The Sweet, Forbidden Thing

BY : Kaesan
Category: G through L > Gemma Doyle Trilogy
Dragon prints: 1672
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"Sapphists, hmm?' Pippa looked at Felicity in the mirror as she sat, brushing her lustrous dark hair. Her violet eyes twinkled merrily. 'Scandalous enough that you should know the word, let alone bring it up."

Felicity smiled wryly at Pippa, sitting on her bed. "Is not a lady allowed to be well-read and well-rounded? I must know my enemy, Pip. I am a lady warrior, after all."
The dark-haired girl paused momentarily in her brushing, but returned quickly with a giggle. "Oh yes, Fee, because Sapphists are just lurking about every corner, waiting to pounce on you like a jaguar on a juicy rabbit.' Her giggles rose up again, bubbling to the surface like champagne. 'Doesn't Nightwing seem like the type to be one? I can imagine her skulking in the shadows of some secretive café, wearing men's trousers." Her giggles quickly switched to musical laughter. Felicity gave her a look. "And what, precisely, is that supposed to mean, Pip? Are all Sapphists intended to be women in men's trousers, lurking in disreputable cafés for their prey?"

Pippa sighed, looking at Felicity. "Fee, really, you musn't ask me. I don't mean half of what I say.' Her pretty face fell easily into a slight pout. 'Ask Ann. She's the clever one."
"Perhaps I don't want to ask Ann. She isn't my best friend. You are." Felicity's voice was easy, still barely concealing a cold edge, as she moved from Pippa's bed to her own.

Pippa sighed and rose from the vanity bench, gliding her way over to Felicity's bed. She slid down onto the mattress and gave Felicity her most heart-wrenching pout. "Now Fee, don't be cross. It isn't as if -you're- a Sapphist or anything! Please forgive me?"

Felicity couldn't help but melt a bit. "Of course I'm not a Sapphist, Pip. They're degenerates. People may wag their tongues and say many things, but they'll -never- say Felicity Mildrade Worthington is a degenerate. And I'm not cross, you are." She smirked.

Pippa looked at her. "I am -not- cross, you-' She paused for a moment and blinked, the punchline finally coming to her. She giggled. 'Ohhh, my -name-! You really are the clever one, Fee." She laid down easily next to her best friend.

On the pillow, their hair mingled, Felicity's white-blonde showing brightly against Pippa's dark curls. Pippa sighed longingly, staring at the ceiling. "Fee?"
"Yes, Pip?"
"You'll always be my friend, right? Even when I find my handsome knight husband and he sweeps me away to have dozens of adorable babies, you'll still be my best friend?" Her voice had a note of fear in it, as if she was worried Felicity would say no.
The blonde turned her head. "Pip, of course I'll be your friend. Nothing anyone could say or do could change that. We've been friends since we were seven. I stayed with you, even when I found out about your fits. What would make me change my mind?"

Pippa smiled at Felicity, relieved. "Nothing. I just got sad for some reason.' She looked up at the ceiling and reached a hand to it, as if trying to touch it. 'We're just all going to grow up and move away. You and I and Gemma will marry some handsome men, and Ann will go away to Kent to be a governess. It's what we're destined to do... and I suppose I just wanted to know that I will still have friends to visit in other cities and call upon and have tea with. Friends who... who know who I am, not who I look like. People I'll be just 'Pip' with, not 'Mrs. Vernon Q. Melvinshire' after I get married."

Felicity snickered. "Mrs. Vernon Q. Melvinshire? When will we meet this Mr. Melvinshire that you are so certain will sweep you away?"
Pippa giggled. "Oh, Fee, I was only kidding!"

Felicity sobered a bit. "But I understand what you mean. When we marry, we lose who we are. We stop being 'Fee' and 'Pip' and start being 'Mrs.' this and 'Lady' that.' Her voice grew quiet. 'Perhaps... perhaps I want to stay just Fee. Perhaps I don't -want- to get married. Perhaps I'd like to move to... to Paris. Purchase a garret. I'll become an artist's model and wear lovely clothes all the time and do what -I- feel like doing."

"Oh, Fee, you know it's what we have to do. There's no going around it... everyone tells us to." Pippa looked at Felicity sadly.
Felicity sat up, her eyes blazing. "Well, perhaps I don't want to listen to what everyone else tells us to do. All our lives, we're told what to do and how to dress, what to eat, what to sing and read and watch and how to act! Someday I should like to say to them 'No thank you, I believe I will wear trousers and no corset, thank you kindly. I will have kippers and a large slice of cake for breakfast, and if you give me that horrid weak tea everyone drinks, I will stab you with my seventy-five different knives from my dinner setting. I'd like a hearty glass of spirits on ice, and then I think I will read a penny dreadful and watch a hootchie-kootchie show on the stage!' She looked triumphantly at Pippa. 'That is what I would say to them if I could. And maybe I will."

Pippa looked slightly distraught. "Oh, Fee, don't let anyone hear you say those things! They'd think you've gone mad and lock you away! And those things about the trousers and the...' Her face paled slightly, 'the show. They'd thing you've become a Sapphist or something!"
Felicity looked at Pippa, defiant. "And what if I had? What if I decide I'd rather fall in love with a lady and marry her? A lady with strong, clever ideas like me. Would you hate me for it, Pippa?"

Pippa's face softened and she reached a gentle hand for Felicity's. "Oh, Fee, you know I could never do that. I love you too much. I think... anything you did, from slaying a dragon with your bare hands or... yes, even taking up with another girl and becoming a Sapphist, I'd still love you." She took Felicity's hand, smiling.

The blonde girl smiled, but her smile soon turned mischievous, and she rolled over to lie upon Pippa. Pippa giggled.
"Perhaps I'd like to take up with you!" Felicity grinned, and leaned down, licking Pippa's cheek.
"Fee!" Pippa exclaimed, rubbing the moist spot on her face. She looked at Felicity, frowning. "Goodness, I'm not Ann. You can't frighten me so easily."
Felicity rolled back over and laughed. "I know, I was just playing with you."
Pippa smiled at her and rose, yawning. "Of course, Fee. Good night."

Night had fallen, and Pippa slept peacefully in her bed, dark hair standing out against the white lacy nightgown she wore. In the nearby bed, Felicity tossed fitfully, unable to fall asleep. She felt tense, wound up like a spring.
"I was staring,' she thought. 'I stared at her while she undressed. I liked it, just like I did when I kissed Ithal. I felt hot, heavy, tingly." Her hand slid down, down to slide the hem of her chemise up, only to slide down against her smooth, warm belly to the gentle nest of white-gold down just above her lower lips.
"Only once,' she thought, 'only once. It's alright if I'm doing it. I'm not Father. It's wrong when he does it, it's alright if I do it. I'll just touch it once, and it won't be a problem."
Felicity, she who's father had known her in a way no father should, trembled, fearful of what she was about to do.

"Oh bloody hell, Felicity Worthington, you can kill monsters in the Realms but you can't do this one tiny thing?" She mentally chided herself, before her trembling hand delved itself further down, and one fingertip gently glided over the tiny pearl.
A shiver of pleasure jolted through Felicity's body, and she gasped softly. She stroked delicately again, her body flushing hotly with desire. Her finger seemed to gain a mind of its own, and she stroked again. And again. And again.

Her promise of "only once" now forgotten, Felicity glided her finger over and over again over that same spot, collecting tiny bits of the lovely moisture that formed down below.
Her thoughts raced along, to images of kisses shared with Ithal, her body pressed hard against his. This made her slightly hotter, and she began to stroke herself a little faster. But soon, her thoughts turned to someone much closer.

She thought of all the friendly kisses upon the lips, the times they had swam together, her smooth, pale, bare legs revealed as she rolled down her stockings, her laughter, her rose-petal lips, her soft skin, they holding hands.
These thoughts made her stroke faster and faster, rubbing up and down, in circles, side to side, the moisture and heat below building so high she thought she would soak her bloomers. The tension within her body and below her belly grew tighter and tighter.
Finally, Felicity cast aside all doubt and fear, and let herself think on the image she most wanted: Pippa's nude form.
The gentle globes of her breasts, her rosy nipples, her long, slender legs, her gently rounded buttocks. Felicity imagined her hands running over Pippa's body, Pippa arching and crying out softly as Felicity did now. Felicity's free hand slid up to her right breast, her nipples now hard and rubbing deliciously against the cotton of her chemise. In her mind's eye, she touched not herself, but Pippa, and Pippa touched her much the same. They arched against each other, hands on each other's breasts, index finger rubbing gently against their erect nipples. Felicity rubbed harder, faster, faster and faster, until she finally felt that she could not take it any longer, and her body peaked, climaxing beautifully. Felicity's eyes widened, and she cried out.

"Fee?" Pippa's voice, heavy with sleep, came from Felicity's left. "You alright?"
"Oh, er, yes. I... had a nightmare. Sorry." Felicity pulled up the covers with her left hand, her right still buried in her crotch.
"Mmm, as long as you're alright. Good night, Fee." Pippa drowsily rolled back over into slumber.
Felicity gently eased her sticky hand from her crotch, and she gazed at the moisture, gleaming in the moonlight. "I'm better than alright, Pippa.' She spoke quietly, before sliding her tongue out and tentatively licking one finger with the tip. She slid her tongue back in, tasting her earthy flavor. She smiled. 'Far better."

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