Oz's Toy box

BY : Darkstar
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Disclaimer: This is a work fiction, based on the Oz series by L Frank Baum.

Dorthy was tierd, it had been a long Journey to the Emerald City.
She changed into a beutiful Green satin nightgown that was sitting on the bed and took a drink from the decanter sitting on the bed side table.
She sat down on the bed, suddenly too tierd to keep her eyes open any longer she law back and fell into a deep slumber.

What Little Dorthy didn't notice was that there was somone in the room with her.
This person was the Ruler of OZ, and he had his ways of not being seen.
The Wizard of OZ, or just OZ as he preferred was a man, A Man of Terrible Needs and hungers, A man truly ruled by his Twisted Desires, A lustfull man. And though no one knew it the whole of the Emerald City was his Toybox.
At a Word from him, anyone anywhere within the Crystaline Emerald walls, would Drop what they were doing and do his bidding.
The whole City was desighed to controll the mind and thoughts, to twist them to the Great OZ's will. There were subliminal Messages everywhere in the great city. Messages telling them to Touch, to Fondle, to obey, and others so Eroticaly charged that I will say no more about them except to metion that if Dorthy's Aunt Em Saw them she would have had the Wizard brought up on charges.
Even the City's water was laced with things, to dampen the will an make it sumissive, to up the hormones that make Desire. Even Just Visitors were effected the powerfull water making them overly amorus for weeks.

This terrible man now Stared at the young girl lying on the bed, and he smiled.

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