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I stood before the large screen in the Town’s Square, watching as the District 2 boy held onto my oldest daughter in a choke hold on the ground. Blood stained his hands from what he did to Joesph’s son Peeta. Katniss was scared with tears running down her face. That boy, there was something wrong with him. He showed it through the games, how he seemed to enjoy hurting others.

“Please... Make it quick.” Katniss sobbed as she closed her eyes. He just started to laugh as a smile stretched his face causing more blood to run from the claw marks on his face. Both of them looked horrible, Katniss with bruises, cuts, and blood stains and Cato with the same but there was some blood crusted on his clothes from the other tributes he killed before this finale.

“Why when it’s easier to break you Girl on Fire.” he then grabbed onto her face with his free hand. “You are pretty... For a District 12 girl.” he told her before pushing her on the ground.

“I won the Hunger Games and I ask for the permission of President Snow to make Katniss from District 12 my trophy. If your answer is no I will kill her the way I did her Tribute partner.” he said as he looked down at her.

I felt bile raise to my throat but I swallowed it down, I have to be strong for Primrose. But I kept thinking over and over about what he asked my daughter to be for him. I could feel Gale stiffen behind me as he stared at the screen with the same focus everyone did, wondering what President Snow’s answer would be.

“Panem I present to you, your Victor of this years 74th Hunger Games. You may have your prize Cato Tuefel.” the voice of Snow rang, the look our Victor gave my daughter caused both me and many others in our district to form tears, being both hatred and sorrow.

‘I will never see my daughter Katniss again.”



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