Captain Aubrey's Feast

BY : Isobel
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Captain Aubrey's Feast

by Isobel (


Jack was unable to keep still, pacing briskly in his room at the Crown, holding the Admiral's letter delicately between his thick and trembling fingers. He read it again, throwing his coat off and loosening his stock, running his hand thoughtlessly through his long blonde hair.

"You are hereby required and directed to proceed on board the Sophie and take upon you the Charge and Command of Commander of her…"

He laughed aloud, overcome with delighted joy at his long-awaited promotion.

"There I was worrying…ha, ha…such a neat little brig - I know hell…ell…ha, ha…"

Jack muttered on about how he'd be happy as the Commander of slop-ship, how charming the cabin of the Sophie would be, and the pleasantness of the weather at the moment, then suddenly found himself as consumed with hunger as he was with sheer delight. He rang the bell for service, but before it stopped ringing, his head was out the door and he was hailing the chambermaid, Mercedes. Such a dusky peach, the Minorcan beauty, Mercedes; delightful, with a more than ample bosom that Jack found himself rather fond of gazing upon. Tonight was no exception.

"Mercy! Mercy! Oh, there you are, my dear," he called as she bounced down the hall to meet him. "What can you bring me to eat, manger, mangiare? Pollo? Cold roast pollo? And a bottle of wine, vino - two bottles of vino. And Mercy, will you come and do something for me? I want you, desirer, to do something for me, eh? Sew on, cosare, a button."

The handsome Teniente Jack with the beautiful aquamarine eyes was more excited than Mercedes had ever seen him, and his brilliant smile seemed to light the darkness of the hotel corridor. Two bottles of vino? Then he would be celebrating the news in the letter she had delivered to him earlier.

"Yes, Teniente," she replied with her sweetest smile. Mercedes gasped when he caught her up into his strong arms and pulled her into his embrace.

"Not Teniente," cried Jack, crushing the breath out of her plump, le ble body. "Captain! Captaino, ha, ha, ha!"

"Capitan!" she shrieked with joy for him. "Felicitaciones, Captain Jack!"

He was so thrilled by the sound of his new title - especially coming from such a tender and delectable mouth - that he could not resist pressing his hungry lips to hers for a deep and lingering kiss.

"Oh Captain!" she gasped when he released her.

Jack giggled deliriously and looked again to his letter. He was thus taken off guard when Mercedes pulled him down to her mouth again and returned his kiss so eagerly that she knocked him back into the room against the table, the door slamming shut behind them. Jack's mind reeled as she devoured him with her supple mouth, her tongue slipping between his lips deliciously, and he wondered how much better this day could possibly become. His lovely maid Mercy, all innocence and wide eyes, had suddenly become a ravenous tigress in his arms. He found his hunger quickly change to a different taste as he felt her tug at the buttons of his breeches.

"Sew buttons, Captain?" She laughed with arched brows and a coy smile, wrenching the fabric, popping the stitches that held the buttons in place.

A rush of heat moved to Jack's face, then down to his groin as she reached into his breeches and stroked his swelling manhood through his linens.

"Oh my, Mercedes, sweetheart, oh, ha, ha, ha," he laughed a little nervously, then groaned and gasped, giggling again.

Jack forgot all hesitation when he felt the heat of her mouth on his neck and collarbone. He allowed his hands to roam freely over her curvaceous backside, then up to grasp her ample bosom, nearly spilling out of her corset. Jack had imagined - indeed, longed for - a tryst such as this many times, but what he found presented to him was more glorious than his wildest imaginings. A thrill moved through him at the sound of her moan, at the sensation of her warm hands moving up his back, burning a trail over his skin as she pulled his white shirt over his head. Jack claimed her mouth again, then groaned into her as she tore at the laces of her bodice and freed her heavy breasts.

"Mercedes, my dainty, you are a more palatable morsel than I could hope to order from any kitchen," he nearly growled and lifted her into his arms, transporting her to the pliant bed, swathed in crisp white linens as she shrieked and giggled.

Mercedes pulled the white scarf from her dark curly hair and wriggled free of her skirts and knickers as Jack hopped in a circle, tugging at his boots. She grasped the covers of the bed and turned them down, slipping between the clean white sheets. When he turned, free of his boots and dressed only in his linens, to see her there, he caught his breath in his throat. Her skin glowed caramel in the candlelight; her apple cheeks flushed pink as she beckoned him to her side. Her petite body was all luscious curves, and dark curls fell over her voluptuous breasts, tipped with nipples of café au lait. He felt his phallus stand to full attention, nearly rising to press against his belly when his gaze swept down to the dahocohocolate patch of hair nestled at the juncture between her thighs. Her hips were already undulating with desire.

"Captain," she cooed, and held her arms out for him. "Brave, strong, pretty Captain."

Jack breathed raggedly, agape at the feast of flesh before him, then stripped his linens and bounced into the bed, giggling deliriously as he fell into her arms, engulfed by her warmth and softness. He plundered her mouth as she wrapped herself around him tightly, tipping her hips up to writhe against him, and the motion suddenly reminded him of the rolling pitch of ocean waves in a refreshing breeze. Jack became lost in her sweet fragrance as he tasted the delicious flesh of her neck and shoulders…but this was a mere appetizer. He intended to savor this feast, to call for many courses, as he was a man of great appetite and sophisticated palate. He also meant to ensure that the lovely Mercedes would luxuriate in his gourmandizing as he devoured her.

"Mercedes, you are more luscious than the sweetest cream," he breathed heavily as she panted beneath him. He then grinned at her devilishly, "Sweetheart, call me 'Captain' again."

She giggled, then moaned as he lowered his mouth to her breast and lapped over the dark bud of her nipple until it peaked, then suckled her, tugging at her hungrily.

"Ah, Captain, Captain," she tittered and gasped, lacing her fingers in his buttery hair, urging him on.

Jack's hand caressed the creamy skin of her breasts, moved down her slim waist out to flaring hips, and found its way to her mound; slipping his fingers between her hot folds, he found her already slick with desire. He caressed her lovingly, then moved his mouth to her other breast, consuming it with the same eagerness he had the first. Mercedes groaned and writhed under him, whimpering in her native tongue, pleading amorous words that Jack did not know but had no trouble translating.

Raising himself over her, he cooed and giggled as he nuzzled his face between her generous breasts - a place he would most assuredly return to, in memory, while on long, lonely voyages at sea - then trailed kisses down the caramel skin of her belly and to the pink flesh between her legs. He opened her thighs and traced his tongue between her lips, lapping the length of her opening, savoring the sweet taste, then sucking gently on the bud of her desire. Mercedes spread her legs wide, urging him on, and he grinned when he felt her rock her body against his kiss. Jack slid first one, then two fingers inside her and stroked deeply. He reveled in her pleasure as she writhed and moaned beneath him, mewling for him, calling him Captain to his heart's delight.

He felt her body tense and coil, and he could not help but purr with delight when she shuddered and climaxed on his mouth, her shivering sheath clutching his fingers. He laved his tongue over her gently, slowly until her contractions calmed, then sucked his fingers clean, savoring her juices as the most delectable sauce.

"The finest delicacy, the sweetest cream," he sighed, grinning proudly at his command of her pleasure.

"Jack," she gasped breathlessly as he climbed up her body - a ravenous predator, his appetite merely piqued - to meet her mouth again. "Captain, sweet Captain…"

Jack chuckled deep in his throat and moved to plunder the vessel of her body, when she suddenly pushed him back into the bed and straddled him with her thighs. He was surprised and delighted with her fearlessness.

"Sweetheart, are you hungry as well?" he asked breathlessly.

"Yes, Jack," she grinned deliriously and consumed him with hess. ss. Jack gasped and laughed as she retraced the trail his mouth had made down her body on his own. Mercedes kissed and lapped the white scars on his tanned chest lovingly. "Poor Captain…brave, strong Captain."

"Oh my, Mercy, oh, ha, ha, ha," he chuckled low in his throat.

She lapped his hard tingling nipples, nuzzling her face into his chest and down the light hair of his belly to his heavy shaft, long and thick. Jack groaned as he watched her grasp the root of his rigid phallus firmly with her tiny hand, then circle the wide tip with a soft pink kitten's tongue. When she took him between her red lips and devoured him, he let his head fall back into the pillow, shuddering as he felt himself become the meal.

Mercedes moaned her delight to him, the vibration of her throat caressing him and sending the most delicious chills through his entire body. She ravished him greedily, suckling and sliding his long shaft between her soft lips, moving slowly, then quickly as he groaned and laced his fingers in her hair, his breath coming deep and ragged as she pleasured him.

cou could not resist rocking his hips up to her, thrusting gently, feeling the sensitive tip of his throbbing shaft kiss the back of her throat, and hissed his breath through his teeth in pleasure. His belly burned with building need, and he groaned unabashedly, guiding the motion of her head. She moaned with longing for his seed and caressed eagerly between his legs. Jack tugged at her hair; he had hoped for another course of her before he lost himself, but her sweet suckling mouth made his desire grow too quickly, and before he could regain command of his body, it was begging for release. He groaned her name low in his throat, then cried out as his climax burst forth with sweet hot ecstasy; he seized her and erupted into her mouth, sputtering and moaning, shuddering as his seed spilled deep into her throat. She cooed and moaned, swallowing greedily, milking his generous phallus with her lips until he was spent. Jack gasped as he watched, through hooded lids, her soft pink tongue lap him clean, and he nearly sobbed with pleasure.

Mercesighsighed and nuzzled her face in the soft hair of his belly, laying her head there to rest and cooing with amorous delight. Jack smoothed her hair and caressed her as his thundering heart calmed and quieted.

"Mercy, sweetheart, how wonderful you are," he murmured. Grasping her under the arms, Jack hauled her up his body to meet his eyes, then kissed her lips and drew her into his embrace. She nuzzled into his neck and listened to his racing pulse as he cuddled her.

Jack dozed in her arms for long lazy moments, until he felt her stir and run her hand gently over the inside of his thigh.

"Captain Jack," she whispered into his ear. "Pretty Captain…"

He was gripped by a new fit of delirious giggling, his honeyed voice deep and hoarse.

"My luscious…you dare wake the sea serpent again with your caress?" he groaned in warning.

Tigress, indeed: ravenous man-eater in the guise of a kitten. He felt himself becoming more and more enamored of her as she lifted her dark, hooded eyes to him and moved her hand more boldly, tickling the flesh of his manhood - already swelling again at her encouragement. He felt his hunger return, the keenness of his appetite merely piqued rather than sated.

Grasping him firmly, Mercedes giggled as his shaft jumped at her touch, then raised herself over him and straddled his hips with her thighs. She smiled to him, holding his gaze as she hovered over him, stroking her body back and forth until she felt the tip of his shaft part the flesh between her legs.

Jack gasped, his flesh aching for her, and pressed his fingers into the trembling curve of her hips.

"Captain," she moaned, her breath deep and heavy.

"Welcome aboard," he grinned desirously…and at his words, she took him, impaling herself on his swollen shaft.

Jack sighed and groaned as she engulfed him in her warmth: he slid effortlessly into her wet sheath. He smiled inwardly as he became another course of the feast, rather than partaking himself. She leaned forward, offering him her breasts, and he guided the bud of her nipple deeply into his mouth, savoring her taste as he watched her rock over him, moaning as she pleasured him with her body. Always lovely service, the Crown, he mused, then pulled her down to his mouth again, consuming her with his teasing kiss, his tongue darting around her mouth playfully as he thrust his hips up gently to meet her riding motion.

She rocked slowly at first, back and forth, as he guided her with his large hands, quickening her movements with her gasping breath. When he felt her thighs begin to shudder, Jack tossed her over effortlessly into the pliant bed and boarded her, taking command of her vessel.

Mercedes shrieked and moaned as he battered her with the full force of his ardor. She wrapped her legs around him tightly, arching her back to meet his powerful thrusts as he drove her closer to ecstasy with each deep stroke.

"Captain, Captain," she moaned, floating into near unconsciousness as he devoured her throat and shoulders. She clutched him tightly and cried out as her climax consumed her. Jack gasped as she shuddered under him, her expression a mask of ure ure as he kissed her face and purred sweet words of encouragement, easing his movements as her orgasm rolled on and on beneath him. Mercedes sought his kiss and laced her fingers through his hair, capturing his mouth with hers. He slid his tongue between her lips in an imitation of the movement of his hips as he slowed and gentled, until she moaned again with renewed desire.

Jack drew himself up on his bulging arms, then turned her gently on her stomach and lay over her, reveling in her pleasure as she continued to tremble and twitch beneath him. He moved the chocolate mass of her curls to the side and laved his tongue over the back of her neck and shoulders, growling and nipping her as his need grew and burned in his belly. She giggled and cooed at his continued ministrations, then pressed her backside up against him and opened her legs, allowing him to slide his long shaft on her copious moisture and find her center again, entering her slowly, deliciously.

Mercedes gasped as he filled her again; he adjusted his weight to spread his legs over hers, then withdrew only to stroke gently back into her. She moaned into the pillow with the exquisite sensation, and pushed back against his hips for more. He chuckled desirously into her ear, his face resting between her shoulders, and began to rock his body over hers slowly, moving with increasing enthusiasm as she encouraged him with her amorous pleading, her breath quick and deep.

"Good Captain…sweet Captain…" she gasped and moaned, awash in ecstasy as he crushed her into the soft feather mattress. She whimpered and sought the flesh she could find, kissing his hand and forearm, taking his thick fingers into her mouth and sucking heartily. His reeling mind transferred the nursing sensation of her sweet suckling mouth to his cock again as her sheath clutched him, and it was nearly more than he could bear.

Jack growled and pushed away, sitting back on his heels, then grasped her hips roughly and thrust her backside into the air. Mercedes shrieked and moaned into the pillow as he hilted his throbbing member back into her wetness. She leaned back into him, meeting his thrusts with her own as he drove into her with abandon, the tip of his erection stroking the mouth of her womb with each thrust, coaxing her quickly up to yet another climax as he raced towards his own. Jack' breath came in chocking gasps, and sweat beaded on his brow as her name burst from his throat, low and deep.

"Mercedes…Mercedes, yes…"

His mind reeled as his body slowed, froze, then seized and thrust again, erupting deep within her; he cried out with the exquisite force of his release. Mercedes screamed into the pillow, trembling and convulsing beneath him once more as his body wrenched, spilling his warm seed into her again and again, filling the meager space between them. Jack balanced precariously, gripping her hips for dear life, then sighed and collapsed over her. They lay in a groaning heap, and relaxed into a haze of shared, satisfied euphoria.

Gasping, Jack turned and flopped to his back as Mercedes curled into the crook of his arm. She listened to his thundering heartbeat slow as she found her own breath again. After long moments of sighing and cooing, she raised her dark eyes to his hooded blue and stroked his face lovingly.

"Captain has new ship? Go to sea?" she mewled softly.

"Yes, a ship all my own." He nodded as a proud smile played upon his lips, and he barely believed it when he spoke the words. "Her name is Sophie."

She pouted sadly and cocked her head. "Think of Mercedes?"

"Yes, most definitely," he grinned and pulled her into his embrace. "I will think of my lovely Mercedes all those long, lonely nights at sea."

"Come back safe?"

"I will come back safe, with presents for you, sweetheart," he sighed.

She smiled broadly and nuzzled her face into his neck as he cuddled her close, brushing his lips over her forehead. Mercedes swirled her finger gently in the soft hair of his chest, tracing a white line of scar on his tanned skin, and she cooed with a grin.

"Hungry Captain?" she asked. "Pollo y vino?"

Jack giggled and leaned to kiss her shoulder and breast. "No, no, my love. I have never had a finer feast." He purred with satisfaction. "Though I do love my sweets. Will you be my dessert as well, my luscious maid Mercy? My cake, my pudding, my tart? Oh! Ha, ha, ha!"

Mercedes shrieked and giggled, then pulled him close, and Jack was lost again in her delicious kiss.




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