Lucy's Erotic Voyage

BY : v-zon20011
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Disclaimer: I do not own Chronicles of Narnia, or it's characters.This is parody fiction. Not for profit, just for fun.

This is a parody erotic behind the scenes of 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,' based upon the Chronicles of Narnia’ book. AS always, this a fictional parody story not for profit, just for fun.

Author's note+ This is an old story of mine that I've revised, and added a second chapter to.+

Overall story will contain: sex, oral, foot fetish, femdom.

Overview,King Caspian leaves Narnia on his way to The Lone Islands. In search of long lost nobles that were exiled by his Uncle. This story takes place after King Caspian pulls Lucy, her brother, and cousin from the sea. Caspian allows Lucy to use his cabin on board the Dawn Treader. The boys sleep else where.

King Caspian left after instructing Lucy to fling her wet clothes outside the door. They would be dried, and brought back to her later. Lucy did so, but did not immediately put on the spare surcoat Caspian gave her to wear. She stood naked, letting the bright sun shining in the room's large window warm her frozen body. Lucy was cold from being in the sea, after Narnia's magic deposit her next to Caspian’s ship the Dawn Treader. Lucy turned her shivering body a little at a time soaking in the heat. After most of the chills were gone. She flopped down on top of Caspian’s big bed enjoying the sun warmed blanket. It was really fit for royalty, and it would be her’s till the end of the voyage.

As Lucy laid relaxing, She folded her arms up above her head. Pillowing it in her hands. Lucy could smell Caspian’s scent in the blankets. A painted Narnia mural on the wall next to her caught her eye. It brought back fond memories of when she was a milf queen thousands of years ago. There were scenes showing all types of Narnia creatures following her, and her siblings into battle. There was a little image of a fawn. It reminded her of Tumnus. The first Narniaperson she met, and later becoming her lover. Tumnus really educated her. The memory of him caused a little ache in Lucy's heart. She said a prayer to him. 

After a bit of remembering the past. Lucy brought her hands down. Letting them slid across her budding chest, and smooth stomach. She knew from past experience that her body would grow shapely again. It felt weird sometimes being a woman trapped in a teen's body. Not that she was complaining any. A lot of women would love to have a younger body again.

Lucy’s right hand slid down to her pinkish womanhood rubbing around it. There were some growth of curly hair here, and there. She took notice to pulling them out when able. Soon, she’ll need find a razor for a bigger job. Her vagina began to become aroused with her hand's stimulation. Lucy was about to satisfy herself, when she noticed an eye looking at her from the wall of the mural. 

There was a hole that blended into the pattern of the images. The sunlight from the windows made the eye shine whiter than the dull faded surroundings. Lucy pretended not to notice. When she was a queen, she learned about espionage. One thing was not to let the spy know, you know they were watching. Lucy showed no reaction, and stared straight ahead as if in thoughts. She studied the eye, while her mind raced over who she met when coming on board the Dawn Treader. Logically, there were only three people she could think of using the spy hole. The ship’s captain, and first mate, who would still be topside. That would leave Caspian.

‘That little blighter!,’ thought Lucy. She wasn’t mad though, it seemed to intensify her arousal more by being watched. 

‘Perhaps, I should give him a show. After all he did rescue me.’ Lucy spread her legs apart more apart so Caspian could get a better look at all of her body. Her left hand slid up to her breasts rubbing them with her fingers. The right hand kept slowly rubbing her pussy. Occasionally, trailing a finger, or two over it's swelling lips. The wet fingers pushed down deeper with each stroke. Her moist clit was hard as a pebble now. Fingers teasing over it faster, and faster. Sometimes they strayed further down inside her. It was tight trying to get two fingers inside her tight love canal. The tips just barely brushed the edge of her G-spots making her moan a little in frustration. Everything was really slippery down there now. 

‘I hope Caspian doesn’t mind the stains,’ Lucy thought wickedly. Lifting her fingers to her mouth to suck on them.

Hanging next to Caspian’s bed on the wall was his spare sword, and dagger. The dagger’s handle was tapered with small smooth gold ridges for gripping. 

‘Perfect, just what I need,’ Thought Lucy. She knew it would never fit her small virginal hole, ( without lubrication). She was going to use it to tease Caspian for being a bad boy. Lucy took the dagger holding it in her hands, then ran her tongue from the guard up to the pommel. She twirled her tongue around the smooth top, giving it butterfly kisses. Imagining it was Caspian’s cock head. Lucy sucked in the dagger handle a few times, pulling it slowly out of her mouth. She done this while fingering herself.

Feeling herself ready to climax soon. Lucy brought the dagger's handle down from her mouth, sliding it over her chin to her chest. Rubbing it's wet end around her nipples, then down to her bellybutton. Rubbing it around the ticklish ridge.

Lucy used two fingers of her left hand to stretch open her pussy to expose her sensitive clit. The right hand slid the dagger's golden ridges back, and forth over it. This really brought her to a higher arousal state. Lucy thighs wanted to rub together,but she forced them open. She wanted Caspian to see her fucking his weapon. The small of Lucy's back started to arched as she picked up speed. Biting the bottom of her lip in concentration. Lucy's left hand went to her chest again, pinching, and pulling on her sensitive nipples. Making her wish she had bigger breast so to be able to suck on them. Hard gasping, and moans were escaping from her lips now. 

"Uh, Uh, UH, Oh’ YEAH! OOOO, SO Good!,” Lucy huffed out loudly. This was going to be another intense mind blowing orgasm. 

The pressure couldn't be held anymore. Lucy's pussy tightened, squirting out on Caspian's dagger as it continued to rub inside her. Her body twisted, shuddered, and spasm about on Caspian’s bed. The left hand rubbed, and grabbed herself all over trying to keep the feeling going. 

“ Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah,“ escaped from her lips as she rode the orgasm wave. 

After sometime, Lucy finally laid still, breathing hard, spent, and Her body warm all over. She rolled up into a sweaty ball, laying on her side. The only thing Caspian would be able to see now was her naked back, and buttocks. His dagger was still pressed firmly between her legs. It's razor edge reflected some of the sunlight, but it was marred by a little trickle of blood that ran to the tip to drip. Lucy nicked herself a little.

Just as Lucy was falling asleep. She heard something outside the cabin that put a smile on her face. A bump came from the hall close to the cabin door. 

“ My apologies your Majesty, I was looking for you all over. Are you well? You look a little flush,” said Reepicheep, the talking mouse knight. 

“I’m fine,” said Caspian gruffly. 

“ Are you sure? Is there something wrong with your chain mail pants again? Here let me help you adjust them,” said Reepicheep helpfully. 

“ Just leave me alone,” said Caspian stomping away.

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