Making Morgead Beg

BY : DarkLust
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My first Errotic Fanfic so I hope you enjoy!


“Jez… I… I can’t…” he cut off as he groaned and watched as another image of Jez, laying naked on a bed, pleasuring herself go through his mind, then it faded away and he could again see Jez, sitting in a chair a few feet from where he was tied, fully clothed and smiling. “Having some trouble Morgead?” Jez said tilting her head to one side, pouting her cute little lips, oh how he wanted to kiss those lips, or put them somewhere else... “Jez… Let me down so I can fuck yo--” he was then greeted with the sound of Jez’s moaning ringing through his head, he felt his cock twitch in his jeans as he let out a breathy sigh. She was using their soul mate bond to send him images of her pleasuring herself, or them having sex, or her teasing him and it was driving him crazy. “What was that? You seem distracted Morgead… What’s wrong?” Jez smiled. He pulled on his restraints, Jez had tied him up with rope made out of wood, to the wall of their room in Thierry's Mansion. “Jez… You know why… Now let me dow-” This time he saw Jez sucking his cock as she played with her breasts, he moaned.

“I think you have forgotten who is in charge here Morgead” Jez looked up at him expectantly. He was so hot, hanging there, so helpless, she licked her lips and almost laughed at the desperate look on his face. She was just so wet. She decided she would toy with him until he begged and pleaded with her to do something, anything to him. She sent him an image of her begging him to fuck her, and silently thanked Thierry for sound proofing all the rooms for the Circle Daybreak members as his groan turned into a growl. Jez stood up and went to stand in front of him, but seeing as he was still seeing the image of her wearing a black bra and matching black thong, on her hands and knees on their bed begging him to fuck her hard, he didn’t notice that she had moved.

“I want to… I will… Just let me… I will fuck you so hard” Morgead whispered to the image, he knew that it wasn’t real, it hadn’t even happened before, it was just a fake image Jez was sending him through their connection… But he so badly wanted to… He gasped as he felt pleasure erupted from his sensitive cock. His eyes flew open to Jez standing in front of him, when did she get there?, and he moved his gaze from her face, down to her hand and where it was touching. “Jez… I--” He cut off as she rubbed her hand down, causing him to writhe against his restraints. What is she doing to me, I’m tied here, helpless, and yet I’m so turned on…. What is wrong with me-- Then all his thoughts except “more” vanished. He tried to thrust against her hand, but he was stretched out against the wall so tight he could barely move. “Shhhh baby… You are so hard, is that my fault?” Damn she was a little succubus… He wanted her so badly though, he could barely think. “Ummm yes…. yes…. Oh Jez…. Stop teasing me…” He moaned as another image of her slowly stripping for him came into his mind. He threw his head back and enjoyed the fake show, moaning and groaning openly.

Jez had watched herself stip in front of a mirror just so she could send him that image and make it realistic. She took the time that he was distracted to take the knife she had picked up off the nightstand to cut off his shirt. God he is so hot when he sweats… Jez didn’t know how well this plan was going to go when she started this evening. She had seen a few bondage pictures and it had always been a real turn on thinking about tying up a man and having her way, so she decided to try it out and had planned it in her head for days, thinking about what would really tease Morgead… She had thought about it while they fucked over the last week and after all the planning she finally made her move. She had been teasing him all day, starting off with him waking up to her mouth on his morning wood. He had groaned, waking up and almost immediately cumming, if she hadn’t stopped. He had those wide, desperate eye on her as she hopped up and went into the bathroom. He of course had followed her immediately and tried to get her to finish him. He kissed her neck from behind and placed his rock hard cock between her legs, rubbing back and forth over her pussy lips, making her moan, but she had a plan, so she climbed in the shower and turned it on, telling him that he was not to touch himself at all today, or else. Morgead had been dumbfounded but then huffed back into the bedroom to get ready for the day. The next time had been at lunch. Jez had sneaked up behind Morgead as he was reaching for a glass and hugged him from behind. He tilted his head to the side with a warm smile, but then she lowered her hands and stroked his soft cock, he jerked and dropped the plastic cup, turning around. Jez took his head in her hands and kissed him hard and passionate and hot. But when he went to cup her ass, she pulled away and walked out of the room. By the time night had come, he had obviously knew something was up. Everytime they got close Jez would do something naughty to get him hot and bothered, but would walk away before anything could happen. Because of this, Morgead had been hard all day long… And so when it became time for Jez to tie him up, it didn’t take much. She had kissed him and pushed him against the wall, she sent him the first image, of her pleasuring herself, moaning his name over and over as she stroked her clit and was covered in sweat. To say the least he was surprised, he didn’t move as she quickly pulled his hands to the waiting binds. It was after the image faded that he realized what she was doing.

“Jez… I…. please…” Jez was brought back out of her reverie as he pleaded with her. His head was thrown back as she realize the image she showed him had just stopped… He was panting, sweaty, and so hot. Jez went to unbutton his jeans.

He felt her cool fingers against his overheated body as she undid the buttons on his jeans. He moaned as her fingers slid down his zipper ever so slowly. His whole body was tense, wanted her to touch him so desperately… She tugged his jeans off of his hanging legs, then placed a single finger on his cock. His eyes widened at her, silently begging her for more as he heard himself as if from a distance making little whimpering sounds… She dragged her finger up and “yes” he breathed out involuntarily. She immediately pulled her hand back, making him squirm and want so much more “no…. no…. Jez…. ple-” He caught himself, he wanted her so bad, yet he didn’t want to beg… He was better than that, right? He tried to calm his breathing. “ Ple? Ple what baby? Come on, you were almost there.” Jez smiled. “Fucking….Tease…” Morgead panted between heavy breaths. He needed to calm down. She would not make him beg… He would not beg for her… He wouldn’t- But then she did it. Morgead was suddenly watching another image projection from Jez, he was on top of Jez, fucking her while she was panting and moaning his name. Morgead tried to stay calm, or at least relatively calm, but then it happened, he leaned down to her neck. Oh fuck…. He could almost feel his teeth sliding into her jugular and her blood… He wanted it so bad. The image started to fade, and he fought to keep a hold of it, but it was gone. He felt his eyes go wide, he couldn’t stop staring and panting… He couldn’t think… He felt his teeth slide into his bottom lip, and he tasted his own blood… Blood… Jez was so close… The smell of her blood overwhelmed him and- “please” he whispered. Unable to think or even know why he didn’t want to say the word. It seemed to make her happy, so he said it again. “please… please…….. please Jez…. I need you… ple-”Jez raised up on her toes, pressing her neck to his mouth. Morgead growled and bit. Jez moaned as he drank, he was so deliriously happy when he felt her hand on his cock. He growled and moaned and panted and telepathically started to beg again. “Please Jez. Please don’t stop… Please don’t make me stop… You win… You win you win you win so please please don’t stop...

Jez pulled away, leaving Morgead whining, he was actually whining!, she could see every muscle of his pulling, trying to break through the rope. He was screaming in her head “NOOOO! COME BACK, DON’T STOP PLEASE! PLEASE! I’LL DO ANYTHING!” and then she slipped the knife out of her back pocket, and cut the rope holding Morgead to the wall. At first she didn’t know what happened, she was suddenly naked on the bed. Then she heard him moan. God that moan! His vampiric speed had made it easy to get her clothes off and to push her on the bed. But it wasn’t fast enough. Morgead was groaning as he rubbed his hard cock against her leg. He was straddling her leg and had his face buried in Jez’s breasts, licking her nipples and biting slightly. He murmured something that Jez couldn’t hear. “What?” She asked breathlessly as she felt herself getting even more aroused, if that was possible. “Can I go in? Please please can I fuck you? Are you-” he stopped to moan and grunt “wet enough… please…. “ She moaned as he took her nipple in his mouth and sucked “Yes baby, fuck me, fuck me hard” She could feel Morgead’s mind shout with joy as he quickly repositioned himself and shoved deep inside her.

He asked her the question with the last of his restraint. He couldn’t hurt her, not even like this. He needed something though, and was losing his self control. When she said two words he had craved he moaned and quickly shoved his entire length into her. so good so good. He couldn’t tell if Jez could hear his thoughts and he didn’t care. He started to pump his hips in rhythm, he heard her moan, her sweet moan and he picked up his pace. They were both moaning and gasping and panting as they fucked like crazy. Morgead couldn’t last long though, he knew that, with all the teasing. He reached around and started rubbing Jez’s clit in time with his thrusts. Jez screamed as she exploded with bliss, her pussy clenching his cock, forcing him over the edge. It was then that he bit her, drinking her in as the both relished in their orgasms. Morgead was in a blissful fog when he heard Jez’s voice in his head “Baby… You’ve got to stop now, it’s okay, just stop feeding” He opened his mouth, letting go of her throat. He was still inside her as he moaned slightly. He heard her say out loud “That went better than I thought” He smiled “Just wait till it’s your turn”


Let me know if you want me to write another one. I really enjoyed writing this and would be very happy to write more! Helpful criticism is always welcome! Thanks!

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