Making Arrangements

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I pulled into the Prezzioso’s driveway on my bike.  My parents had promised me a car on my 16th birthday, but that came and went, and my parents didn’t mention it again.  Instead I just kept walking in on hushed discussions where they hastily shuffled papers and hid them from me.  Whatever.  

I grabbed Mary Ann’s book from my backpack and walked up the driveway, past the long black gleaming Mercedes parked there.  

Wait.  What was Mr Prezzioso doing home?  

I stared at the car, glistening in the driveway.  I could see my reflection in it, even see the words “Stony Brook” on my baseball uniform.  Maybe Mr. Prezzioso came back early to let Mary Ann off.  

I let myself into the front door.  Mary Ann usually left it open for me.  On her night time babysitting jobs, I’d come over and we’d screw around in one of the spare rooms.  I walked into the living room, then the kitchen, then the family room.  No sign of Jenny or Mary Anne.  Or Mr Prezzioso either.  

“That’s weird.”  I said aloud, to no one.  

That’s when I heard it: a thumping, throbbing bass line from some music playing somewhere.  Techno?  Hiphop?  Hard to say.  I followed it until I got to the basement door.  I hesitated.  I felt like an intruder, even though I was just dropping off a book to my girlfriend.  

“Fuck it.”  I opened the door and went downstairs.  The music got louder.  Definitely techno.  Or electronic dance.  The beat was fast but not frenetic, a pace you could shake your hips to without getting tired.  I opened the door, fully expecting to see Jenny and Mary Anne dancing or maybe playing video games or SOMETHING.  

But nope.  

Mary Anne was on all fours, wearing a plaid skirt and no underwear.  I could see every glistening drop on her pussy.  Mr Prezzioso was laying on his back on a long ottoman, propped up on his elbows, watching my girlfriend deepthroat his cock to the hilt.  She was sucking him off with all the vigor and energy of a Thai hooker, slamming her head on his dick, and moaning, and slurping and what the fuck what the fuck WHAT THE FUCK--


Mary Anne pulled off of Mr P’s cock, mouth still open.  A silvery thread of precum linked her bottom lip to Mr P’s dick.  I squirmed uncomfortably; that dude’s cock is fucking huge, I thought.  I pushed the thought away.

“Oh shit oh shit, Logan, I’m so sorry--”  She scrambled to her feet and stumbled to me.  She was topless.  

“Get the fuck off me!  God, you dirty slut, I knew it, I knew you’d do this to me.”  I shoved her off me.  

“Logan, please, this isn’t what it looks like--”

“Oh wow, that’s a fucking great excuse.”

“You don’t understand, Logan.  I tried telling you, I tried getting what I want from you--”

“So this is my fault?  Because I don’t fuck you enough?”

Mr. Prezzioso stood up and pulled his boxers on.  “Mary Anne, go upstairs and take a shower.”


“Just go.  Logan and I need to talk.”  He looked at me. “Man to man”.  

Mary Ann left, sniffling.  I don’t know why I stayed, I should have followed her and screamed obscenities at that filthy bitch. But my eyes never left Mr Prezzioso.  He motioned to me.  “Sit down, Logan.  I’m gonna go grab a towel.”  

He walked past me, and I could smell the sex and the sweat on him.  He disappeared up the stairs, and I took a good look around the room.  It was a typical mancave: leather recliner, high-def TV, sound system, mini-fridge, mini-bar with high-end scotches on it.  The room looked like it cost thousands to outfit.  My parents couldn’t even afford a decade-old hatchback for me.  The music continued to blare.  I walked to the stereo and punched the power button off, and slammed the cabinet door shut.      

There was a laptop on the floor, already open.  We only had one computer at home, and it stayed in the kitchen for the whole family to use.  The way he had left it on the floor so casually, it infuriated me.  Mr Prezzioso probably had a laptop or iPad for every room in his house.  

I opened up a browser.  “Chrome didn't shut down properly.  Restore previous session?” it prompted.  I clicked Yes.  

Four tabs opened up, all pointing to porn sites.  I glanced at each tab.  Garden-variety young hot teen porn.  I didn’t get a chance to look at porn much, since the computer we had was out in the open.  And my parents usually looked at my phone every few days under some flimsy excuse, so I was always too worried to watch any on my phone.  Plus the things I wanted to search for on porn sites...well, I really didn’t want them stumbling onto THAT.  

The title of last tab in the browser caught my eye.  I clicked on it, and watched.   My mouth went dry, and my cock began to throb.  Oh jeezus.  The video burned into my brain, hard abs, chiseled jaws enclosing around thick cocks and--

“See anything you like?”  Mr Prezzioso asked.  I looked up and slammed the laptop shut.  He had draped a towel over his muscular shoulders.  Why does a lawyer have such good shoulders?  And a six pack?  I shook my head to shake away the thoughts.  

“I was just...sorry”.  Why was I apologizing to him?  

“You look really tense, Logan.”  Mr Prezzioso looked me up and down appraisingly.  “You look like you should take a load off.” He licked his lips.  “How bout a beer?”

I didn’t answer.  He pulled two beers out of the mini-fridge, popped the lids off, and handed one to me. I glanced at the label; it looked like the nice stuff.  I didn’t even hesitate, I took a gulp.  Jeezes, that tasted good.  I chugged down even more, and felt my whole body loosen with some relief. I took a deep breath.  

“I’m gonna dump Mary Anne.  I can’t believe she did this to me.”  

“From what she tells me, you guys screw pretty regularly.  Is this such a big deal, a bit of fun on the side?”

“Well…”  How was I going to explain this?  “I try to...give her what she wants.  But I guess she wanted more.  God, that fucking slut.  She always wants to have sex. ”

“Why is that a problem?”

“It’s not!  But I don’t always want to.  And she doesn’t get it.”

Mr Prezzioso sat on the couch.  He stretched out and I could see every muscular line on his body, even where the V went down his pelvis, towards his nope-nope-nope, push that thought away.  

“When you guys have sex, how does it usually go?”

I turned away from Mr Prezzioso.  “Uh it goes okay.  I mean, it’s fine.”  And it was fine.  Just not mind-blowing.  

Mr Prezzioso squinted at me, and then guzzled the beer down in one long go.  I watched his throat just open up, and he poured the beer down his throat like it was nothing.  I felt a lurch in my dick, and closed my eyes.  

“Maybe you’re just not in the mood for what’s on her menu.”  

I had enough. I needed to leave before...well, I don’t know what.  I thunked the beer down on the side table.  “I don’t know what’s going on here, you’re trying to get in my head.  I just want to dump Mary Anne and leave.”  

“And what do you plan to tell Mrs Prezzioso?”  

Oh.  So that’s what this was about.  Fucking prick.  Mr Prezzioso was just worried I’d tell his wife.  “As soon as your wife’s back from...wherever, I’m letting her know what her husband is up to.”  

Mr Prezzioso didn’t flinch.  “Oh, I don’t think that’s really necessary, do you?  Mary Anne and I have a nice arrangement here.  Even my wife is happier ever since I stopped trying to fuck her.  And Mary Anne still wants to be with you, she just has…”  He paused.

“Has what?”

“Extracurriculars she wants to fulfill.  Why not let all parties keep getting what they want?”  He paused and waited.  

“Oh everyone’s happy here?  What about me?”

“I think I could arrange to find something you want.  ”  He stood up and reached past me, dropping his beer into the trash can behind me.  He made sure I could feel his pecs, abs and the rest of him against my body.  I turned my head away, but my feet stayed planted.  He smiled languorously at me.  

“Tell me, Logan.  There isn’t something you could get out of this, something that could make this our little secret we can keep from Mrs. Prezzioso?”

When I didn’t move, he pressed closer against me.  Oh shit shit shit.  I could feel the throb of his cock against mine.  His hand moved down and grazed against my crotch.  My cock sprang up rock hard against his hand.  

Mr Prezzioso smiled and licked his lips, and whispered in my ear, “Do you want to know what I had in mind?”  I couldn’t even comprehend his words, my heart was pounding in my ears.  He rubbed my cock harder.  

Something snapped in my head.  I shoved Mr Prezzioso away and ran out.  Up the stairs and out the front door.  

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