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10th Chapter in "A Game of Thrones"

As Bran climbs across the Broken Tower he hears voices from the window below. “I do not like it,” a woman was saying, “You should be the Hand.”

“Gods forbid,” a man’s voice replied. “There’s far too much work involved.”

Bran hung frozen, suddenly afraid. Yet his curiosity could not be helped, he decided to peek inside to see. There was a man and a woman with golden hair arguing in the far corner of the room. He could not see their faces but they seemed oddly familiar.

“We will have to watch him carefully,” the woman said.

“I’d sooner watch you,” the man sighed. “You should think less about the future and more about the pleasures at hand.” The man suddenly grabbed the woman and pulled her towards him. Bran could tell they were kissing, he’s seen his brother Robb kiss a girl once. But this was different, this was intense. It was as if the man was trying to devour her. Bran liked this kind of kiss.

“Stop it,” The woman did not sound like she actually wanted him to stop. The next thing Bran knew he could see the woman’s dress falling to the floor. “Oh, please, you must stop.” Her voice was low and weak, and she did not push him away. Her hand buried in his hair, his tangled golden hair, and pulled his face down to her breast.

Bran saw her face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, moaning. Her golden hair swung from side to side as her head moved back and forth, but still he recognized the Queen. He could see one of her breasts now too, her full breast, her hard pink nipple pointing in his direction. Bran could feel himself getting hard. He struggled one handed to undo the laces on his pants while the other hand hung to the top of the window.

As he released his fully hard cock the man turned his attention lower. He dropped to his knees and began noisily eating the Queens sex, “Oh yes, don’t stop.” Bran began to stroke his member slowly. Not being able to take his eyes from the Queen. She was beautiful.

After some time the Queen shoved the man to the floor and followed him. Licking her lips and dropping down out of sight. There was a half destroyed wall blocking his line of sight. Bran was determined to see more. He made his way to an adjacent window, his erect cock brushing against the stone as he moved. He had to climb right onto the windowsill to see.

When he did see, he saw the Queen riding her tongue up and down the man’s member. Bran had a much better view now; he could see the Queen's entire naked body. She was on her knees with her ass raised high and her breasts hanging. She took the man’s cock into her mouth and stared at the man’s face. His face was also familiar to Bran. He was the Kingslayer, Ser Jaime Lannister, the Queens sister. For a moment Bran was shocked. But then it only served to increase his arousal. Bran’s dick bobbed and he once again wrapped his hand around it, stroking furiously.

 His gaze returned to the Queen who was now taking the entire length of her brother’s cock down her throat. It wasn’t a small cock either. It was at least 9 inches, and Cersei Lannister took it down her throat with ease.

“Oh gods,” Jaime moaned “slow down sweet sister or the fun will end early”

Cersei slowly slid her mouth off his cock and grinned a wicked grin “what’s wrong brother. I thought you were supposed to be the fiercest knight in all of westeros.” Giving the head of his cock one last flick with her tongue, she lay back and spread her legs wide in the air. “Please show me what fun you had in mind,” She brought a hand to her pussy and spread the lips to reveal the depths of her sex. This was the first Bran got to see of the Queens pussy. He could see everything, it was shaved but for a small patch of hair above her clit. It was pink inside and soaking with juices.

Her brother wasted no time moving to her and ramming the full length of his cock deep inside her. She let out a long moan and wrapped her legs tight around Jaime. They moved in unison as only a twin brother and sister could do. Bran was matching they’re pace with his hand on his cock.

They continued fucking and the Queen’s voice grew louder and louder, approaching an intense climax. Bran was nearing his limit too. He began stroking harder and faster, so much so he almost fell out the window. But he pulled himself inside the room instead and stood against the wall, still stroking furiously all the while. The Queen and her brother took no notice as they were both reaching they’re limits.

“Cum inside me Jaime,” The Queen moaned, “Give me another child.” Jaime seemed eager to oblige, as his pace quickened inside his sister.

“Here it comes sister,” Jaime said. Cersei reached her own climax; she screamed and arched her back, her legs still wrapped around her brother. Jaime was still pumping ferociously inside her and Bran was doing the same. Cersei let her head fall back, turning towards Bran. She screamed again.

This time it wasn’t a scream a pleasure she quickly unlocked her legs from Jaime and pushed away from him, releasing his cock. At the same moment Jaime came hard shooting a string of cum across Cersei’s chest and breasts, ending at the corner of her mouth. Bran’s eye’s locked with the Queens and he shot thick streams of cum onto the floor.

Jaime and Bran were still shooting wad after wad of thick cum while Cersei was shouting and pointing. Bran’s jizz continued to fall on the floor while Jaime’s landed on his sister.

Jaime looked over at Bran, still dazed as the last drops of cum fell from his softening cock. Cerise jumped to her feet and ran over to him, grabbing him by the collar and yelling at him. Bran was confused and scared, yet still aroused. The Queen was still naked. Her breasts looked even better up close and covered with cum. She had one eye closed because a wad got her in the eye and while her mouth was moving Bran could see cum on her lip slide into her mouth. His hand was still on his again hard cock.

Finally what the Queen was saying was getting through. “He saw us Jaime,” she yelled “what are we going to do? He saw us!”

“I can see that” Jaime said “and it looks like he rather enjoyed it too.”

Cersei looked down for the first time and noticed that he was holding his still hard cock. “I’m sorry,” Bran stammered, finally releasing his cock from his grip. “I didn’t mean to see. I’m sorry. I’m sorry… You’re Grace.”

“You’re one of Starks boys aren’t you?” She hissed angrily, “how dare you pull your cock out in front of the Queen,” she looked at the floor and saw the strings of cum she was standing in. “Now what are we going to do with this little pervert?”

Jaime stared walking towards them “chuck him out the window,” he said “that’ll keep him quiet.”

Bran was suddenly terrified; he looked to the Queen pleadingly. She looked back into his eyes and began to smile “no I think I’ve got another way to keep him quiet,” she said as she licked the cum off the corner of her lip “perhaps I could persuade you to keep your silence” One hand still griped Brans collar, while the other wrapped around his still erect cock.

Bran let out a gasp, still too scared to speak. “You are a naughty minx” Jaime said as he sat down on the floor, playing with his cock. “But that’s part of what I love about you.”

The Queen began stroking Bran’s cock “do you think you could be a good young man and stay quiet about all this.” She leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Bran shivered at her touch. The Queen pried his lips apart with her tongue, searching inside his mouth. Her tongue found his and he responded by sticking his tongue into her mouth as well. Their tongues danced while the Queen continued to stroke his cock. Cersei broke the kiss, parting her lips slightly from his and said “Do you think I could persuade you to forget everything you saw?”

Bran was breathing heavily but he managed to get out a quiet “Yes your grace.”

Cersei smiled and brought her lips to his for another deep kiss. Bran could taste her lips, her tongue; he could even taste some semen.  He shuddered as Cersei’s skilled hand quickly brought him to another orgasm. She kept stroking his cock with one hand and rubbed the head of his dick with the other, catching his semen in hand. “There’s a good boy,” the Queen teased. She brought her cum covered hand to her mouth and licked it clean, swallowing all of Bran’s thick cum. “You’re quite tasty. But we don’t want the fun to end early. How would you like to fuck your Queen?” Brans cock was still fully erect. The Queen continued to stroke it slowly.

Bran nodded eagerly but the Queen squeezed harder on his cock “Say it,” she moaned “I want to hear you say it” she moved her free hand to her pussy, sticking two fingers deep inside, finger fucking herself.

Bran looked down at her pussy and at her breasts then into her eyes. Both the Queens bright green eyes were open and starring at Bran. “I want to fuck my Queen, your Grace” he said.

Cersei pulled her fingers out of her soaking pussy and slipped them into Bran’s mouth. Bran sucked eagerly, tasting her pussy juice covered fingers.  “Do you like the way I taste?” She asked.

“I do your Grace” Bran answered

“Then as your Queen I command you to taste some more” she said as she pushed him down to his knees. Bran was now inches from the Queens pussy. It was the first time he’s seen one up close but he heard from his brother Robb a few of the finer details.  He slowly licked from the bottom of her pussy up, savoring her taste as he went. She was incredibly wet and he got a mouthful of her juices, swallowing as he went. When he got to the top he found the clit and gently gave it a lick. Cersei let out a soft moan.

Bran continued to stimulate the clit with his tongue while he brought a hand up to her pussy lips. Gently he spread them and slipped a finger deep into her warm hole. Cersei responded with louder moan, digging her fingers into his hair, holding him on her pussy.  Bran quickened the pace with his tongue and added another finger to her pussy. Soon he was finger fucking her with three of his fingers while his tongue lapped wildly at her clit.

Cersei began to scream and shutter while Bran kept up the pace with his finger and tongue. The Queen climaxed hard and squirted into Brans face, using both hands to hold him on her pussy. Bran swallowed as much as he could, but she was squirting so much it was soaking his whole face.

After her orgasm subsided she pulled Bran to his feet “Not bad boy,” she said “how did I taste?”

“You were delici-“Cersei cut his words off with a kiss, hungrily eating her juices out of Bran’s mouth and off his face.

“Mm mm. You’re right,” she said “I am delicious.” She brought both her hands onto Brans raging cock “now I want this one here to taste me.” Leading Bran by his dick she walked over to a half destroyed wall.  Letting go of his cock she bent forward, putt her ass in the air, and spread her legs wide. “Now come shove that Stark cock into my hot pussy.”

Bran obliged, slipping his dick past her lips and into her tight pussy. It was his first time inside a woman, and it was more amazing than he could have ever imagined. The Queens pussy was wet so his cock slipped in easily. But the entire way her pussy walls squeezed down onto his cock tighter and tighter until it felt like he couldn’t escape.

Not that he wanted to escape. He could have cum right there but he was determined to enjoy this more. He started to move inside her and the Queen matched his rhythm in front of him. He pounded over and over deep inside her pussy.  He grabbed her ass and pulled her harder onto his dick. When he looked up he realized Jaime was in front of the Queen, fucking her face with his cock. The two of them pounded her at both ends until Bran wanted to cum.

The Queen sensed his coming orgasm and turned to look at him, popping her brother’s dick out of her mouth “Not inside me now,” the Queen commanded “only my brother can cum inside me. Cum in my mouth. I want to taste your thick cream.”

Bran pulled out squeezing his cock so as not to shoot too soon. Cersei swung around, dropped to her knees and spread her mouth wide open with her tongue hanging out. Bran came even harder than the first time. Aiming for her mouth but landing just as much cum on her face and in her hair. Cersei swirled cum around her mouth and showed it to Bran before swallowing the load. Jaime was getting ready to cum himself, so he lifted his sisters ass up and shoved his cock deep into her pussy once more. Filling her with loads of hot cum. While her brother was filling her hole, she deep throated Brans dick, starring up at him with those green eyes. After she sucked the last drops out of him she stood and kissed him, shoving her tongue into his mouth.

When the kiss ended Bran took a step back and stared at this beautiful Queen with cum dripping down her leg and covering her face. “That was… amazing,” he said through ragged breaths “Thank you your Grace. I swear on my honor as a Stark I will never speak of this again.”

“That’s good,” she said “but we’re not done yet you see.” She grabbed him hard on his flaccid penis, stroking it “I’m not going to be done with you until I’m fully convinced you’ll never say a word.” She laced the fingers of her free hand through his hair and pulled his head to her breasts. Bran licked at her tits and could still taste the cum that covered her. “I plan on milking this cock of yours for everything it’s worth” Bran’s cock was once again rock hard, ready for more.

Bran was found much later lying unconscious in the Broken Tower. Completely naked and surrounded by his own cum. He wouldn’t wake for days.

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