Lover Released

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Chapter 1

Tehrrify sat looking over the edge of the mansions roof. The previous day's rain was lingering in the air. The buds on the night-blooming rosebushes, sweet evidence that summer was on its way. She breathed it in deep, taking in all the new smells, and loving how the air caressed her exposed skin. She turned to look at her surroundings. The space she was in, though small, was full of a lifetime of memories. She had first found the hideaway with her best friends, Mel and Dhayn, while playing a game of hide-and-seek almost twenty years ago. It was a flat span of roof that covered what used to be a small courtyard. The room, designed to bring sunlight into the innermost rooms of the six thousand square foot mansion, was one of the first things to be converted when the Brotherhood purchased the property. Sunlight and vampires didn’t end well. What was sure to have once been a beautiful feature and focal point was now being used as a storage room.

After climbing some latticework and stumbling upon the secluded ten by ten area, with all the privacy a youngling could want, and a panoramic view of the gardens, they claimed it as their secret getaway and started to move furniture up there. Well, they asked the doggen to furnish it; they were around five at the time. The doggen had also installed a proper ladder at their parents' request.

"Hey Mel, doesn't it seem like just yesterday when we found this place?" Tehrrify asked, turning to face Mehlisha who was perched on the wicker chaise painting her toenails a wicked red.

She looked up, her bronze eyes smiling as she put the cap back on the small bottle. She tucked a stray brown hair that had fallen out of her ponytail back into place and grinned.

"I never would have found you two if it weren't for Tara giggling so much. Tell me, was it really just tickling going on up here?" Mel teased, earning a pillow to the face from Dhaynger who was sitting on the matching couch next to her. 

"Ow" she laughed, "hey watch it Dhayn, if you mess up my pedi I will end you!" Mel shrieked.

"Your what-e?" Dhaynger asked, a look of utter cluelessness on his face. Both girls burst out laughing.

"Her nails genius," Tara said between giggles.

"Well fuck, why didn't you just say nails? Females are so..." he left that one hanging when he got the death stare from both girls.

"Are so what, D?" Tara asked, egging him on with what she hoped was a fierce look in her sapphire eyes. Dhayn diverted his gaze to Mehlisha, who wore a smirk and cocked one eyebrow in question. Tara watched his reaction flicker as she crouched forward ready to spring.

With a smile of his own he said, "What am I supposed to be scared now? News flash, I may not have gone through my transition but I'm still a male."

Mehlisha growled from her perch. "And what's that supposed to mean?" she demanded.

"That I'm bigger and stronger than you females," he said with a teasing grin. Tara leapt forward and landed on him with pillows in hand and began pelting him with the plush weapons, adrenalin kicking in and making her muscles, the little she had anyway, come alive. Within seconds however he had her pinned beneath him, smirk still in place. His black short black hair was disheveled, and his eyes—one blue and one green—were alight with mischief. She could feel the pressure he was using on her hips and wrists to keep her down, and wondered fleetingly why it didn't bother her? Why she kind of liked it? 

"As I was saying..." He was cut off by Mel's attack from behind. She moved with such speed and grace, Tara had to wonder how fast she was going to be post-trans.

"You may be stronger, but Mel's faster,” Tara teased.

"And Tara has got you beat in the brains department,” Mel pointed out as she avoided another pillow missile from Dhayn. "Just face it D, you've got nothing but muscle on us,” Mel said with her hands on her slender hips. 

Tara gazed over at her other half - that's how she had always thought of Mel, not just a friend, but just as much a part of herself as her own two feet. Although they share the same hair color, brown, the similarities ended there. Mehlisha was model gorgeous. Long, wavy chestnut hair pulled back from her pixie-like face. She had pouty lips, a narrow nose and perfectly shaped eyebrows that framed eyes the color of polished bronze. She was a picture of beauty. Her pre-trans body was small and lean, like most other vampires their age, but she carried herself as though she already had the curves that would come with the change. She is going to be a knockout, Tara thought, sighing. The noise brought Mel's eyes up to meet to hers. The connection was instant, their eyes locking them in a trance, the link that they had always shared rearing its head once again. Mel reassured Tara with a knowing smile, easing her self-conscious fears without even a word.

At that moment, the music that had been playing in the background cut off. Tara became aware of the silence and snapped out of it. How long was I standing there staring? Tara thought. She turned quickly to look at Dhayn. His face mirrored that of the females. She would have been embarrassed if it were anyone else, but not Dhayn. If Mel was her other half than D was like the skin that kept them together. And both Tara and Mel had a close connection with him too. What a strange trio they were, but none would change a thing.


Snapping out of one of their weird, trapped in time moments, Mel ran over to the stereo to pick some new tunes. She settled on a dance playlist, wanting something a little more fun. They only had about another hour or so before sunrise forced them back into the real world so she pulled D and Tara away from the toppled furniture and started to sway to the beats. They began to move together, a well-oiled machine, twisting and turning and melding into each other. Mel loved to dance, the feel of the music and the way their bodies were controlled by it. Tara was behind Mel shaking her thing and D was facing Mel, a hand resting on her hip as they moved to the rhythm of the song.

Mel looked into his mismatched eyes as she sang along. Being in the bloodline of Quinn he got the trademark eyes, once a curse, now the mark of a warrior. Well, in his case a potential one. Dhaynger was only a bit taller than the girls, around five foot six and like all vampires their age, waiting for the muscles to come.

Dear Virgin in the fade how she hated the waiting, even more now that it was imminent, hanging over their heads, all they could think about. Well, almost all. She thought smiling, as she spun away to look her friends up and down. Would their relationship change after it happened? She couldn't take losing either of them. They meant too much to her.

The thing that worried her most was what the change would mean to Dhayn. When he came out of it hungry and horny like all males do, who would he pick? Would he go for Tara or Mel, or maybe a stranger? Virgin protect that unlucky female. It's one thing if he chooses Tara, I would never hurt her. But anyone else... She clenched her teeth, seething at the thought of another female laying their hands on Dhayn. She was brought out of her murderous reverie by Tara taking her hand and spinning her around. Face it, you're going to kill whoever tries to take her away too, either way you're headed down a dangerous road. She lectured herself. Maybe if she mentally prepared herself for the inevitable, then she'd be able to cope when it hit her in the face. In the heart is more like it. She thought with a frown.

The songs kept changing and so did they, Tara taking the middle, the icing in the Oreo. Mel moved with her, with them, loving the connection brewing between them. She let her worries fade and just enjoyed the moment, until the alarm went off warning them to get inside. Groaning, they consented and grabbed their things. Mel packed up her music and nail polish, Tara grabbed her tablet, and Dhayn pocketed his portable game thing. The amount of time he spent playing on that thing was just wrong. They left the mess; as they did every night, the doggen loved a good pillow fight, the more stuff to clean the better. Mel still didn't get it; she'd come to accept it, but WTF? Ug, cleaning. She shuddered at the thought.


Dhaynger turned off his TV, ready for sleep to take him. Fighting games were his outlet during the breaks from training with the brotherhood. He did much better in the virtual world than in the real one. But, thankfully, not for much longer. Soon you'll be ripped and huge and be hung like a horse he thought to himself. It was his daily mantra, focusing on the promise of the future helped keep his mind off of how much he hated being stuck in his body.

The phone next to the bed started ringing. He reached over and scooped it up. "Hello Darling, miss me already?" he teased, knowing fully well who would be on the other end of the line.

"You wish" came Tara's voice, over Mel who just said, "Shut up and listen."

"Ouch. Where's the love?" Dhayn sat up against his headboard, loving the sound of Tara's laugh in his ear. Just like a youngling tonight he mused. Tara had a thing with laughs, she liked to try different ones out. It was a cute little quirk that D loved about Tara. He knew her real laugh though, she'd let it slip a few times over the years and it was beautiful in its unpolished joy.

"Oh you know we love you Dhayn," Tara said in a singsong voice. He smiled and then frowned thinking, if only that were true. He knew how he felt about his girls, and was pretty sure they only saw him as the scrawny best friend, and nothing more. He wanted more.

Mel cleared her throat. "As I was saying, shut up. Do you want to come to the movies with us tomorrow night? We only have two more nights off and I need to get out!" she begged.

"What's playing" D asked, knowing full well that it didn't matter, he'd go anywhere they asked him to, do anything for them, his girls.

"We're going to see that new superhero movie, the one with that guy from that other movie about that super virus." Tara said. She was always terrible with details, but D knew which one she meant.

"Sounds good. What time should I pick you up?" he joked.

"We can go after first meal, but we'll have to hurry 'cause you know I hate to miss the previews." Mel was dead serious about her movie rituals. He never understood her crazy rush to get to the theater. With trailers he could take 'em or leave 'em. It's not like they wouldn't see them on TV eventually anyway.

"Ooh maybe we'll get to see the new James Bond trailer." Tara piped up from farther away. They must have him on speaker.

"OK I'll be ready" D promised. "Where are you two?" Sounds of teeth being brushed came through the line.

"In my room. Slumber party" Tara said in a muffled voice. D could just picture her with a toothbrush hanging out of her mouth. He heard her rinse and then a door shut, Mel using the washroom no doubt.

"What, and I'm not invited? What happened to all that 'we love you' talk?" he teased. They all knew Tara's dad would kill him if he tried a stunt like that again. He had made it very clear when they were in their teens that; impotent or not, no male was to sleep in his daughter's bed. Sure they were adults now, but you don't want to piss a Brother off.

"I'll sleep with you tomorrow sugar," Tara said in a horrible southern accent.

"Mmm sounds like a date" D said with a grin. They both knew she wouldn't, but he liked this game. "What will you wear?" he asked. "So I can coordinate of course."

"It's getting rather hot these days, if you don't mind I'd rather not wear anything at all," she replied, dropping the accent. D really liked this game. His useless cock stayed limp as ever but heat flared in his chest at just the thought of being with her.

"Oh not at all, I agree. I should warn you though, that I move around a lot in my sleep. So if I should slowly trace my fingers all over you, it is definitely not intentional," D said trying his best to sound sexy, and failing no doubt. There was a long pause on the other end of the line. D started to think that maybe he had taken it too far this time, or that maybe he had won their little game, for once. Which of course was pretty much the same result, kind of a 'who will get the last word' type of thing. Basically a thinly veiled excuse to flirt, and D loved it.

"You're such a tease D. What are you going to do once we all go through the change and you don't have that excuse anymore? Are you going to go through with any of these little plans you tease me with?" she asked.

Did she want him to say yes? He considered for a few seconds and replied, "I'm going to fuck you until you scream and then make you watch while I do the same to Mel." There was a small gasp on the other end of the phone. Holy shit did I just say that out loud? Sure that's what he wanted to do, to claim them both - it was all he thought about while he lay in bed waiting for sleep to come, but he always kept that shit to himself. Tara was still on the phone so he covered quickly. "Nice, speechless, looks like I win this round sweet cheeks." D could hear the bathroom door open and then the rustling of sheets. Tara still hadn't said anything. Shit now you've done it. Great fucking job scaring her off, he thought.

"Hey D?" Tara's voice was still a little lower than usual as she finally spoke.

"Yeah?" he replied

"Thanks for the visual. I'll have to tell Mel all about it." He could hear the smile in her voice. "Oh and D?"

"Yeah?" he said again. One-word answers were much safer.

"It's already pretty hot in my room, and Mel likes to coordinate too. Sweet dreams," she said slowly, and then she hung up.

Damn it she won, again.

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