A Song Of Forgotten Beauty

BY : JayDee
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The Argo had sailed over the horizon a full day before the beating of familiar wings announced the return of the sisters Aello and Ocypete to the presence of blind King Phineus. They descended slowly and landed beside his table rather than diving furiously upon it, as they had while the instruments of his punishment. Phineus’ servants had predicted they would be seen in Thrace no more. The King had smiled, and directed his table set out for three with a chair to each side of his own.

“Welcome back. Come and eat with me. I know well enough the foods you favor.”

“You knew we would return?” asked Aello, her gaze darting with the swiftness of a bird, before realising the obvious, “Your gift!”

Phineus inclined his head in acknowledgement. Though a simple cloth covered his empty sockets, he appeared to look from one to the other as he indicated the chairs left for them. The Harpy sisters didn’t confirm to man’s idea of modesty, and wore no clothing over their partly human bodies, with only majestic feathers covering their backs, legs and winged arms. They ate eagerly of the dishes offered them. Though their bodies relied more upon divinity than science, they had to eat. The king let them, eating sparingly himself to not overtax his shrunken stomach. His guests gorged on the finest produce of Thrace and the known world. When they were finally satiated, Phineus sipped his wine and spoke,

“Yes I see the future. I knew the just punishment I would face when I earned Zeus’ wrath. This was the fate spun for me. I may be a King of men, but I cannot fight the weavers of destiny. I also knew my punishment would not be eternal. The Argo would come, you would be allowed to relent, and you would return here peacefully. I believe this to be a greater boon of the gods than any punishment for with my gift I see your great beauty without my eyes and know of your desire for companionship, and comfort.”

He reached out and gently ran his fingers through their dark hair. He had hungered since the sisters first came to Thrace, and not just to eat. Phineus wanted to lie with them, to love and lust with them as he had once both his human wives, one after the other. Though his marriages had ended in sorrow he could see only happiness ahead for him and the Harpies in the last years of his life. When he was gone they would be granted new duties by Zeus, and gain a further half-sister of skin far darker than their olive tones, and far later still they would be remembered by successive conquerors of the civilised world as horrific monsters, cruel and evil, slaves to bestial hunger.

Aello nuzzled in against him, and he felt her feathers tickle even through his fine clothing, and then Ocypete too slid her hand over his chest and tugged his robe open to reveal greying hairs across a broad torso. He shared a kiss with her, eyes half closed, before standing to let them strip him before the nearly departed evening sun. Phineus’ visions of the future were sometimes confusing, especially the further he gazed ahead, but that night would be perfect. Swapping kisses of increasingly urgent passion, he led the sisters to his prepared bed beneath a linen awning, and let them lie back upon it. They trilled birdlike songs, as he massaged and licked, kissed and fondled, until he knelt as a worshipper before demi-goddesses at the end of the bed and pleasured both with his fingers and his tongue. They almost fought for his head, batting playfully at each other’s talon tipped fingers to snatch him from one to the other while their songs rose in pitch and intensity.

Always the faster of the two, Aello peaked first, squeezing the king’s fingers inside her as she sang discordantly with her sister. A moment or two later and Ocypete’s thighs pressed around his neck almost to the point of injury as she crushed his beard into her bush. He breathed through his nose, smelling only Harpy pleasure. As Ocypete relaxed he stood and climbed onto the bed between them. They ran their hands appreciatively across his hunger-skinny body, feeling the scars of old combats across his skin, and then together found his organ. Aello moved her hand across the slick crown, and then tugged him gently towards her. He rolled away from Ocypete’s frustrated squawk to lie between feathered thighs.

He thrust inside, and shared kisses amid groans. Ocypete ran her hand down his back, tracing his spine and then rested her palm upon his buttocks as he moved atop her sister. She was greedy for her turn, but knew that next time Aello would allow her to go first. She clucked softly, and fingered herself as the King and his first harpy lover made pleasure together. Even so, when he pulled out without reaching his climax, she snatched him away onto herself.

“Oh, yes,” Ocypete moaned, “let us share....”

Aello didn’t mind; her sister was her sister, not a lover or a rival. She rubbed her breasts across Phineus’ back as he penetrated Ocypete. She stretched her wings out, beating them to create a cooling breeze, and then touched herself between her sticky thighs as Ocypete sang of pleasure to the night’s first stars.

Sweat soaked Phineus’ skin and drenched the cloth over his eyes. The musky odour of birds that the Harpies shared swamped his own. He thrust harder, knowing he was close; they were truly divine creatures. With a ragged yell, he spent his seed in Ocypete. Stiff and panting, he shared a kiss with first one sister, and then the other, as they stroked his hair lovingly, touched his body, and their own, and shared the joyful knowledge that both the night and the future was young.

One day soon, they’d lay eggs.




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