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BY : RoverRose
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Disclaimer: I do not own the Creepypasta fandom. Every Creepypasta character belongs to their rightful owners. No money/profit is made.This is a work of fiction.


(Y/N) = Your name

(B/F/N) = Name of your best friend.

(R/M/N) = Name of your room mate.




"-and then we could go swimming... Are you listening to me, (Y/N)?!" Your attention immediately turned to your best friend, who was nagging at you for again not listening to her. Can you blame yourself? No. (B/F/N) always seemed to overreact and tell things hundred times.

"I'm listening, (B/F/N). Continue." While a small smile of victory began to play on her lips she continued on with her story. You only stared out of the small window of the car again while dozing off. She was driving you home from a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant.

After you had passed your exams, you deserved the treat. However your mood soon dropped once you realized that you had to go back to your dorm again. You see it was spring break and even though nearly everyone was going home to their families, you weren't.  

Along with around 10 other people, you stayed at your dorm during this week. Not because you didn't like your parents or anything. They simply went on a vacation. You don't mind being in your room at all when it's so nice and quiet. However your roommate and you aren't the best of friends. And of course she stayed here as well.

"Oh we're almost here!" (B/F/N) nearly yelled as she drove the car through the campus. Now she too was silent as you watched the big building coming closer and closer.

"You sure you don't want to stay with us, (Y/N)?"  She asked you with a concerned face. You gave her a small smile. She continuously asked you to stay with her and her family for the vacation. Even though you found it incredibly nice of her, you politely refused.

You really didn't mind all this comforting silence and peace in the dorm for once. The car slowly came to a stop, your friend still glancing at you with concern. You now began to laugh loudly, shaking your head before answering her:

"No really, (B/F/N) I'm fine. I don't mind." She gave in with a loud sigh and watched as you opened the door. You tuned to her one more time, thanking her for the nice dinner and wishing her good luck with her family. When you slammed the door shut she opened the window and yelled:

"I'll call you as soon as I get there!" You only blew her a kiss and winked before she drove off, loudly pushing the car horn a few times. You only smirked at her before walking towards the large building which was your dorm. It was already dark outside. Time flies, huh?

You entered the building with your key. In the spring break the door to the dorm was locked tightly. Mostly because this dorm didn't have any connection to another dorm. It consisted of 20 rooms or so for girls, while all the other girls stayed in another building.

You walked through the brightly lit hall before you stopped in front of your door. You knocked a few times, to see whether your room mate was inside. When you were ready to grab your keys the door suddenly opened with a large swing. In front of you stood none other than (R/M/N), your roommate.

"Ah, (Y/N) you're back already." It didn't really sound excited or kind but hey, you wouldn't expect otherwise. You only shrugged:

"Yeah, good to see you too." She walked to the side to let you enter before you dropped your bag onto the bed and lied down. She was gathering some stuff and you realized that she probably was going somewhere. Having a party at another room.

"I'll be off soon. Jana is giving a sleepover." She explained to you as she kept gathering chips and other food. You only grunted saying a quick: "have fun" as she disappeared out of the door. Good, now you had the whole room to yourself.

What to do now? Ah, you knew it! You were going to watch that movie you wanted to see. That horror movie. You climbed out of the bed and then grabbed your laptop from the table. When you opened it you immediately searched for the movie.

Taking a bottle of water and some snacks you made yourself comfortable on the bed, putting on your pajamas and grabbing a pillow in order to comfort yourself if the movie got too scary.

After half an hour of watching, you were so engulfed in the movie that you failed to notice something. In the movie, they were talking. But you were sure you heard faint screaming. Was someone in their house? Why didn't they hear that scream? When another scream was heard, you unplugged one of your earphones and listened closely.

Were the girls in the other room playing some sort of game? You turned your head and saw that the light was out in the corridor. One of them must've done it. Otherwise whatever they were doing probably wasn't scary enough. You plugged your earphone back in but not before hearing another, terrifying scream.

You immediately pulled both of them out as you sat straight up in bed. Were you imagining things? Were you so scared of the movie that you were hearing things in real life too? Yes, that must be it. But the scream... It sounded so real, so familiar, so scary, so-

Right at that moment another scream was heard. Followed by someone pleading and begging whatever it was to stop. Alright now you began to feel really scared. You felt all the blood slowly retreating from your face as you tried to make something out of the voices.

It scared you to the bone. That scream wasn't a scream you would hear when someone was joking. It was a real, horrifying scream full of desperation. Something was incredibly wrong. You felt your heartbeat rising as your hands got clammy with every second passing. Your throat became dry and swallowing proved to be difficult.

Your ragged breaths were the only sounds left as the begging had stopped. What were you supposed to do? Maybe some sort of crazy psychopath was inside this dorm right now! But were you really sure? Wasn't it just some prank from a boy who snuck into the dorm and scared the girls?

You had no idea.

What you did know was that you couldn't ever go back to watching that movie with ease. You had to know what was going on before trying to relax. With a lump in your throat and lead in your feet you moved out of the bed slowly. You tried to take as light footsteps as you could, not daring to make a sound.

Once you came to the knob of the door you took long and deep breaths, preparing yourself to be scared by some jock with a sheet pulled over his head. However when you opened the door you saw nothing but darkness. Darkness and something lying on the ground in front of the exit, the small emergency lamp being the only light in the whole corridor.

Before you could make out what the thing was, you felt someone grabbing your arm. Rushed and short breaths fanning over your skin and before you could scream, a hand had covered your mouth. You were pulled inside, struggling against the person who was holding you with all your might.

It was only when you heard short 'shhh' you realized that the person who was holding you was (R/M/N). You immediately calmed down and after a few seconds she unleashed you from her grip. You saw how another girl locked the door, leaving you tree the only persons in this room.

When you turned towards the two, demanding an explanation you realized by the sight of their faces that this wasn't good. This wasn't good at all. Their bodies were shining, as if they were sweating a lot. Their usually pretty combed hair was now a mess and the terrifying expression on their faces told you enough.

"There is someone there, (Y/N). He killed Christina and the others and we need to call the pol-" She was cut off immediately when the door began to shake heavily. Both of them let out a scream as your blood ran cold. This killer had found you.

Slams were heard and then something slashed through the door. A knife. The three of you knew immediately that there was no escaping. Before the knife had cut a hole big enough for the killer to fit his arms through and open the door, you already hid.

The door opened with a loud swing and from your position you saw a fairly tall, hooded man walking into the room. His face was covered by a black ski mask, a sad smiley drawn on the mask. The knife he was holding was stained with blood, as well as his back gloves. The blood was practically dripping from them.

You had to hold your hand for your mouth in order to keep quiet as the hooded man scanned the area. The way he walked, the way he stood. Everything about him screamed at you to run away, run for your life. But you couldn't in this position.

It was then the hooded man suddenly turned his head the other way, before yanking (R/M/N) out of her hiding spot. She screamed a deadly scream as she stared right at the killer. His hand reached out for the girl before he roughly grabbed her, threw her on the ground, hovered above her and then raised his knife befo-

You couldn't make yourself to look. You turned your head away as you heard her screaming of pain. The screams became begging and then gurgling until no sound was heard. You knew she was done for, she was dead. You just saw your room mate getting killed right before your eyes and you didn't do anything about it.

But you couldn't do anything. By the looks of it, he was too strong for merely a girl like you. The hooded man straightened his back as he looked at the dead girl. You knew he was satisfied with what he had done, he was practically laughing. Then suddenly he turned his attention to something else.

To you.

He had caught you. He yanked the curtain away, in order to reveal your cowering form before dragging you into the middle of the room. You screamed and you were trembling in fear as the killer only looked at you. He raised his knife into the air but before he could strike a rustling on the other side of the room caught his attention.

His head shot to the side whilst he searched for whatever had caused the sound. You didn't waste any time.

Now was your chance! In one rush of adrenaline you had shot up and speeded past him, trying to get to the door. However this guy had some sort of inhuman responsiveness because one of his arms had wrapped itself around your waist, and then you felt a cold, shark object entering the skin on your belly.

It felt as if iron was entering your skin, as if someone was pulling at your flesh and trying to rip it apart. The pain was unbearable.

You were smashed on the ground so roughly, that it almost seemed easy for him. The pain quickly spread through your whole body as your hand clenched the painful wound. You tried to back away, every move causing extreme pain. He was walking closer and closer to you before he had you stuck in a corner.

He however kneeled down next to you instead of raising his knife again, and his bloody glove moved over to your face. You tried to turn your face away but once the glove had grabbed your chin tightly, he forced you to look at his mask.

You were trembling with fear as the masked man moved your head to the left and to the right. As if he was inspecting you.

"Quite the beauty, aren't you?" A deep, dark and inhuman voice spoke. A voice changer, he was using a voice changer in order to conceal his true voice. Your eyes widened as you had recalled what he had said. A real beauty?

Again there was rustling on the other side of the room, but before you could react you saw someone shot out from under the bed and running towards the door. You saw how the hooded man looked at the person, how he merely watched as she speeded out of the room.

You knew damn well he could stop her, he had shown it to you how fast it was. Instead he only watched as she escaped. He then however did stand up before he easily walked over to the door. He closed it and locked it even though after what he had done to the poor thing wouldn't really help.

But you were more scared of the fact that he would take the time to lock the door. He again walked over to you, this time a lot faster than first. He then yanked you again to the middle of the room. You fell on your hands and knees next to the body of (R/M/N), but before you could get up, you felt a knee pressed against your back.

You were squeezed in between his body and the ground, your wound pressing painfully on the carpet. You felt his knife tracing imaginary lines on your back before it went up until your neck. You felt a harsh tug followed by the ripping of fabric.

You knew what he was trying to do.

"N-no!" You weakly retorted back at him before you felt the knee pressing even harder against your back. The pain immediately made you forget about what he was doing.

"I just want to see how nice you really are." You tried to struggle, but each time he pressed harder making you cringe in pain. Once the fabric was cut all through you felt the pressure beginning to fade away and then you were roughly kicked on your back.

You couldn't get up because again the weight was back. But this time you could see clearly what this man was. A real monster. He kept your arms in place with his knees whilst his gloved hand roamed over your body. Then he grabbed the fabric of your pajama shirt and pulled it off.

You were lucky you hadn't removed your bra before going to bed. You heard him grunt lowly, some sort of satisfying grunt. It made you sick to the stomach but you couldn't do anything about it. You couldn't cover yourself up.

 "S-stop!" You yelled but then his finger dug deep into the wound, making you scream and cry of pain. He didn't talk much, but it was his way of telling you to shut up. One of his hands roamed over your chest and you turned you head to the side.

This was going to get bad, you already knew it.

His knife then traced over your chest before going lower, over your belly and to your shorts. Again with one harsh tug he had ripped the fabric and removed it all together. He didn't waste any time. He had moved a little lower while inspecting your whole body. You couldn't see it, but you knew he was taking in every detail.

You felt humiliated being watched like this, but you knew it was soon about to get worse. His gloved hand moved over your belly towards your back, before resting on your bum.

"You do have a perfect body, you know?" The dark voice spoke as his knife again began to trace lines over your body, giving you goosebumps. The wound was still bleeding heavily and you began to feel slightly lightheaded. You didn't know whether it was from the blood loss or from whatever this man was planning on doing with you. 

You were waiting for him rip up all your clothing and steal something important away from you.  You felt your breathing getting heavier and shallower whilst your mind getting blurrier. It was then the man stopped in his tracks, sitting straight up while still pressuring your wound.

It was as if he heard something. Then after a while of complete silence he turned to you again, hovering over your barely naked form before saying:

"Looks like my time here is up. I enjoyed playing with you. Though next time, I'll finish the job." And with that he was gone as soon as he came. You didn't know if he went through the window, or through the door. All you knew was that your room mate was dead, that you were badly injured and that this killer had let you live.

You heard faint police sirens and then everything fell into place. You tried to get up but you couldn't. You were too weak to even move, so you kept lying there, staring at the sealing and saying silent prayers for your roommate.

She was done for, however even though you were one bloody and filthy mess.

You were alive.




You were combing your hair as you stared at your reflection in the mirror. It had been over a year since the accident. Since the 'dorm murders' had been taken place. That girl who was in the same room, also known also Jana, escaped the dorm and then called a bystander for help. He then called the police and they had rushed to the site.

You along with Jana were the only survivors. You had spent the rest of spring break in the hospital. The nurses kept saying how lucky it was for you to be alive. Yeah, real lucky. It had been on the news for months and the police eventually told you that this guy was responsible for tons of murders. Yet they never caught him.

You still couldn't help but question one thing:

Why did he let you live? To spread the word of how terrifying he actually was? No you didn't think so. Also what he had said last really scared you. Next time? You really didn't want to see this guy ever again and even though it's been over a year. It gave you crazy nightmares.

You only sighed as you stopped brushing your hair. Guess you'll never know.

It was then you nearly jumped 10 meters in the air out of fright when you saw your reflection. You saw you standing in front of the mirror, holding the brush. But you also saw someone leaning against the door frame, his arms crossed and his head turned your way. The same hood, the same mask, the same gloves... As the first time.

"Hello (Y/N)."


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