Through the Eyes of a Page

BY : ZoeyLeigh
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Erin was furious. Her hands were shaking she was so mad. Silently seething she made her way down the hall. She was so sick of that bastard Simon somehow ‘forgetting’, once again, to mention that Feather had a new Master arriving this week. Thank god she had taken to listening into his phone conversations. Not that she wouldn’t be terminated or dropped down quite a few ranks if anyone found out.

But Feather being Feather, or Felipe as he had finally told her about six months ago, had become her favorite charge. Erin, being one of thirty or so head pages was in-charge of seeing to the well-being of about five keys. She personally only had five but some of the others had six or seven. For her the Feather Key had fast become her number one priority. Mostly because Simon worked against her rather then with her to make sure all was well.

And this was all Feather needed right now. He was still trying to recover from whatever had come over him a fortnight ago. He didn’t need this stressful running around in a small panic that he now was likely to do to prepare for a new Master. Simon knew damn well that if a Key wasn’t ready for their Master they could be severely punished for it. Fucking little prick. She’d find a way to get him back for this.

Just seeing Felipe’s face fall when he realized he was being screwed by the system again was enough to bring out her mothering instincts. Well to give out proper blame Erin decided she had to take credit for *some* of the despair. Despite what she wanted and what *she* thought best for Felipe the Palace had spoken. ‘Give him space. Don’t be too familiar with him. We don’t know what set him off.’

Erin continued to make her way through the maze that was the corriders of the palace down to the kitchen. Doling out a large serving of clam chowder from one of the pots lined against the wall Erin looked around for a lesser page. Spotting one just about to leave through a back door she called out to him.

“Miquel please take this up to the Feather Key’s room. Tell him that I send it and that he damn well better eat it. It’ll calm him down some. And if I know him, by now he’s all aflutter and hyperventilating and such. Make sure he sits down and eats it yes?”

The boy gave a quick nod of his shaggy brown head and plucked the bowl from her hands, leaving the room quickly.

~That should get him to sit down and take a few deeps breaths. Now let’s see what other Key’s need looking in on?~

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