The God of Sex, Fylo

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The shapeless form was lonely.

It had a need to become one with another creature.

Yet it only felt that the best place to suit it's needs was inside of the camp for his relatives as he called them.

He moved sloppily through the water, then forced itself on, pushing on relentlessly.

It wouldn't stop until it saw a person who could suit its needs.

He rose from the water, feeling the moon hang in the sky, watching as it searched through its surroundings.

It pushed on, knowing he needed to find an empty cabin with the least amountof people first.

He needed to spread his power slowly...

As he found the Poseidon cabin, it's shapeless self molded through the doors like liquid.

Inside, he found a boy with jet black hair and green eyes kissing a blonde haired girl with blonde hair.

Neither one gave any signs of having seen him.

It would have smiled if it weren't for his shapeless form, which in turnmeant no mouth.

Concentrating its power, it lunged...

Starting something Percy would never forget...


Percy had honestly and truthfully been going through a normal day.

He would practice his sword skills, talk and socialize with friends he hadn't seen in awhile, and hang out with his girlfriend, Annabeth Chase.

He was incredibly glad when he found out that his friend, Rachael E. Dare, had become the Oracle in the situation that called for an unfavorable possibility a few days ago.

But when it turned out fine, he mentally thanked the Gods for it.

A few days after that, today, he could be found kissing Annabeth inside the Poseidon cabin.

That night however, was when Percy suddenly felt something take over him.

It started out as a wave, and he tried to break his kiss to warn Annabeth, but suddenly they went rigid at the same time.

Percy then pushed Annabeth on his bed uncontrollably, kissing deeper.

Annabeth was surprised by this, but began kissing back, thinking he just wanted to appear more in dominance.

But their lip-lock steadily became more and more passionate, turning to a french kiss soon, with their tongues seeming to dance with each other. The thought of Percy only wanting dominance disappeared as he pushed a hand roughly into her pants, and past her panties, rubbing over her opening lightly at first, then rubbing it harder. Her eyes widened at the sudden actions taken, for she knew that they had never had gone farther than kissing (though they both wanted to) and tried pushing him off. But then Percy pushed a finger lightly inside her, pumping into her, making her mouth let slip a moan. She tried pursing her lips shut, but Percy grabbed her blouse and ripped it off, throwing the pieces across the room. Annabeth was in a large amount of surprise, her eyes widened greatly, when Percy did the same to her white bra, pulling it off forcefully. It snapped from behind her, and her breasts bounced out, revealing her C-Cups with sakura pink nipples.

She blushed profusely at this, and tried to shout at Percy for what he did, but was quickly silenced when Percy smashed his lips onto hers, working on her pants.

She simply couldn't believe that Percy was doing this, but then she closed her eyes slightly at the kiss, before closing them completely and kissing back roughly, working on his shirt, which she ripped off as payback, and also to waste little time before starting on his pants.

She wasn't going to be the one who denied this.

Not now. Not with the person she wanted nothing more than to give her virginity to...

Her hands found a way to loosen the grip the jeans had in on her lover's waist. Her hands pulled it forcefully down, and Percy kicked out of his pants, kicking them away without a care about anything in the world other than the girl beneath him. Annabeth broke their kiss and looked at his boxers. She could see the rock-hard erection being withheld from the world, hidden behind those infernal cloths. She flipped them over, her now on top, and she gripped it, pulling it down roughly, seeing his erection stick up at her like a pole. And Annabeth wouldn't be lying if she said it was like a miniature pole.

His dick was 10 inches long, with 3 inches in width, its head staring back at her.

The God of Sex mentally smiled, it's invisibility maskijg him from sight. The girl was both willibg and wide-open to his powers! This would make it all the more easier...

Leaving an essence of itself on the boy, leaving his sex hormones high as ever, he lunged at Annabeth...

Annabeth suddenly felt her urges build up inside her, and she acted upon them, thinking that she was only excited. Her head chopped down, her mouth opening and engulfing his length whole-heartedly, making her moan at the taste of his dick, doing everythingshe could to fight her gag-reflex. It filled her throat to a point that she was sure that she would suffocate from it after too long. She held his knees tightly, feeling her throat fill with his length as it scraped through her mouth, Percy's moans loud. She sucked as hard as she could possibly manage, her hands coming to rub his extremely large balls. As she did this, Percy did his best to hold in his release while pulling down Annabeth's pants. He had managed to open the zipper earlier, so all that was left now was to pull it all down.

He still had no idea what caused him to start this, but to him in that moment, it was completely irrelevant. As Percy clenched his teeth to hold in his cum, Annabeth rubbed less delicately on his balls. As the jeans finally came to a certain length under her waist, Annabeth released his balls and dick from her. She grabbed the hem of her snow white panties and pushed them down quickly, slipping both her panties and pants off. Then she mounted him. Percy expected her to try to ride him, but got a great surprise when she pushed him forcefully on his back, turning herself around so that her ass faced him.

"Eat me out!" She was sucking madly on his dick again before he could respond, moaning again at the rich taste, and her actions changed Percy's words from a response to a mix of moans and groans.

These were silenced when Annabeth slammed her hips into his face. He grabbed her ass, and began licking feverishly on her pussy, and Annabeth moaned into his dick, sending vibrations through it. He began thrusting up into her mouth, and pushing his tongue into Annabeth's now molten hot core, his tongue never getting enough of the slick, unknown taste he got from eating her out. Annabeth felt extremely weird, for she never felt someone do this type of thing to her before. But for some reason she enjoyed it. However, she felt something start building up inside her after Percy started licking one place and licking there only. She sucked harder and harder on his dick, rubbing his balls with quickly, sending countless pleasure waves up Percy's spine.

At long last, they both reached their first climaxes.

Percy felt Annabeth groan loudly with a giant wave of pleasure, and she started spurting clear liquids. Percy pulled his mouth out, licking widely over Annabeth's hole.

At the same time, Percy couldn't hold in his release anymore, due to her groaning. He exploded into her mouth as Annabeth was about to push her head back down his length, and he thrust up into her mouth to make sure it all got into her. She was forced to drink it slowly, surprised she didn't gag on it at all.

Little did they know, the Sex God had given them their blessing, which did several things to make sex either longer or breifer depending on the people's intentions.

One of those was...

Annabeth drank it all without gagging at all, taking it all in and gulping it all down. She slowly pulled her head off his dick, only to see it had actually grown slightly! And it was just as hard too!

And despite them both having climaxed, they both didn't in the least bit feel tired.

These were only some of the blessings of his.

They got out of their 69 position, Percy getting on top of her and positioning himself again.

He looked up at Annabeth, and she closed her eyes and nodded.

He thrust his whole length inside her, causing her to scream out in pain.

Percy waited for a long time, slowly pulling out and gently thrusting back in, fighting every last part of him screaming for him to fuck her brains out.

When Annabeth nodded again, after a long time, he began pushing and pulling out harder, before starting to full on thrust inside her. They were both moaning from the feeling, but when Annabeth started feeling the large amount of pain turn to pleasure, she screamed at him to go.

Percy gave her a smirk, then began pounding into her, their flesh creating a loud slapping sound. She lifted her arms over her head, trying to grab the sheets behind her head. Percy was greatly blessed with the undeniably beautiful sight of her incredible bouncing breasts. Their bounces inspired him greatly to thrust even harder, and he moaned out at this. He tightened his grip, thrusting harder, faster, and deeper into her. Annabeth moaned loudly as it forced itself into her tight hole, of which Percy seemed to think was trying to force out his cum with every thrust. His hands fitted perfectly with her breasts as he pushed down on them, clenching his butt to help himself hold it all in. Annabeth let her head roll to the side, her moans growing in elevation quickly.

Oh Gods... his length... it was tearing into her!

"More Percy!" the daughter of Athena yelled loudly.

Percy only gave a grunt as a response, ripping into her, scraping it inside of her with much needed force in order to get it all inside her without slowing down.

Annabeth was beginning to feel the same thing that built itself up inside her grow slowly, and Percy's thrusts only made it grow steadily.

Finally, she felt her overwhelmingly powerful climax begin to wash over incredibly, and she threw her head back from the pleasure, screaming to her Gods as she came. Percy felt her walls close in on him, and even despite his efforts, he was forced to release his cum into her. It came out in spurts, and Annabeth moaned loudly each time it flooded into her, waves of pleasure washing over her. These emitted loud screams as they flowed out her mouth without control.

They panted as they basked in that moment, and they kissed each other passionately, french-kissing before Annabeth flipped them over.

The look in her eyes told Percy everything she wanted to do... and he let her.

The God of Sex smiled, his power rising exponentially.

The boy was considerably powerful, and he was able to copy his power scale without draining from him. He would need to stay with this boy a while longer. And it helped that the girl was so willing... it only sped up the process as far as he was concerned! Now he just needed to find another girl...

The cabin door opened several hours later, as Percy and Annabeth did their umpteenth round. The God was surprised that they were using his blessing to this extent. But he had the power he needed...

"Percy, we need to talk -" Rachael E. Dare opened the door to see a sight that only half shocked her to her core.

Percy was holding up Annabeth's legs over his shoulders as he thrust deeply into her, to her pleased moans.

Rachael was only half shocked because she had had a vision of a God coming into camp and creating a camp-wide... she didn't even want to think about it.

She was able to notice her prophecy because she had rigged her room so that she could record anything she might have said, including prophecies. When she woke up from the sudden vision, she listened closely, and as she realized what it must have meant, she got her clothes on quickly and tried telling Percy first, as Chiron was asleep and she thought he needed more rest than everyone else. She never really thought about the possibility Percy might be asleep too, but in her defense, she would say she had panicked when it spoke of a demi-god who was the son of Poseidon.

She only wanted to warn him, but as she stood there, she realized that she had tried too late.

And little did she know, the God she had tried to warn them about was behind her now, positioning himself for a lunge...


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