Take Off Your Clothes

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Four and Eric were relaxing by the chasm after a long day of training with the initiates. Four didn't feel exactly... comfortable with Eric's approach to the initiation, but he wasn't going to speak up and risk death. Did that make him anything less than Dauntless? No, there was a difference between being stupid and brave, and telling Eric when he was acting like a blithering idiot definitely fell into the former category. 

Eric lets out a long sigh while staring down into the swirling waters below, drawing Four's attention. He seemed rather strained.

"Four, do you know what would make today much better?"

Four furrows his brow, attempting to show how confused he is. What did Eric mean by this? Whenever Eric asked a question, it was simply a nicer way of demanding something from someone.


"Take off your clothes."

Four freezes at the instructions.


"I told you to take off your fucking clothes. You will take them off."


"What did you just say to me?"


"Are you Dauntless?"

Four doesn't hesitate to start taking off his pants, tossing them into a start of a pile of ebony cloth. What the hell did Eric think he was doing?

"Do it faster or I'm going to have you shot."

A slow, angry growl rises in Four's throat as he unstraps and tosses off his shirt. Eric's eyes seem to flash red for a moment as their gazes catch, and Four goes quiet.

Eric begins to copy Four's actions as he finishes undressing, his bare chest and erect cock exposed to the heavy, empty chasm air.

"Get down on your hands and knees."

Four does as he is told. He knows what is coming for him, and, surprisingly, even to himself, he can't help but want it.

Eric kneels in front of him, the head of his dick rubbing around Four's lips. Four leans forward and begins to suck it for lubrication, exactly what he knew Eric wanted. He's inexperienced, and he struggles not to gag on all the dick enclosed in his throat. Eric digs his fingernails into Four's scalp, ripping out a negligible amount of hair in protest of the lack of action, so Four flicks his tongue around Eric's balls before swallowing them as well. He suddenly realizes it is too much, and the cock slides from his jaws. The familiar taste of bile works from the back of his mouth.

Four vomits, spreading a large, light coral puddle, flecked with lumps of half-digested food over the ground.

"God, you're disgusting."

Eric reaches down, grabbing some of the putrid liquid, chunks slipping from between his fingers. He crushes his cock into his vomit-filled fist, thrusting back and forth a few times. Sure, this would work better than his saliva, if the smell didn't make Four want to vomit again.

Eric walks around Four's side, slapping his ass before kneeling down again in the proper position. Four grits his teeth, his anal muscles tightening and ripping in protest against Eric's vomit-covered member as it worked its way into his ass. He could feel the blood starting to rush to his now-engorged cock, and he silently begged Eric to start moving faster. It was much too early for that, but one could only try.

Eric seems to read his mind, and Four cries out, tears rushing down his cheeks as the walls of his anus began to shred against Eric's force. He hadn't done anything to prepare Four for such rough sex, and he was feeling the result. Eric pulls out suddenly, and Four sighs in relief. Something wet and fluid slides from his hole. 

"Can you at least wait until I'm done to start gushing blood everywhere?"

A mixture of blood and shit began to slide from Four's overworked, battered asshole, flopping into a watery pile on the stone. 

"Okay. I guess we need to try a different strategy. Get over here, pussy. Come fuck me." Eric leans down into the same position Four had taken, hands down in the vomit and knees down in the bloody shit.

Four inserts a fist into Eric's waiting asshole. It's already lubricated from sitting in his own vomit. His ass throbs, and he tries not to think about the pain Eric might be feeling as he does this. Eric screams suddenly as Four's fist rides over his g-spot, making his balls clench as if he was going to orgasm. The scream sends a chill down Four's spine and motivates him to keep crushing the fist as harshly into Eric's ass as he can.

"Come on, you can fit another!" he gasps. Four does as he's told, sliding another bloody, puke-soaked fist into Eric's ass. The warm shit encasing his fists made it hard to move them at all, but he managed to slide them back and forth enough to get Eric off. He began to rock onto Four's wrists, the fists completely filling his width, but unsatisfactory for the length of the canal.

"Feet. I want your feet."

Four moans slightly, shoving his bloody, liquified feces-covered feet into Eric's hole. He begins to scream again before finally spraying warm cum onto the ground. His sides heave as he rises, staring down at Four, as his fists and feet, brown with Eric's shit, slide from his ass. 

"Roll in it." Eric snaps. Four does as commanded, the cum, shit, blood, and puke combining into a distorted brown color and clinging to his hair and body.

"Eat it. Eat your mess." Four trembles at this, clearly seeing it as the limit. Eric scowls, and he lifts some in one hand and places it on his lips, before plunging his entire mouth in and drinking it down. Four grimaces, the flavor making him recoil. His gut begins to push out air, trying in vain to vomit again.

"Get up."

Four stands, bending over to a final dry heave onto the ground, before stepping out of the giant puddle of fluid on the ground. Eric rolls into it, tucking his legs behind his head to expose his hole, which is so engorged from the stretching that Four can see inside of him. He knows what to do and drops to his knees, planting his lubricated cock into Eric's ass and trying to get a rhythm.


Four tilts his head. Behind them, at the entrance to the chasm, stands Al, one of the initiates, clearly recoiled in shock. 

"You know what to do." Eric spits, pushing Four backward and forcing him to pull out.

Four steadies himself to his knees, racing at Al with one fist out. Al is unprepared and recieves a fist in the direct center of his forehead. Knocked out cold. Four grasps him by the feet, dragging him across the floor as blood begins to squirt from one of his temples. He pulls Al through the pile of shit and vomit, positioning him against Eric's anus.

"Ooh. You're better than I expected." Four smirks at this.

"Means a lot from you."

"Shut up." Eric is clearly joking, and Four is absolutely shocked that he could ever be in a mood good enough to understand sarcasm. He struggles a bit with getting Al's head started on its travels into Eric's ass, but once he has a grip on Al's neck, it isn't hard at all to get him in. 

"Fucking amazing." Four hears Eric moan. Al's head is completely submerged in Eric's asshole, and Four is presented with a new challenge; getting the full length of his shoulders into Eric. Four decides to push Al so harshly that his shoulders will move upward, jamming his head into Eric's rectum and covering his entire face in shit. Once one shoulder is in and Eric is grunting in pain from the excessive stretch, it doesn't take much effort to have Al in to the nipples.

Soon, Al is in to his waist, and muffled cries of panic can be heard as he begins to awaken and suffocate inside the opening to Eric's intestine. His legs kick frantically, but he is no match for Four's dexterity, strength, and motivation.

By the time he has been forced in to his knees, Al has stopped moving, likely dead. Eric looks heavily pregnant with the initiate stuffed inside his intestine, but Four notices the giant pool of stark white on Eric's rounded abdomen, and knows he did a good deed at Al's expense. Soon, only the bottoms of Al's shoes can be seen, poking from Eric's straining asshole.

"Mm. One last favor, Four?"


"Piss on me."

Four grunts and holds out his cock, a yellow stream beginning to splatter on Eric and leaving pale lines where the piss soaked through the still-wet coating of shit, cum, blood, and puke all over his body. Eric leans forward, mostly helpless because of the size of his abdomen and the pain in his enlarged anus, managing to slurp down some of the warm fluid. The stream gradually stops, and Four wanders over to where their clothes were placed.

"You might want to shower before you try to put anything on." Four said matter-of-factly, trying his hardest not to dirty his clothes.

"Nah, want to enjoy this feeling for a while longer. God, Four, we need to do this again." 

"Might run out of initiates." They both laugh and Four saunters off, leaving Eric lying comfortably on the floor with Al still lodged in his ass.

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