie. He texted back a few minutes later. "Charlie says it could have been from my great great grandma Swan, but he isn't sure." She said. When the three teens came back from the Mall, Esme was waiting for them. "All right you three put that stuff in Tinas room it's the room between Edward and Alice." She said.

Edward, Alice and Tina went upstairs to the room Esme said to go to. "Oh wow!" Tina exclamied. "Esme this is impressive." Alice said. "Thank you." She said. The room was huge Tina could probably fit a full kitchen in the room if she wanted to.

"I love it Esme there's so much space!" Tina squealed. "I'm glad you like it sweetie." She said. After they got all of Tina's new things put away, it was time for the family meeting. Alice told Carlisle Esme and the other's what happened at the Mall today. "Wow I hope Aro treats Tina the way a mate should." Esme said.

"He will I've seen it." Alice said. She decided to take out her phone and call Aro to tell him the news. While Alice was dialing Aro's number, he, Caius, and Marcus were talking about some lower guards future with them. "I say we execute both him and Sulpicia she drives me nuts." He said. "She is your wife brother." Marcus said.

"She's not my mate Marcus and you know it!" Aro hissed.  Just as his phone rang, Aro knew who it was. "This better be good news Alice." Aro said. "Are you on speaker?" Alice asked. "They must be if I can hear them Alice I'm human remember?" Tina asked.

"I know." She said. "I need both you and Marcus on the next flight going out of Volterra tonight Aro." Alice said. "Any particular reason?" He and Marcus  asked. "Yes I know who Tina and Edward's mates are." She said. "Who are they?" Aro asked.

 Edward's mate is Marcus. and Tina's mate is you Aro." Alice said.  "How wonderful!" He exclamied.  "Oh did you want to say hello to Aro Tina?" Alice asked. All three vampires could hear someone walking to the phone. "Hello Aro." Tina said.

"Hello little one." He said. "Tina honey you need to eat and get to sleep it's almost nine at night." Esme said. "Do I have to Esme?" She asked. "Yes." She said. "Okay I have have to eat dinner and go to bed, but Alice will talk to you through the night I'm sure." Tina said.

"Actually Tina I have things I have to do tonight as well so I can't." She said. "Say goodbye to Aro Tina" Esme said. "Bye Aro." She said. "Sweet dreams little one." He said. "We'll see you both tomorrow, Tina will know when you're at the house, as to how she'll know, you'll have to find out tomorrow." Alice said and ended the call.

"Well that's really something brother who knew we would have mates in the same family." Aro said. "Yes I know Caius I'm sure you and Athenadora can handle things here for us, we don't know how long we'll be gone." Aro said. "Don't worry brother we'll take care of everything." He said. Aro and Marcus left to prepare the jet. Meanwhile back at the Cullen's Tina had her dinner and had gone to bed.

"I hope Aro treats her the way she desrves to be treated." Esme said. "Don't worry Esme Alice said everything's going to be fine." Carlisle said. Since vampires didn't sleep, the rest of the family spent the night getting the house ready for Aro and Marcus.

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