Feather's First

BY : ZoeyLeigh
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Summary: Challenge number two was for something that was your Key’s first. So this is Feather’s first something. You’ll see.

Stuff: This is longer then the first challenge fic. Slightly more thought out and is definitely a sidefic. It kind of help explains something in the prologue. Which, I’ll be posting soon so this should all make more sense.


That was his first conscience thought. His head hurt. No….everything hurt. Pain, pain and more pain. ~Someone make it go away….please?~

“Daddy?” A soft voice called uncertainly. A pair of green and bswirswirling orbs peeked out from between lashes.

“Daddy!” The voice was louder and more frantic this time. He couldn’t see! Felipe struggled to get his eyes open the rest of the way but still there was blackness. It took almost a full panic-filled minute for the boy to realize he was blindfolded.

Heaving a small sigh of relief the small frame shifted from where it was lying on its side, arms flexing as they tried to come up and touch the small face to remove the obstacle. More panic. His arms were tied tightly behind him. He struggled briefly hoping that the ropes weren’t as tight as they felt.

They were. At least he knew the source of some of the pain radiating through him. Slow deep breaths calmed him some, before he mustered up the courage to move his legs and found those bound also.

“Daddy?” He tried one last time. Not that he really thought his father was out there somewhere. His pop would never allowed him to be trussed up like this.

Laughter was the only reply to his soft query. Felipe stiffened pressing back into the wall behind him shifting his head around futilely trying to center in on where the laughter was coming from. Only the sound seemed to bounce around the room. More then one person he decided finally.

“Who’s there? You’re going to pay for this when my dad finds you.”

“To bad he’s never going to find us kid. Or you!” More laughter followed the mans statement. This time Felipe was able to pick out three different voices. He shuddered, small frame curling in on itself. The man sounded very certain. As a duke’s son he knew of the dangers of being kidnapped. He had bodyguards. Fat lot of good *that* had done him. Plus he was twelve. All grown up. That hadn’t done him any good either.

The man’s comment scared him though. If they weren’t worried about someone finding them, then they probably weren’t trying to get money from his family. Maybe they just wanted to kill him to get back at his dad or even just the family name.

“What do you want with me?” He was glad his voice hadn’t trembled. He didn’t want them to know how very scared he was.

“I’ll tell you what I want with you sweetling…” More laughter from the group. That had been a second man. His voice was higher pitched and gave Felipe the impression of oil or something else that was slick and disgusting trying to talk. He didn’t want to know what the man had meant.

“No sampling the goods Tren.” The first man commented dryly. “If he’s spoiled we’ll get less money for him.”

“But how will they know…” Tren whined.

“Because you fool, little rich boys like that don’t take it up the ass!” That was from the third one. His voice was deep and it seemed to Felipe like it boomed through the room. Barely breathing Felipe tried to shrink back into the wall, making himself as small as possible as he did so. He did not like the way this conversation was going.

“Fine. But there’s plenty of other things he do do instead.” Tren stated sullenly.

A huge sigh was heaved, then there was a lengthy pause where Felipe held his breath praying the first man, who seemed to be the leader, wouldn’t give in to Tren. His prayers were for naught.

“Alright. But be careful with him! We don’t want him looking used and abused when we get there.”

“No no no no no!” Felipe shouted frantically as he worked to get himself into an upright position. He could hear chuckling and footsteps coming closer as he wiggling and threw himself into twisting his body around to sit up.

In the end all he managed to do was make Tren’s job easier for him. Half way into a sitting position a large hand shoved his chest, pressing him back onto the ground, the force of the push knocking the wind out of his lungs.

When he was able to breathe properly again he promptly use the air to shout, and beg, and whimper as large hands wandered over his helpless body. He cried out at a particularly hard twist of the tender flesh of his nipple. Panting harshly Felipe tried his best to ignore what was happening to him but Tren would just pinch him viciously when he felt the boy wasn’t paying enough attention to the loving care he was showing him.

When Tren starting removing Felipe’s clothes the boy began screaming at the top of his lungs, as loud and as long as he could, before he had to take another breath.


Screaming? Someone was screaming Feather realized dimly. With a start he sat bolt upright in his bed, coming fully awake enough to figure out that *he* was the one screaming. Snapping his mouth shut Feather sat in the darkness trying to get his breathing and heart rate back under control.

~Now,~ he supposed, ~at least I know why I went crazy on my last Master when he tried to tie me to the bed.~

Giving a slow, body long shudder, Feather fervently hoped that he would never dream about the first time he was tied up again.

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