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Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or Percy Jackson & The Olympians, they belong to their creators Kubo Tite and Rick Riordan respectively, I make no money from this, it is merely for my own pleasure.

Hello all my honeys, this is my Christmas fic for 2014…well part of it. It's another Crossover (Percy Jackson & The Olympians and Bleach) since so many of you seemed to enjoy the first. Although, I'll say this one is not a one-shot or two-shot, it's a multi-chapter fic as far as I can tell because of its complexity in plot. I know this story is going to deal with some taboo subjects, disability and things many of you may not like but I'm hoping to expand my horizon with this angsty piece. It's time that I return to my roots, I suppose, and write about what I know best.

Please read the warnings carefully before deciding to read this fic, it has quite a few and will be plot heavy…even when you can expect lemons not too long from the Prologue. So:

Melodies of Midnight will contain: M/M lemons (Establsihed Poseidon x Shiba Ichigo pairing), Future M/M/M Pairing (Poseidon x Shiba Ichigo x Percy Jackson), Heavy AngstDisabilityMentions of M-pregChildRei () is Ichigo's sonBearer and Donor Father DynamicsIntense LemonsFather x Son (Poseidon x Percy) intimacy moments *separate pairing too* and Mugetsu!IchigoReiou!Ichigo. Canon setting for Percy Jackson, AU for Bleach.

Pairing starts out as:

Poseidon (Ποσειδῶν) x Shiba Ichigo (志波 一護)

Official Pairing is:

Poseidon (Ποσειδῶν) x Shiba Ichigo (志波 一護) x Percy Jackson (Περσεύς)

So there are all the warnings, please enjoy my honeys:




Prologue: Eyes Of Sea Green


Fragments of a haunting melody, whispering across the ocean surface like a spring breeze; was enticing the ebb and flow of tides to dance in harmony to a lilting tenor that was humming the remnants of a long forgotten lullaby. The setting sun, casting a shimmering golden light across the Long Island Sound as two curious sea-green eyes widened in surprise when they finally noticed the shadow draped form that was sitting several meters away from the lapping surf. With a single leg propped up in the sand, a billowing array of pleated black fabric winnowing in the wind and a splay of thigh-length pitch black locks swaying evocatively against a straightened back; Percy Jackson was just about call out to what he assumed was a beautiful woman…until he noticed the deadly silk wrapped sword that was resting across the ethereal being's back. Another smaller blade, suspended from several intricate black chains around a thin waist, was brushing against a right thigh with a thick golden sash as its anchoring point. And all around what he now assumed was a male form (simply because no woman could wield such heavy swords), materialized a foreign garment of pure white silk, coloured a beautiful turquoise on the inside, as it spread meters and meters of rich, watery, fabric across twilight lit sands.

Curled in the soft folds of the interloper's cloak like a contented cat, with a vibrant splash of messy orange locks dancing lazily in the breeze, slumbered the form of a small five year old child. The black haired being was careful not to disturb his charge though, affectionate fingertips carding through tangerine strands as he tilted his head back to observe the wintery clouds that were swirling dangerously in the twilight night sky. The last of the sun's fading rays was glinting off a black and gold circlet; highlighting a crown woven with delicate black chains, golden cherry blossom branches and a bowing moon endowed with a sculpted turquoise gem resting in the centre of a perpetually furrowed forehead. A messy array of pitch black bangs had also tumbled forward to conceal unreadable eyes in shadow, crafting an unusually beautiful sight that caused the young Demigod's breath to catch in his throat as a faraway eastern language lilted softly against his ears. The sensation of an oppressive power was also curling restrictively around proud shoulders, strained senses unaware of the camp pavilion coming to life with supper somewhere behind him as the black haired teen carefully observed the stranger that had clearly slipped into the borders of his home. He was merely sitting on the beach, paying no mind to the soaring pegasi that carried half-bloods through the air or the large Greek triremes that were anchored off the glittering shores.

The rising and falling notes of a gentle voice was creating a melody sweeter than any Percy had heard before, the Son Of Poseidon unconsciously lured towards the edge of the ocean where a powerful aura had begun to shimmer light blue across flawlessly tanned skin and fathomless chocolate brown eyes lifted to collide thoughtfully with puzzled sea-green depths. A tender smile was curling across luscious petal pink lips several seconds later; unusually thick white eyelashes closing serenely as the ethereal soul turned his attention back towards the ebb and flow of the rhythmic tides. When the younger teen came within twenty feet of the surf and consequently his target, absent fingertips curling around Riptide for caution, he struggled to silence his cry when five tangible shadows suddenly appeared out of thin air and formed a protective formation around the crowned stranger. They were the oddest collection of mismatched people he had seen in a long while, a bearded and heavy set man (dressed in a similar white and black uniform), coming to a halt directly in front of Percy with a teasing smile that was oddly inviting but undeniably dangerous at the same time. His arms were folded and hidden in the wide sleeves of his cloak, strangely elevated sandals walking across uneven sand without falter as a booming baritone forgot to restrict its volume out of courtesy to the sleeping child.

'Halt, young Half-Blood!' He yelled deafeningly, dark eyes narrowing suspiciously when Percy froze in place and shivered uneasily at the heavy pressure that was starting to press down on his chest. It felt like the ground was about to split open beneath his feet, his very breath stolen from his lungs as he was mere seconds away from losing his stern resolve to keep walking forward without displaying an ounce of fear. 'There will be no weapons drawn in the presence of the Reiou and young Koutaishi. If anyone seeks to disturb His Majesty and His Royal Highness, they will face the wrath of—.' Trailing off abruptly when an explosion of dark shadow flowed like blood from the centre of the bearded man's chest, sea-green eyes widened in surprise as a thick black chain materialized in the thigh-length blackette's right hand as he curled his fingers in the air as if grabbing onto something invisible. Rising to his feet with noble elegance and a startling amount of regal poise, Percy was stunned speechless when deep brown eyes snapped open from behind long curling white lashes and warm chocolaty irises coloured a smouldering, crimson, red. 'They will face the wrath of the Royal Guard, proud Zero Division of the Reiōkyū etc, etc, etc. Right Ichibei-san?' An irritable tenor cut in, finishing the Monk Of Perception's sentence for him as an intense glare from carmine eyes sent a wave of sheer trepidation through the newly revealed ranks of the Zero Division.

'I asked you specifically to stay in the shadows, Old Man! Rei is sleeping, you loud-mouthed bastard! If you wake him after the day he's had, I will bind you with your Chain of Fate, cast you into Poseidon's domain and have the Lord Of The Sea do with you as he pleases.' Emphasizing each angered word with a firm tug on the black chain connected to the Royal Guard's chest, the Reiou eventually raised his hand in a dismissive wave as the Shinigami surrounding him vanished into the breeze with accelerated shunpo. There was only a single call of: 'Hai, Heika(1*),' echoing through the air before the sound of lapping tides drowned out whispering voices and a peaceful silence once more descended upon the expanse of a silvery beach. The thigh-length blackette resumed his seat not long after that, pressing a black geta clad foot in the sand to make himself more comfortable as he balanced a forearm on his raised knee and frowned curiously at the black haired teenager that was standing several feet from his left with a deep frown settled between dark brows. A look of confused disbelief was seared into the depths of haunting sea-green orbs, prompting a quiet chuckle to spill from petal pink lips as Shiba Ichigo waved the stunned camper over with a tender smile and simultaneously turned his attention back to the young child that was slumbering peacefully in the silken folds of his royal haori.

'Take a seat, young Demigod. You wish to know who I am, how I'm here, what I'm doing and if my presence is a threat to your camp, correct?' Carding gentle black nailed fingertips through a messy array of orange strands that his son had inherited from his 'Sun' form, Ichigo allowed the soothing caress to ease away dark dreams that were affecting his little one's sleep as a soft miasma of misty white spilled from between petal pink lips with a sigh. The plummeting temperatures of the early winter night was quite noticeable out here on the beach, he thought absently. A contemplative crimson gaze turning towards the darkened depths of the ocean as a flood of warm reiatsu spilled from gentle fingertips and made sure little Rei was shielded from the inherent cold. 'Rest assured, Son Of Poseidon, I won't hurt you or declare war on your camp. I am the Reiou, Shiba Ichigo. It is my rightful duty to rule over the Human World, Soul Society and Hueco Mundo as the Soul King. Balancing the flow of souls in and out of the human world, afterlife, reincarnation and Jigoku(2*) or 'Hell' as you call it, is my direct sphere of influence. And before you say: "But that's my Uncle Hades' job", I assure you that we are not the same. I am from the East, not the West. Meaning that I am of Japanese descent, Percy Jackson, not Greek like you.'

'My culture, power, control over souls and duties are vastly different from what you know and think of as 'Western Civilization'.' A beautifully accented tenor noted calmly, the Reiou smiling kindly the moment that a contented sigh drifted from the young Denka's (3*) plump strawberry red lips. The sleeping five-year-old was burrowing himself closer to his Tou-chan's side, small hands grasping hold of a black hakama as a tinkling array of delicate chains indicated the older being's shift in movement to accommodate his child's unconscious whimsies. Sharp red eyes were eagerly observing the folds of an intricate dark green kosode, though; lined with soft black fur as it accentuated a white, silver and light blue haori settled around small shoulders just like his father's garments of royalty. A soft glint of pride was shimmering brightly within red-pigmented orbs, the thigh-length blackette brushing vibrant tangerine strands away from closed eyelids that he knew concealed a startling pair of irises that were the exact same shade and hue as Rei's Donor Father. Struggling to smooth away the small perpetual frown that was settled between tangerine brows in a reflection to the Reiou's own irate expression, an indulgent smile curled across previously stoic pink lips as the dark haired King eventually turned his captivated attention back to the Sea God's son that had yet to ask questions or demand more straight answers.

There was a small chuckle of amusement colouring the air not long after that, Ichigo taking notice of the Son Of Poseidon's appearance for the first time as he cast his eyes over a lithe frame (several inches shorter than him) that looked like it had just rolled out of bed. A scruffy mess of black hair was sticking up on the crown of the teen's head, falling forward messily to conceal haunting sea-green eyes in shadow as restless fingertips toyed with a silver pen as a distraction to the situation surrounding him. With only an orange camp t-shirt settled beneath a black zip-up hoodie and dark green cargo pants subtly drawing attention to comfortably crossed legs, it seemed like the teen was quite negatively affected by the cold. Several noticeable shivers were transversing sun bronzed skin, the King of the Reiōkyū shaking his head with amusement as he extended the reach of his reiatsu to warm the air around his guest as well and hopefully keep those bare feet from freezing in the wintery cold. It was already snowing inside the barrier of Half-Blood Hill this time of year, Christmas only several days away as the alluring scent of hot chocolate, preparations for supper, pine and mint candy floated invitingly through air. It was prompting Percy's stomach to grumble, green eyes glancing shyly at the ethereal King that looked only three years his senior with fathomless crimson eyes that possessed several centuries, if not millennia, of wisdom.

'Did I disturb your afternoon nap, Perseus? It looks like you fell out of bed.' Ichigo noted with a sly smile, reaching for a turquoise windflower silk scarf wound around his neck as he handed it off to the seventeen-year-old with an encouraging nod. 'You can borrow it to warm you up,' He said gently when green eyes narrowed suspiciously, watching the long haired blackette intently as the Son Of Poseidon eventually accepted the gift with a small 'thank you' and wrapped it around his neck with gratitude. 'Just be careful with it, Percy. That scarf can buy several mansions in Seireitei if sold. It is a priceless garment. Aside from me, only the nobility descendent from Senjumaru may wear it. I don't think you'll pass for a Kuchiki, no matter how you try…' Glimpsing the flicker of trepidation the seeped into stormy eyes, Ichigo smiled playfully as glint of mirth shadowed his attractive features. Before the young Demigod could ask a vast array of questions or voice his fears that his streak of bad luck may ruin the borrowed gift, he was cut off as Ichigo pressed a black nailed fingertip across his lips in a motion for quiet. Intense crimson eyes were fading back to their warm chocolate brown hue, a strange black marking, with two curing black lines, searing itself below a left eye as white eyelashes (coloured as pure as snow) fluttered shut serenely the moment that the wind picked up around them and a rustle of leaves erupted through the night air.

'It's not cursed, Son Of Poseidon.' The Reiou chuckled, tracing his child's angelic features one last time before he pulled a small body into his lap and thankfully stood with enough fluid grace so as to not wake the slumbering prince. 'Senjumaru can make a new one if I asked, it'll only take her a couple of minutes as the Goddess of Weave.' Surrounded by the ceaseless turmoil of a rising wind, a vast stretch of white and turquoise silk was winnowing in the wind behind him as the thigh-length blackette tilted his head to the side slightly when a warm forehead came to rest against the side of his neck and a small whimper of disturbed slumber cut quietly through the air. A small black geta clad foot was pressing irritably against Zangetsu's white sheath out of discontent, tiny fingertips fisting flowing black strands and the front of a regal kosode that was decorated with golden chains and smoky patterns as Rei sniffled quietly in pure distress. He was clearly unsettled by the tilt in his weight, Ichigo pressing a soothing kiss against the top of messy orange hair to settle the little one's unrest as a small fluctuation in his father's reiatsu lulled the five-year-old back to sleep. Chocolate brown eyes turned towards the ocean with a yearning gaze though, a quiet hiss of irritation fell from the tip of a pink tongue as Ichigo muttered a Japanese curse.

'He is late!' He yelled, rolling his eyes at the lapping surf as if it had insulted him before turning his back to the sea and headed towards the small bank of green grass behind them and subsequently started towards the camp—.

'Who is late?' A stern voice suddenly called, stalling the blackette's footsteps as he glanced over his shoulder with an elegant brow raised in question. 'What exactly are you doing here if it's not to cause harm, Lord Ichigo? W-where is your wife, I don't see her but your child—.' Interrupting Percy's words before they could become too loud, the Reiou waved his free hand through the air as he hiked Rei up his hip more firmly. 'It seems that you finally woke enough to get over your speechless surprise, you are polite for a child of Poseidon. Usually I'd have been engaged in battle by now.' Ichigo teased playfully, observing the lights of the camp pavilion where a large fire was burning in a bronze brazier and a row of campers started assembling for supper. The sun had long since dipped below the horizon, leaving only a darkening sky that was dotted with fluffy clouds and a handful of visible stars. There was not an inkling of the moon present that night, the pitch black heavens creating a muffled darkness as the soft glow of reishi around Ichigo's form created a subtle shimmer to see by. When he began his journey towards the centre of camp, Percy followed him instinctively. There was something about this being that felt familiar to him, like he should know him as he waited patiently for his answer. Whatever he had been expecting though, when the words spilled from petal pink lips in answer several seconds later, he was left stunned for a second time.

'Poseidon is late, Percy Jackson, I'm waiting for your father.' A distant clap of thunder rumbled in answer to the Shinigami King's words, the black haired teen chocking back a laugh of disbelief when dark eyes suddenly turned on him with a glow of serious crimson red. 'It's quite rude to ask about wives and husbands in my presence, Demigod. Shinigami and Eastern Deities do not distinguish between male and female marriages or couples. I bore Rei myself, I am his Bearer or 'mother' as you would call it in mortal terms.' Ichigo noted truthfully, his regal form coming to a halt beneath the dancing flames that flickered above the archway of Cabin Three. The confused Half-Blood hadn't even noticed that they had come to halt before his cabin, he was struggling to process the words that had just been spoken as he gazed at the small five-year-old child in disbelief, wonder and a mixture of confused emotions he couldn't place. The small orangette finally seemed to stir in his father's arms though, as if sensing Percy's scrutinizing gaze as Ichigo placed him on the ground and prompted small geta glad feet to find their own balance. A small, near unheard voice was whispering a foreign word Percy didn't recognize mere moments later, the orange haired prince grasping a hold of elegant black nailed fingers as he hid himself shyly in the folds of his Bearer's white and turquoise cloak.

Peeking out at the Son Of Poseidon from soft silk folds and the side of a black clad thigh, large and innocent eyes were gazing at him fearfully from behind a messy array of orange bangs that were displaying an intense flash of anxiety and childlike curiosity. The world suddenly ground to a halt around Percy Jackson, a thousand words and questions rushing into the forefront of his mind as his lips parted with an unintelligible 'huh?'. His mind was reeling with utter confusion, his intelligence struggling to comprehend the reality of the situation until the truth finally dawned on him. He was completely silenced by the conclusion he had reached, his rationality fleeing his soul the moment that Rei blinked innocent eyes once, twice, thrice and unconsciously displayed the other half of his parentage. There could only be one Greek God with eyes like that, he thought mournfully. Startlingly beautiful sea-green orbs that were refusing to lock with his, seeming more interested in the silver pen that was clasped in Percy's hands as they glittered brightly in the firelight like the depths of the turmoiled oceans. They were the eyes of the Stormbringer, the Father Of Horses, The Lord Of The Sea and the Earthshaker…the Greek God, Poseidon. The same eyes that Percy had inherited from his father and it only took several seconds for Shiba Ichigo to confirm his suspicions.

'The Stormbringer, Poseidon, is Rei's Donor or 'father'. He's my precious little Denka, the Koutaishi of the Reiōkyū and your Otouto. Meaning, he's your little brother, Percy Jackson, and I'm here because I'd like to see the Camp Director.' That was it, this Reiou from the East had officially just blew Percy's mind. He couldn't form a single sentence, his breath failing him as he stupidly followed the thigh-length blackette when he slipped inside Cabin Three without permission and led the small orangette along with him. The dining pavilion was already reverberating with the call of a conch horn, the campers gathering for the start of dinner as Ichigo bowed formally in the threshold of the young Demigod's home and apologized for intruding on his sanctuary. The seventeen-year-old was frozen under the archway, shivering with anxiety when a cold wind whipped around him despite the silk scarf keeping him warm from the winter elements. He had indeed fallen out of bed earlier, he remembered. Something unusual had called him towards the ocean, he could have sworn that he had sensed the presence of his father. And now that he had found the source of it, the black haired teen wasn't so sure what to do. Maybe he had hit his head when he had fell out his bed, the sheets were still in a disarray…

'M-Mr. D?' He finally chocked, catching onto the last words the thigh-length blackette had spoken. 'Y-you came to see Mr. D…why?' That was the only question that Percy could manage, sea-green eyes unable to draw away from the beautiful and deadly grace that Shiba Ichigo displayed. He was standing close to the salt-water spring close to the window, one hand resting on the smaller black sword that was by his side as his other remained firmly grasped around his child's.

'Dionysus is the god of many things, including mental disabilities. No matter how much I deplore his attitude and manner, he is supposed to asses Rei every few months.'

'What for?'

'Rei is autistic, Percy. Poseidon insists that we keep a close eye on his health, even when there is no possible way for a god of the West to heal a godling from the East.'




1* - Heika – Your Majesty/King

2* - Jigoku – Hell

3* - Denka – Your Highness/Prince


Thank you so much for reading, if I can ask for a small review…I'd be eternally grateful to you. This story is very close to my heart and means a lot to me so I'd appreciate my honeys support if you enjoyed it. Next chapter, I'll have to see how quickly I can work with it…Christmas is around the corner and if I'm too late with my update I'm saying Happy Christmas to you all and a wonderful New Year now.

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