Lover Alone

BY : DividedFrost
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I would like to say that I have had the notes to this fan fiction sitting in a cabinet for the better part of 2 years. After going over the first few pages I remembered exactly where I wanted to go with this and I hope you all enjoy. Feel free to review [just don't be a douche about it] and if you want more, shoot me an email. Until the next chapter!



It was cold this time of year in Caldwell. Heavy sheets of white had settled over everything and puddles that had been liquid the previous day had fallen prey to freezing temperatures. Slush was the new blacktop and the wind was responsible for a bone deep chill that just wouldn't go away no matter how many layers one wore. However, no matter how low the temperature plummeted, it was still a crystal clear Friday night. And even though it was Friday, traffic was surprisingly light.

It hadn't always been this way.

As she came to a stop in front of an empty lot, she noticed that the "For Sale" sign now had a small "SOLD" addition to the top. While she stared at the lot, the wind picked up causing her to flip the collar of her tattered, black, wool coat up to cover the bottoms of her ears. Sadly, her 7up ball cap only covered so much. After shoving her hands deeper into her pockets, she looked up at the sky. Had it already been so long?

Two years ago a place named ZeroSum had occupied the empty lot. While the place hadn't been a respectable establishment worth of normal folk, it had managed quite a patronage. On the weekends, lines wrapped around the block twice over. All kinds of people, even the rich and society respectable had at one point or another graced the floor of ZeroSum.

The club had been as backwards as it's owner, simply known as The Reverend. But no matter how backwards, both had given her a sense of familiarity and a modicum of comfort. They both gave her something to look forward too each time she opened her eyes. Then the explosion happened and the club, along with its violet eyed owner had vanished. That had put the kabosh on free food, clean clothes and a weekly shower worthy of kings. But it wasn't any of those things she missed as much as the Reverend and his Chief of Security. She would go so far as to say the three of them had been some kind of misfit gang of friends, although their friendship had happened in a backwards kind of way...

With a half smile on her face, she turned away from the stars and the empty lot and started walking down the almost empty street.

Nalla. The male voice that suddenly appeared in her skull gave her a moments pause before she continued walking. Was she crazy? Certifiably. The voice though, no matter how utterly random, belonged to a real, live figure she had never met in person.

What's doin? she replied.

Could ask you the same. What's with the dead zone lately? Ah. Always worried even though he'd never physically met her. She stopped at a crosswalk and while she wait for the walk light to illuminate, she responded.

Been busy. She crossed, hands still shoved into her pockets. Half way across, she used a frozen puddle as a skate pond which sent her sliding across the other half of the street.

Doin what?

Nunya. There was a very distinct growl that made her almost smile. Almost. Oh how she enjoyed pushing his buttons. With a small shake of her head, she continued down the street to the next cross walk. When she arrived, she felt...heavy, her mind a little foggy. The light turned and she crossed. The heaviness and the foggy feeling got stronger with every step she took over the slush and ice covered asphalt and soon enough it felt like she couldn't see anything at all.

With a sudden 'pop' feeling, she made it to the other side of the street and walked right into a wall. Or, what she thought was a wall.

"What the-" the wall spoke. Then it moved.

Looking up just slightly, she noticed that her first observation about the thing in front of her being a wall was very, very wrong. Nope, instead of a wall she was looking the very broad expanse of leather covered backside that seemed to belong to a half-giant. Her eyes roved from bottom to top. She noted black shit kickers because those were so not normal boots, that very nice ass covered in leather and- one of the most beautiful faces she had ever laid eyes on.

"V, we got a sitch bro," said the half giant. He didn't look away, but off to his left came a response.

"Take care of it later Hollywood." That voice! Her head snapped to the left, eyes immediately locking on the second figure. Almost as quick as she looked over, her face went down and she shut her mind up tighter than Fort Knox.

"Get gone girl. It ain't safe here," said the one named Hollywood. Just as he finished speaking, something assaulted her sense of smell and made her contemplate vomiting. Death and baby powder reigned in the air. Eyes the color of the purest and deepest blue sapphires locked onto the other side of the street where she noticed a group of eight men with pale skin. All eight of them had guns drawn.

A hand on her shoulder brought her attention firmly back to the man named Hollywood. Her body stiffened.

"Get outta here!" and she was shoved. Her body fell back a few steps and she almost went over. Arms out to the sides, she caught herself and stayed upright. "Fuck! V, I can't get into her head man!"

"We got other shit to worry about Hollywood, feel me?" There seemed to be some kind of silent message passed between both men and the hand that had shoved her back came towards her a second time but she grabbed it with one of her significantly smaller appendages. The motion seemed to shock the large man but he got a bigger shock when he went sailing to the left. Hollywood clipped the man named V and they both went straight into a brick wall, tumbling down. Paying them no mind once they were out of the way, her five foot-four inch body turned fully towards the men on the other side of the street.

After examining them, she took a step towards the gun-toting, sweet smelling goths and started  sliding her coat down her shoulders. Another step and she pulled her ball cap lower over her eyes and another step had her tattered and torn long sleeves up past her elbows to reveal bony arms. If her wrists hadn't been covered in fingerless gloves, her bony wrists would be visible as well.

Half way across the street she slipped her feet out of her boots and pulled off her wool socks, sticking them deep inside the old leather to keep them safe.

"Oh, honey, you're in the wrong place for a strip tease. How about you come back in ten minutes and show us all a good time," said one of them in a laughing tone of voice. The other men laughed.

"Look at this, the brotherhood being protected and tossed around by a little girl? This is priceless!"

"But how could a little pipsqueak like that toss around two grown men like ragdolls?"

Well that was the question wasn't it? And by the time they all came to the same train of thought, she had actually cracked a half smile. They caught it and pointed their guns at her.

"Shoot her."


Before any of them even got their fingers to the trigger, she was across the rest of the street and standing in front of the goth freak that had spoken first. Behind her she heard shuffling and cursing. Their attention was split and that was all she needed. The minute they refocused their guns, she lifted her right hand, pulled the tip of her middle finger down with the tip of her thumb and flicked the man directly in front of her in the nose.


Holy shit was an understatement. The pervert went through the air, hit a wall and made a crater with his body. His face and head were nothing more than mush. A moment later he was nothing but ash.

The shooting started as did the running. When it settled, she was standing behind one of the men. She cleared her throat and he jumped, gun raising.

"My turn." One fist went through his chest while the other hand grabbed his gun and yanked. His arm snapped, the gun came loose and went flying behind her. As the man on her arm started to gurgle and the blood started to burn her bare arm like acid, she lifted her foot, placed it in his abdomen and kicked. She didn't stop to admire the distance. Bending down, she shoved her arm into the snow and washed off the burning black.

One of the goth freaks aimed a knife at her. She jumped up, grabbed his wrist, broke it with a simple jerk and moved out of the way. Still holding onto the appendage she let another of the men impale himself on the knife all before the first one started screaming at the break. A series of gunshots rang out. There was a curse followed closely by a flash of bright light and a roar so loud it seemed to shake the very ground itself.

Her head lifted and she saw V down on his knees and Hollywood had been replaced with a monster.

Vishous and Rhage hadn't expected a tiny girl to toss them like flies or even that said girl would turn around and take down four of the eight Lessers in less than a minute. But then there were more gunshots. V got hit in a leg and shoulder which caused Rhage to go batshit. He hadn't been able to contain beastie anymore and now Vishous watched his brother started gunning for the other four Lessers.

After the enemy had effectively been torn to shreds and dust, Beastie turned towards the female.

"HOLLYWOOD!" Vishous screamed. The beast stopped and the growl could be heard across the street. The tried to get up but couldn't. Carnage. There would be nothing left-

She stared from under the brim of her 7up ball cap. She had decapitated the pale freak by simply ripping off his head. Black blood had started out like a gyiser before the whole body turned to ash. The beast rushed at her menacingly. His jaw was open, his tail was flicking from side to side and she could feel certain death in the air. But she didn't move a single muscle.

The beast came to a perfect halt above her, millimeters from her small frame. For a few moments, they stood there, toe to toe. There was growling, huffing, hissing but she still didn't move. Then a muzzle pressed into her shoulder and she heard the beast inhale. A second later, she was lifted and left staring into two very cognizant eyes.

Very slowly, she brought up a hand. Those eyes jumped to the hand and she watched his lips peel back to reveal a set of razors that a shark would envy and the claws around her waist started to dig into skin. There was a warning, deep, angry and threatening. Her hand simply lay gently on the muzzle right in front of her.

"That's right," her voice came out smooth, audible to only the beast in front of her. "You don't want to hurt me." Her hand stroked up slowly, and then the tips of her fingers trailed down. "We share the same bonds you and I." A rumble and her hand was bumped. She pet. Her feet met the ground a short minute later but her hand did not stop petting.  

Leaning forward, she moved her ball cap and pressed her forehead to that of the beast. "Its safe now. Return from whence you came." Another rumble and as she pulled back those eyes seemed to soften before another flash. She covered her eyes a little later than she should have and was stunned for a few seconds. The sound of snapping, cracking and groaning caused her to move her arm and look.

Hollywood was back and by the looks of his teetering, naked form, he was not going to be able to walk. She jumped forward and caught his falling body. He cried out and she cursed. Holding him around the waist, she maneuvered him into a position she could carefully move him across the street to where she had left her coat. Laying him on as much of it as she could, she looked over to V, eyes scanning his body.

He had been shot. He was bleeding all over the place. With an inward scowl, she ripped off her gloves and bit into one bony wrist, holding it over Hollywood's mouth. She set the bleeding appendage against his lips and that was all the cajoling he needed. Hollywood opened his lips and bit. She tore into the other wrist and handed it to V. He stared at her.

"Take what is freely offered." His body stiffened but it was so slight she almost missed it.

"You-" when he opened his mouth, she thrust the bleeding wrist against his lips. He bit down hard which caused her to hiss and suppress and groan. Her sapphire eyes met his from under the brim of her cap. They stared at one another while he drank. When his left pupil dilated, she tore her gaze away from his. It was then that she felt two more arrive.

Tohrment had gotten the 9-1-1 from Vishous and called Phury then the Cop. Phury and he were the first to arrive on the scene and man what they came too startled the both of them. Both Rhage and Vishous had their lips wrapped firmly around a near skeletal wrist that belonged to what appeared and smelled like a human female. Both brothers seemed to be sucking with strong pulls.

When the female started to sag she pulled both wrists free. She brought the one Hollywood had been suckling to her lips while V grabbed the one he'd been working on. There was a sound of protest until he sealed his lips around the wound. The female relaxed but only minimally until a fraction of a second later, she snatched the appendage back. The female turned back to Hollywood and stroked a lock of blonde hair from his face with a tenderness that left the three onlookers with even more questions.

It was then that Butch pulled up. Phury and Tohr were still watching, almost open mouthed as the human female just vanished from sight.

"V, bro, you okay," said Butch as he jumped out of the Escalade. Tohr and Phury jumped into action towards a downed Rhage who was halfway between conscious and not. The big bastard was wearing a lazy smile.

"Hollywood?" said Tohrment.

"Hnn...sweet nectar..." mumbled Rhage. "Tohr?"

"I'm here brother. We got you."


"Good to know you're alive," said Phury. The two males placed Rhage gently into the back of the Escalade while Butch grabbed V up and hauled his ass into the back seat.

"Vishous, what the fuck happened here? Who was that female," Tohrment asked as he jumped into the driver seat while Phury hopped in the back with Rhage.

"Gotta talk to Wrath," Vishous said as he pulled out a hand rolled, wincing as his shoulder refused to work right.

"Who is she? What is she?" asked Tohrment.

"Dunno, but she is definitely a vampire," he said as he lit up.

"Is she a pre-trans? She's so tiny," piped up Phury from the back. But that wouldn't make sense because she had been feeding two full grown males.

"Fully transed," V said as he exhaled. His face was tight. "Pure blood."



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