The Mistake

BY : ZoeyLeigh
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Disclaimer: I do not own the Anita Blake series, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I know I don’t own um. I’m not making money from this. LKH owns them. * pouts *

Warnings and stuff: Other then bad language this part doesn’t really have any.
*smirks * There is sex later. This was the first AB:VH story I ever wrote. Co-written with my friend Kimmy.

It was a perfectly good money making Friday night and where do I find myself? Going to pick up Jason at the strip club. I had to tell Larry to take over the rest of the night's zombie raisings. Bert would be pissed but what else is new.

I pulled up in front of Guilty Pleasures and hopped out of my car after I turned it off. I shut and locked the door then stalked up to the building's entrance. The bouncer eyed me nervously, I'd seen him there a lot and he obviously knew who I was.

"Uh, Ms. Blake you ain't allowed to park there."

I huffed out a little sigh in exasperation. "Buzz I'm just here to pick up Jason so open the god damn door already." I wasn't totally oblivious to the dark looks and crude words the people waiting in line were giving me.

I rounded on the man closest to me after he barked out. "Hey ya tight ass bitch wait your turn like the rest of us!"

"Why don't you shut your fucking mouth you over sized buffoon!"

The bouncer grabbed my arm to keep me from attacking the man when he made an obscene gesture towards me.

"Okay Ms. Blake go ahead in. Just hurry back sows I don't get in trouble."

I nodded and hurried through the open door. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the darkened room. I didn't like what I saw when I did. A pretty blond women, holding out a small basket.

"Please check all weapons and holy items."

I didn't have time for this crap. I just shook my head and started to brush by her. I was brought up short by a strong hand on my arm.

"I'm sorry Miss but even I can see the cross you're wearing. You need to check that before you can go any further."

I glanced down. Sure enough you could make out the top of my silver cross.

"Let go of my arm." I said coldly. I really hate when people try to detain me with out asking if I want them to touch me first. When I moved back to pull away my Browning Hi-Power became very apparent in it's shoulder holster.

"Miss that gun isn't allowed either. You have to check your weapons also."

I noticed the worried look on the young women's face but I was really too ticked by now to care. I looked up at the face that went with the hand holding my arm. He looked very confident of himself. He even gave me a fang filled grin. He was really handsome in a totally masculine sort of way. His eyes were hazel. Not quite blue but not really green either. His eye color would depend on what color his clothes were.

Right now they were changing color according to the way the light hit them. He was built and filled out his shirt well. If you could call it a shirt. He was about 5'10" and his hair was cut just below the top of his ears. He was wearing standard Jean-Claude groupie clothes. Black leather pants, that looked like they had been painted on. A black leather vest held shut with one clasp in the front. And surprisingly black sneakers.

"Look you bloodsucking bouncer. I told you to get your filthy fucking hands off me. You and this blond ditz here can shove your check-in basket up your..."

"Ma petite." Jean-Claude cut me off before I could finish. Spoilsport.

I widened my eyes innocently as I turned to smile at Jean-Claude. He was shaking his head disapprovingly but his beautiful blue eyes were dancing with amusement.

"Ma petite what brings you to my humble establishment?"

I rolled my eyes and turned my angry look back on the vamp holding my arm. "Call your puppy off please." But the way I said it everyone could tell I wasn't really asking.

"Now, now ma petite you know the club rules. You must check your items at the door. Jax here is only doing his job. He answers to me if he let's people through. Jax you may let her go now."

The young vampire let me go slowly glancing at my gun again but not daring to go against Jean-Claude's wishes.

"Where did you pick this one up? He's about one hundred years old but I haven't seen him around before."

Jean-Claude smiled, not showing a hint of fang. It was something you learned with time, which vampires tend to have a lot of.

"I acquired him a few days ago. Jax's master believed he had betrayed him and I merely showed him the error of his ways."

"Great. So where's Jason? I'm not here to chitchat. I have better things to do with my night."

Jean-Claude's smile disappeared. I realized he was hurt by that so I moved closer and gave him a light kiss.

"Nothing personal Jean-Claude I'm just in a bad mood and this isn't making my day any better."

He nodded. "Jax, please go bring Jason out here."

Jax looked reluctant to go.

"Hurry, ma petite is in a rush."

Jax hurried.

Jean-Claude waved away the basket girl giving her a reassuring smile. "What has made it a bad day ma petite? Did Bert give you trouble?"

I shook my head and looked past him hoping for a glimpse of Jason and Jax coming. No but when Bert finds out I let Larry take over the rest of my jobs for the night there's going to be hell to pay."

"You did not have to come get Jason ma petite. He was welcome to stay here."

"Yeah right, Richard would have a fit if he finds out Jason got so drunk he couldn't drive home."

"How do you know Richard won't find out anyway?"

"Why? Are you planning to tattle on him?"en aen as I said it I spotted Jax and Jason weaving their way toward us. I laughed softly when I saw that Jason was literally weaving.

"No, I would not tell Richard about Jason. But there are others here who might. Jason does spend the night here now and then so Richard would not think this was weird." He moved out of the way before Jason could bump into him.

"Yeah well he's supposed to come to my house tonight so it would have been weird. Gosh Jason don't you just look as fit as a fiddle."

I felt bad when he could barely lift his head to look at me. His come hither look that he was always carting around like a best friend was so watered down that I became worried.

"Jason just how much did you drink?"

He shrugged and almost fell over. He held up both hands and hiccuped.

"Jesus Jean-Claude how could you let him drink that much!" It was his turn to be on the receiving end of my furious look.

"Ma petite he is a grown man. It is not my job to say when he needs to stop. That is for him to decide. I just supply the liqueur and the entertainment. Do not become mad at me because he does not know when to stop."

I just made a disgusted sound and put my arm around Jason's waist to help him out. He waved an awkward good-bye to Jean-Claude and Jax and then stumbled along beside me.

"Good night ma petite dream of me." Usually I would have blushed but not this time. I was too mad to pay much attention to what he was saying. We almost knocked the rude man from outside over when he walked in as we were walking out.

I ignored him completely and smiled at Buzz as we tried getting down the steps. "Buzz could you help me get Jason into my car?"

"I'm sorry Ms. Blake but Jean-Claude would have my head if I left my post."

"You think he won't have your head if I trip and fall and kill myself trying to do it alone?"

I watched the indecision flit across his face before he decided my health was more important. He scooped Jason up and bounded down the stairs ahead of me. I quickly got my keys out and unlocked the passenger side door. While Buzz was getting Jason situated I
went around and climbed in on my side. Just then Jean-Claude came out. He didn't look very happy.

"Buzz when you take a break you are supposed to let us know so we can post someone at the door."

Buzz swallowed hard and started to stammer out a reply. I came to his rescue.

"It's not his fault Jean-Claude. I asked him to help me with Jason since I was worried I'd trip and get even more blood on my clothes. Goodnight. Thanks Buzz."

They both gave me a quick nod and Buzz rushed back up the stairs to his post apologizing profusely to Jean-Claude as he went.

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