Eratos Musings

BY : EllyGreen
Category: Fairy Tales, Fables, Folklore, Legends, and Myth > Myths
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

Hades and Persephone

Splitting the pomegranate in half over the sweetness of her virgin body, I dribbled juice across the swell of her breasts. The dark red stain colored her pale skin. I plucked a ripe, juicy seed. Her hungry gaze watched as I punctured the seed and sucked the tangy nectar from it. 

“Would you like a bit?” Her craving for the fruit warred with her desire to abstain. Amusement lifted my lips in an evil grin. “No? Then please pardon me as I indulge.”

Embracing her waist, I licked the trail of juice from every delicious inch of her luscious figure.

Clytemnestra and Aegisthus

Kneeling before him, I palmed his sacks, scraping my nails along the pebbled skin. I licked the milky bead from his slit. He groaned. I swallowed his length, humming as I took his cock inside the warm heat of my mouth. My tongue swirled under his staff, coating him in my saliva. He swelled between my lips and I stretched wide to take him all.

His fingers tangled in my long hair. Grasping tight, he plunged his cock deeper down my throat. I choked and struggled. 

To revenge my daughter’s death, I would do more for men worse than him.

Typhon and Echidna

Her cries shook the cavern. The sinuous coils of her body thrashed. Her breasts heaved and her skin flushed. Her sheath quivered and tightened on my tentacle. I moved to withdraw. It glistened in the dim light. 

Her nails dug into the flesh of my back, holding me close. “Not yet. Please, not yet.” Her pleas were harsh with the rawness of sated pleasure. I had mated my wife. Satisfaction flickered in her eyes. She would once again grow round with child. The eyes of my hundred dragon heads swiveled to settle on her stomach. She was beautiful when pregnant.


The smooth slide of her marble breast was like satin under my touch. I caressed her perfectly carved bosom with reverence. Ducking, I ran my tongue around the peaked nipple. The sweet salt of the finely chiseled rock dug a heartbreaking groan from my chest. I closed my mouth over her cool stone and suckled there like a babe. I flicked her nipple and teased us both. The sensation a punishment and a pleasure.

My cock swelled, tenting my tunic. I lifted my hem and clamped my fist over my own hard steel. I stroked in rhythm as I suckled.

Danae and Zeus

A stream of golden liquid fell from gaps in the roof to puddle in the valley of my breasts. With single-minded purpose it trailed a wet path across the plain of my stomach to my thicket of dense black hair. My breath hitched and I shivered as droplets fell like honey to settle on the peaked tip of my clitoris. Suspended, I felt the pull of gravity, so strong this high above the earth in my tower, on each pendulous bead. Each drop fell, as everything will—including kings—to gather along the seam of my petals. 

He was coming.


My panting breath was stifled in my disguise. I could barely see from the eye holes. My skin was damp with sweat, my legs and arms aching from the effort to hold on the wooden bed. 

But my sheath was satisfied. My heart rejoiced. The bull behind me thrust wildly, pleasurably punishing me for my husband’s failure to honor the sea god properly. His long cock pounded repeatedly into my womb. Whatever pain I had first felt had long since passed. This was the ride of my life. I welcomed the animal's come as he grunted and bellowed his completion. 

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