All Things That Are Violet

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Klaus Baudelaire & Violet Baudelaire - All Things That Are Violet

Violet's smile was like a beacon in the darkness. After that day on the beach when everything was suddenly taken away, Klaus had often worried that he would never see it again, nor indeed ever smile again himself. He didn't care if he was happy, though; it was Violet he was concerned about, whose joy and safety were his deepest concerns. He could never be happy if she wasn't.

Violet's laugh was like music in the silence. The last time Klaus had heard it was when they had been living with Count Olaf. They had been so optimistic back then, and it pained him to think of how embittered they'd become since then-- even brave little Sunny. He could only be glad that Sunny was young enough not to understand quite all of the horrors they'd experienced. Time had changed all three of them, and laughter was something they'd left behind along with their innocence and their optimism.

Violet's soul enveloped Klaus like the flame, but it did not burn him. It destroyed his resistance and took away his defenses without ever touching his skin. When there had been laughter and innocence, it would have frightened him, but he had long since embraced the love he felt toward his sister that wasn't at all brotherly. Their hands joined together, and Klaus saw that smile that he had missed so terribly form on Violet's soft lips. Klaus smiled in turn, for if she was happy then so was he, and he could never feel happier than in this place with her.

Violet's home was where Klaus was, and vice versa. It was the most elating feeling in the world, making them feel safe, making Klaus feel honored and strong. The island, devoid of prying eyes and the harsh words of treacherous adults was a haven, a warm place where they could explore their feelings, natural love, the irresistible force that drew them together in seeking solace and warmth.

Violet's arms were strong and safe, like a castle in the storm. When they held him, Klaus knew that there was no force on Earth that could take him away from her, knew that he belonged to her entirely. They wrapped tightly around Klaus's bare back as he pressed into her, joining them body and soul. Klaus felt so warm then, kissing Violet's face, her lips, her neck, moving slow and steady inside of her.

Violet's love was all Klaus needed in the world. There was a dark and unhappy world beyond their haven, but it had turned its back on them, so why shouldn't they treat it the same way? This moment was bliss, the two of them lying together safe and warm under the shade of a green tree rustling in the gentle, salty breeze; a backdrop to their passion. She was incredible, intelligent beyond words, strong and courageous, and being blessed by her love was more than Klaus could ever ask from that world that had left them alone.

Quite simply, Violet was perfection. If Klaus had to, he would choose her over all the books in the world, never read another word again if that was what it took. He ran his hands over her hot, smooth skin, feeling her fingertips dig into his back as their pleasure mounted. He traced the gentle curve of her side, held her hip as he sped up, pushed in deeper, thrilling in everything that was Violet.

Klaus's name on her lips was like a chant, clear and penetrating. Violet's breath quickened, she held Klaus even more tightly to herself, her breasts pressed against his chest as she kissed him forcefully. He was the one, he was chosen by her and made worthy. Klaus felt a thrill rush through him as he moaned her name into her mouth, as he felt her hips rush to meet his and that last quick clench before she spiralled out into orgasm. Klaus was soon to follow, pushed over the edge by her pleasure, by her moans and his own passion.

In the afterglow, they held each other and breathed. Their robes beneath them formed a cushion between them and the grass. Their arms were strong and their naked bodies were still warm and slick from their love-making. Violet and Klaus looked into each other's eyes and smiled, so filled with that missing joy and peace and contentment that finally it bubbled over into laughter.

It felt good to laugh, incredible even. It amazed Klaus how Violet could make him feel so much, how she could bring joy and laughter back into his life when he'd thought it impossible. When it started to settle, he leaned over and kissed her, pulled her against himself. Now it was his turn to hold her, as they basked in their love for one another.

Violet was irresistible, and Klaus would not try. He would do anything for her, give her all of him, build a life and a family together with her. No matter what had been taken from them, this was something that belonged wholly and entirely to Klaus and Violet, as one, and they would cherish it always.

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