Ever Since You Kissed Me

BY : farewell
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Disclaimer: I do not own the Anita Blake series, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Ever Since You Kissed Me

Author: farewell

Rating: yeah that would be R. maybe.

Pairing: Asher/Damian. maybe a bit of jealous Jean-Claude/Asher.

Part: 1/3

Disclaimer: not mine. *points* hers. *bows to the lovely LKH*

Not-So-Short Note: i realize that the chances of this happening are slim to nil, but it was bugging me and i had to write it. it is slash, it is OOC, it has little to no plot (i tried...) and it is also very improbable. however, it is my first A.B. fanfiction, and i would beg you to be nice. flames will be laughed at and will result in even more slash of this sort. i'm very stubborn. *takes a breath* okay. i'm done now. for those of you still here: enjoy.


Asher ran up to the great door, pounding on it with all his might. He had arrived in the Scottish Highlands that night, but dawn was approaching quickly, and he had to have shelter. The door opened, and Asher found himself confronted with a beautiful red-haired man who was, consequently, holding a great broadsword to his throat.

The redhead cocked his head curiously, and Asher felt his heart lurch at the sight. He had the strangest feeling that he knew the other man.

Dawn was rapidly approaching. Asher stared into the green eyes and cared not for the fatal sunlight. The man met his eyes and each felt a visible jolt. *Vampire*. The redhead sheathed the sword, reached out and pulled him in the door.

Towing the blonde vampire along behind him, he quickly wove his way through a confusing nest of passageways, down to the cellar. The redhead put his lips next to his ear: "We have no other coffins. Share mine?"

Asher looked over at the extraordinarily green eyes and felt a flush rise to his cheeks. Unable to speak, he only nodded. He saw a flash of white teeth, and then the other took his hand, leading him to a dark wood coffin in a small alcove.

The redhead lifted the lid and laid himself down, opening his arms invitingly. Asher paused for a moment, but then felt dawn break over the horizon and hurriedly slipped into the others arms.

Asher's soul fled the sunlight, leaving his body lying in the arms of a stranger who somehow wasn't.


When Asher came back to himself, he had the shock of his very long life. Blinking dazedly, he turned his head, and came nose to nose with the other vampire.

Both were startled, and stared at each other for a long moment.

"Hello," the redhead whispered hoarsely.

"Hello," Asher whispered back, only slightly less hoarsely. He found himself being gently shifted and wrapped up closer to the surprisingly warm body. Asher rested his cheek against the broad chest. "You're so warm," he mumbled.
rm. Im. I haven't been warm in a long time. It must be your influence."

Asher smiled faintly. "Indeed."

They were quiet for a minute, enjoying each other's company, and then Asher could bear it no longer. "What is your name?"

"Damae. And yours?"


Damae stiffened. Asher felt it and looked up. "What is wrong?"

"My Mistress," he whispered, flinging the coffin open and scrambling out. He turned wildly to Asher, eyes frighteningly wide. "She must not find you here!" he whispered urgently. "Quickly! You must leave!"

Grabbing the blonde's hand, he yanked him out of the coffin and began towing him out of the room and down a hall.

"But- -why?" Asher asked, following blindly.

"You are Asher: Belle Morte's child. She knows you have left, and has been searching for you. My Mistress is very interested in finding you," Damae answered, not looking at him. "You do not want her to find you."
They arrived at a small door, presumably the servant's entrance. "You must go."

Asher grabbed the redhead's other hand. "Come with me?" he asked.

Damae shook his head, looking frightened. "I dare not. I am bound to her: she will find me." A door opened somewhere above him. "You must go, now!" he cried softly.

Asher no, un, understanding in his light eyes. "I will find you," he whispered. Suddenly impulsiveness seized him, and he leaned up and touched those beautiful lips to his own.

Damae let out a breath in an explosive gasp, and kissed back hard. "Do not forget me," Damae pleaded.

"Never." Asher vowed, then with one last breathless kiss, he was out the door and gone.

Suddenly, Damae felt *Her* behind him.

"Damae?" she asked in a smoky voice.

"Yes, Mistress?" he knelt at her feet, bowing his head.

"Who was that, Damae?"

Damae tried to calm his racing heart. He could not lie, for she would sense it; better to say nothing.

"Damae." Her voice grew harsh. "Answer me." She bent gracefully and pulled him to his feet. "It must have been someone pleasing indeed if they can send your heart fluttering like this," she paused, voice hardening. "Who was it, Damae?"

Still, he did not answer. He felt her create a net of fear and cast it over him, as was her gift.

Damae began to tremble in fear, but he stubbornly bit his lip to keep from speaking.

"Answer me." The command was soft-spoken and calm, and it made him tremble all the harder. Damae could feel her anger, and it terrified him, but at least he knew that Asher would get away safely, for he would never give him up.


Present Day:

*God, he's beautiful,* Damian thought, gazing over at Asher. The blonde vampire was standing by the bay window in his office, with the star-filled night reflecting on his clear-cut features.

"You stare at me, Viking," Asher turned to Damian. "Why?"

"Do you wish me to stop?" Damian asked insolently.

"I merely wish to know why."

"And I merely to to know if I should stop," Damian smiled at him and felt his un-beating heart lurch when the smile was returned faintly.

"As it seems that you will not answer my question, perhaps you will be so kind as to tell me what you are doing in my office?" Asher turned and sat at his desk.

Damian rolled his eyes. "Jason's sick. He has caught that flu that is going around."


"Oh. I saw him on my way here. He looks terrible."

"Poaby,aby," Asher said sarcastically.

"He wished me to tell you that he will not be in tonight," Damian shrugged.

"Ah. Was that it?" Was it just his imagination, or was there hope in that cool gaze?

Taking a deep breath, Damian steeled his nerve. "No," he said, stepping around the desk to stand in front of Asher, who spun around to face him. "There was something else..." Damian placed his hands on either arm of the chair.

Asher pressed himself against the back of the chair as much as he could, eyes wide. "Oh?" he breathed. "What is it?"

Damian came ever closer, pushing the chair back over the thin carpet, so the back touched the wall. He almost touched his lips to Asher's, stopping a mere breath before them.

"Some unfinished business, I should say."

"Unfinished...?" Asher looked positively terrified.

"Indeed," Damian smiled slightly, mischief in his eyes. "Unfinished about seven hundred years ago... in a castle... in..."

"Scotland..." Asher breathed, looking up into his bright green eyes. *"Damae?"*

At the redhead's nod, Asher shot a hand around his waist and pulled him down onto his lap. Damian rested his head on the blonde's shoulder as Asher spoke: "I told you I would find you." Damian sobered, going still.

"What is the matter? You are thinking dark thoughts," Asher murmured.

Damian shook his head. "I am just remembering."

"She hurt you," Asher asked gently. "Didn't she?"

Damian didn't answer. "When I left?" he prodded. "She caught you. And when you wouldn't give me up, she punished you."

Almost imperceptibly, Damian nodded.

Asher winced, and pressed his perfect left side against Damian's hair. "I am sorry. I should have come back for you."

Damian interrupted. "And if you had, you would have been used as her pawn. Do not feel guilty. I would not have gone with you," he looked into Asher's light eyes. "No matter how much I wanted to."

Asher smiled, leaned forward and kissed him. Damian stiffened at first in surprise, and then met the kiss hard. Twisting dexterously, he straddled the blonde, wrapping his arms around his neck.

Asher sighed into the kiss and shifted his hips against Damian. He broke the kiss long enough to ask, "Have you fed enough to do this?"

Damian choked on a laugh. "Do you think I would come here looking for this without being able to -ah- perform?"

Asher kissed him breathlessly. "Just wanted to make sure."

Damian heard the footsteps behind the door an instant before Asher violently shoved him off his lap and down into the kneehole of his desk. The door swung open and Damian heard Jean-Claude's voice.

Seemingly oblivious to the commotion he had caused, the dark-haired vampire sat in the other chair and blithely started to chatter on about the business of the club.

Damian, uncomfortably cramped under the desk, sighed silently and shifted as quietly as he could, leaning his head on Asher's knees. Finally, Jean-Claude finished talking, and cheerfully took his leave.

"Enjoy yourself, Asher." He paused. "Be kind to him, Damian. It has been a long time for him." He was gone before Damian could uncurl himself from the desk. Surprised, the two vampires looked at one another, fighting back smiles at their mirrored shocked expressions.

"Well," Damian cleared his throat, half-smiling. "Where were we?"

Asher seized his hand, standing. "We were going to my rooms, correct?"

Damian stood and moved closer, seaming his body to Asher's. "Sounds wonderful."

Neither of them remembered much about the trip to Asher's rooms. Damian had a faint idea that they saw Anita, but if they did, she wisely didn't comment.

Finally, they reached Asher's door. Giggling like little children, they slipped in, and closed it. The blonde gasped as Damian roughly shoved him up against the door, pressing a knee in between Asher's legs and kissing him. Asher moaned and pulled Damian ever closer.

Pulling his head away, the redhead looked up mischievously, then looked around, taking in the Spartan room. "Well, well." He sauntered away, over to the small oil landscape on the far wall.

"Beautiful, non?" Asher stepped up behind him, wrapping an arm around his waist.

Damian leaned back against him, and sighed contentedly. "Yes," he looked up. "Beautiful."

Asher's snort was undignified. "Me? Hardly."

Damian turned in his arms and looked into his eyes. "Yes, Asher. You." He pulled away slightly. "Why do you find it so hard to believe that?"

Asher jerked away so suddenlyt Dat Damian fell. "Look at me!" he said harshly. He pointed at his scars. "This is why! How can you stand to be near me?" He looked down, sounding defeated. "Look at me."

Damian pushed himself up from the ungraceful sprawl he had landed in, and got to his feet, facing Asher.

"Asher..." he whispered. "I am looking at you. All I see is you."

Asher's pale eyes filled with tears. Unhindered, they spilled down his cheeks. "You can't mean that...you can't," he whispered brokenly.

Damian stepped up close, running his hands up Asher's arms, over his shoulders and up to cup his face. He let his eyes fill with all the heat and desire he could muster- no small amount. The blonde closed his eyes, cheeks still soaked. Damian pulled his head down to kiss his lips, putting all his love into it.

Pulling back minisculy, he rested his forehead against Asher's "You are beautiful."

Asher looked helpless. "But my scars-"

"Are beautiful." Damian cut him off. "Call it morbidity. I like your scars. They are intriguing."

Asher was stunned into confusion. "What?"

Taking advantage of this situation, Damian graspeher'her's shirtfront and yanked him down to the floor, then gracefully straddled his body and sat on his stomach.

Asher tried to touch him, but he slapped his hands away. Damian fumbled at Asher's shirt, frantically pulling at the buttons. The blonde smiled amusedly. Damian snarled at the buttons, and finally got them free. He pulled the shirt open and leaned down, kissing the center of Asher's chest. Asher leaned up and pulled off Damian's shirt before he was pushed down again as Damian kissed up to Asher's mouth.

Asher touched Damian's shoulder, drawing away from the kiss. "We should do this...in a bed... the floor..."

Damian snarled in frustration. "I don't want to wait..." he whined endearingly. The blonde sat up, cradling the other against him. "Just for a moment." Asher stood smoothly, still carrying Damian, who wrapped his legs around the slim waist. Leaning forward, Damian nibbled and sucked at Asher's neck. Groaning shakily, Asher twisted away. "I'll fall into something."

Damian sighed. "Oh, alright. But hurry up."

Asher smiled into his neck. He quickly passed into the bedroom and laid Damian against the cool sheets. He covered the white body with his own, kissing along the redhead's shoulder.

Damian pressed his nose into the rough frozen skin of Asher's scarred neck, inhaling deeply. With a voice gone rough with passion he spoke: "You smell good: of arousal and hope, and just a little bit of fear. Surely you're not afraid of me?"

Asher shook his head mutely. When he found his voice at last, he replied. "Not of you. Of what I feel for you."

Damian smiled, a sweet, surprised smile that looked as if it had not been used in a while. Asher reached down and cradled the other's face. "I have never seen you smile like that before." Pulling the other's face up so he was eye to eye with Damian, he gave him a long kiss. Damian closed his eyes and skated his fingers through the shimmering locks.

Asher had never felt such happiness- even his time with Jean-Claude and Julianna couldn't compare to this. When Damian and he finally joined, Asher felt something in his soul go free- flying up and away. His guilt over Julianna, perhaps? He did not know.

He smiled at the vampire underneath him, feeling in awe at his beauty: Damian's red hair was clinging to his brow as he tossed his head in pleasure. He opened his eyes, and the pupils were lost in the shimmering emerald. Those extraordinary eyes fixed on him. Damian's mouth opened, but no sound emerged. Asher leaned down and kissed him. Damian smiled contentedly and reached up, running his fingers through the other's blonde hair, while Asher closed his eyes in bliss.

"When we first met," Asher spoke. "You called yourself 'Damae'. Why not Damian?"

"Damian was the name I was born with. When my Mistress changed me, She gave me a new name. When Jean-Claude bargained for me, I took back my true name."

Asher nodded, and pressed his lips to the other's neck. They were silent for a while, content in each other's embrace.

"Asher?" Da loo looked into his eyes. "I love you, Asher."

The vampire's eyes filled and spilled over with pink-tinged tears. "Do you really mean that?"

The redhead held the other's face to his neck and cheek. "Yes." He smiled faintly. "Ever since you kissed me at the door to the castle." He could feel Asher's smilainsainst his skin. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Damian kissed his fore, an, and sighed contentedly. "One thing."


"Next time, I'm on top."

A/N: did you like it? next chapter coming soon!

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