Into the Unknown

BY : Lanier
Category: Anita Blake > Crossovers
Dragon prints: 1911
Disclaimer: I do not own the either the Anita Blake or Stephanie Plum series, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

These characters are not mine. They belong to Laurell K Hamilton and Janet Evanovich. I am not making any money off of this. It is just for fun to pass the time until their next books come out.

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I shuddered and then rubbed my arms where the hair now stood on end. I had been carrying this uneasy feeling for three days. It felt like something was wrong with the world or Trenton at least. I couldn’t put my finger on what. It just seemed like things weren’t in synch. Things seemed off; like the weather wasn’t quite right and people didn’t feel real. Hell, I don’t know. “Shit! Get a grip.” I said scolding myself. Here I was supposed to be on surveillance waiting for my skip and I was letting myself get creeped out again. The weather was definitely off. Here it was October and it is not so much warm as it is just not cold and blustery like it should be. The air was oppres lik like it wanted to rain and the wind was absolutely still; which is unheard of in New Jersey. The thing is though; is that it had been like this for three days.

Suddenly a movement down the street a ways caught my attention. I didn't think it was my skip walking down the street, because I was expecting him to drive to his house. It was too dark to really make out any details. Of course things never go as I plan so I better watch the person just incase. As the person got closer, I realized that it was not one but two people. One of them seemed to be tall and the other short. Call me paranoid, but they did not seem like your average couple. Even though on the surface they looked like they were just walking down the street, their whole body language read tension. I was so intently watching the couple; that I never saw the person that was standing at my door.

I looked up startled as my door was ripped open and I was yanked out of the car by my neck. I looked at the man holding me only to find out that it might not be a man at all. But if it wasn’t a man what was it. I heard shots being fired and was snapped out of my reverie. I looked over the creatures shoulder to see the two people running our direction with guns in their hands. Shit! Why does this always happen to me? Was my last conscious though as I was flung towards the two people.

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