Taken. (Jeff the Killer X Reader)

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(Y/N) = Your name

(W/P) = Worst program.

(H/N) = Hometown's name.

(F/P) = Favourite program.

(C/N) = Name of the city you're currently living in.


An overly exaggerated huff escaped your throat as you watched your friend flipping from channel to channel by pressing her slender fingers on the remote. God, how you hated it when she did that… However you knew it was her turn to watch TV. She was here first after all.

You rolled your eyes when your friend paused on MTV, more specific (w/p). You knew she liked that show; you however hated it with all your might. You stood up and walked towards the kitchen to get yourself a glass of water. There you found Rayne, your other friend, sitting at the kitchen table. Books spreading around her like germs would.

"Hey, Rayne" You smiled at her while entering the kitchen. She gave a low hum without removing her eyes from one of the books and continued working on whatever she was doing. Why she always studied in the kitchen you had no idea. When you would ask, she would reply with: "The light in the kitchen is better than in my room." How? You had no idea.

You walked over to the sink and reached above it, to a cabinet, to grab a glass and then proceeded to fill it with water. You turned and then leaned against the sink, staring out the window. If it wasn't pitch black outside you would see the woods close to your house from that window.

Nearly one year ago, you and your friends decided to rent a house in order to go to the college you wanted to be in. You lived with your parents in (h/n) which was nearly a 1 hour drive from this city. However you wanted to go to school in this area, just because this school was supposed to give the best education.

Luckily, you weren't the only one. All 6 of your friends wanted to go to the same college as you did and then you decided that instead of renting a room somewhere, you would rent a house together. Dividing the rent into 6 makes only 200 dollars a month, which you could afford with your part time job. Sometimes your sweet mom and dad gave you a little extra.

All by all it went great, six girls in one household together. Even though there were some heavy arguments, you couldn't think of any better way to spend your school years.

You had finished the glass of water and put it down the counter before you would walk back into the living room. You mumbled lowly to yourself as you saw that the same program was still on.

Defeated, you threw yourself on the couch and nearly pouted. You wanted to see (F/P) not this shit. You kept your mouth shut; complaining about it wouldn't help either. She also had to put up with your 'stupid' programs. At that moment the front door swung open and you heard someone entering.

"Hey, I'm home!" It was Mandy, you recognized her voice immediately. You looked at your watch and then back at the corner of the corridor Mandy would soon show up next.

"Huh? That is early! You just left 30 minutes ago!" Mandy had the night shift at a local gas station, so she was mostly away at nights and came home early in the morning.

"Yeah, but it is still closed… You know because yesterday there was a murder in the shop next to it. The police also sealed off the gas station." You heard her reply and then you turned your attention back to the TV.

Lately there have been reports of several murders in this city. The police was looking for a mass-murderer, but the city was big. He could be anywhere.

"Can you switch to the news? I want to see what they'll say about it."Mandy now stood next to Sandy, who was lying comfortably on the couch. She huffed before she flipped the channel to number 4.

"-urricane took 3 victims and at least 15 people are missing. Other news is about the serial-killer which has been murdering several people in the city of (c/n). The so called: 'go to sleep' killer has been spotted in several areas including the industrial terrain around the local gas station. Police is still at search for this mass-murderer and advises people to lock doors and windows at night as long as this killer is still around." You watched as the woman on the screen kept a straight face through the whole ordeal.

You weren't scared for this so called: 'go to sleep' killer. They called him that because he would always write: 'go to sleep' in blood on the walls. You knew other cities had been terrorized by this man and wondered how the police still couldn't get this murderer. It is impossible to kill so many people and never leave even a single trace of evidence? They even know who he is, so why?

You realized that the truth must be far more complicated than you had in mind. The answer was always more simple in your own thoughts.  You shrugged it off before nearly jumping off the couch and heading upstairs.

You slipped into your pajamas, brushed your teeth and prepared yourself for bed. When you came into your room you closed the curtains, but not before making sure your window was locked. Just because it was cold outside… Oh who are you kidding?

You were slightly, slightly, scared of this killer, but who wouldn't be? Better be safe than sorry, especially in a house full of women. There is no way one of your friends would be brave and above all strong enough to go up against a mass-murderer. Hell, a cat would be too much for them.

You smiled to yourself when you thought about it. The killer will most likely flee the house because of all the high-pitched screams and shoes thrown his way.

You dug yourself under the warm covers and clipped your light off, nearly groaning to yourself as you thought about the fact that you had school tomorrow morning.

After sulking about homework for a while you fell fast asleep.


The next morning you woke up because of a loud, but very familiar noise. You groaned and you slammed the button on your alarm clock before sitting up straight and stretching your arms. You yawned before stepping from under the warm covers and walking over to your closet.

You picked out the clothes you wanted to wear that day and then headed for the shower. A loud huff escaped your lips as you tried to open the door to the bathroom. No use, it was locked. Someone was showering of course.

You let out a loud and annoyed sigh as you walked downstairs with your clothing. There were two showers in the house; however the nice and big one was upstairs, right next to the rooms. The other one was downstairs in the basement and that shower was old and took forever to get warm.

Once you reached the basement something shiny caught your eye. You turned and saw that the light from doorway caused a small vault, crammed in between boxes, to light up. Huh? You had never seen this before?

Even though this shower didn't have your preference, you came down here a lot, and you were 99% positive that that box was never there before. You dropped your clothes somewhere on the ground and walked over to the small, metal box. You noticed that a bigger, cardboard box stood in front of it, nearly hiding it completely. The only way to see it was when you were standing from the exact same spot you stood a few seconds ago and the door had to be open.

As you grabbed the small box you noticed that it was more of a safe than a box. There was a combination lock and you shook the container up and down, close to your ear in order to find out what was inside. However when you shook it you heard nothing and felt no weight shifting.

You raised your eyebrows before putting the metal safe back in between the boxes, pushing it even further to conceal it completely from any view. Then you placed the other box back in front of it and shook off any thoughts. 'It must be from one of the girls.' you thought as you picked up the stray clothes and headed into the bathroom.


Once you were clean, dressed fully and all ready to go to school you quickly grabbed an apple for breakfast before speeding though the front door. You didn't walk with your friends to school or it would be Rayne, mostly because Mandy and Farah were morning persons and so were early at school. Sandy and Lola were busy for hours with their make-up and were often too late.

"(Y/N)!!!" You heard someone shouting from behind you and saw Rayne running towards you with high speed. Before she could stop however she stumbled on her own feet causing her to wobble and fall face first into the cold concrete.

You couldn't suppress a giggle from escaping your throat as you saw the face of your friend.

"That is NOT funny, (Y/N)!" Rayne said as you helped her up and she dusted the dirt off of her skirt. You grinned at her before replying:

"Admit it was."

"No, it really hurt! You bitch!" You began to laugh loudly as you continued your walk next to Rayne. Rayne was always more the motherly type of your friends, even though she was a real klutz at some times. Whenever someone was in distress or hurt, Rayne was there to listen and comfort. Thinking of the small things like preparing lunch for everyone like a mother would do. It was really kind but could be very annoying too, like when you won't answer your phone she would be extremely worried.

Once you arrived at your school you said goodbye to Rayne and went to your class locker. You heard loud giggles from the other side of the corridor and rolled your eyes. Ruri and Kaitlynn. Both superficial bitches who thought they could do anything they'd like.

Your group of friends weren't part of the popular people, neither were you part of the dorks and outcasts. The popular people would say hi to you, be polite and leave you alone. The same goes for the rest. You weren't bullied or anything but you weren't part of the gang also.

To be honest you didn't want that either, it would only result in you becoming boring, plain and superficial.

Even though all that didn't keep you from hating Ruri and Kaitlynn.

"Have you heard? That killer was on the loose again! Killed two buff guys!" You heard Ruri screech.

"Yeah, it must be one hell of a strong killer in order for him to take down two guys. He must be really muscled." You raised an eyebrow at this. What the hell? He just murdered hundreds of people and THAT is what they are thinking about?

What the hell is wrong with them?!

You closed your locker a little too loudly, causing the two girls to jump up and glare at you before continuing their useless conversation. You walked past them and turned around the corner in order to get to your classroom.

There stood Sandy, smiling her charming smile at one of the jocks. You rolled your eyes and giggled a little.

Sandy was someone you could consider shallow. She was a very kind girl, no offense. But most people didn't like her because she always acted a little superficial. She would throw herself in front of a train for attention from boys and even though she got enough (thanks to her big breasts and low cut shirts) she always wanted more. None of your other friends were allowed to get attention, because she would pry herself in between them. However you knew this was all an act. She was a bit chubby and that made her super insecure. Once you knew this Sandy was a really fun girl to be around and you could forgive her faults easily.

You decided to leave them alone and then walked to your college room. Once inside you had to try your best to focus on the board in front of the class and not on the enormous pimple on the face of your far too young teacher.

This was going to be a long day…


Once you were home you didn't know how fast you had to throw yourself on the couch. You threw your bag somewhere in the living room and plopped down the couch. Your hand grabbed the remote and you started flipping through the channels.

"You took pretty long this morning in the shower." Lola came walking in the room, on her plate was some salad. Probably her lunch or snack.

Lola was a good girl, but she had trouble with voicing herself. She always followed Sandy like a lost puppy and in the beginning she was incredibly shy. However she suddenly changed a lot and was now, together with Sandy, the biggest party animal ever.  However she still was very suggestible, which resulted in her taking the side of anyone who talked to her first whenever there was a fight. Lola was focused on her health and nearly always ate healthy.

"Uh, yeah I was distracted because I saw a small metal box." You replied casually and turning your attention back to the TV.

"Oh that? That's mine." You then turned back to Lola, while Rayne, who was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen, came walking in too.

"Yes well, my father asked me to store it somewhere safe. He said that it wasn't that big of a deal, but I had to hide it just to be sure." At this you raised an eyebrow and Rayne crossed her arms.

"Huh? Your father asked you to store something important? What is it then?" Rayne said and Lola only huffed before she rolled her eyes.

"I don't know, something from his company. It's really nothing okay? My father wouldn’t be that stupid to hide something really important regarding his company with us girls, where it most likely will disappear. It was something like a failed blueprint which the other bosses wanted to throw away but he thought it might come in handy someday." It all sounded very logical; however it was still very strange.

Lola's father was one of the bosses of a big company… What company it exactly was, you had no idea. It had something to do with medical stuff…

However why would he ask Lola to store something of him which isn't even that important, while there are lots of big and secured safes in his own office?

You shook your head to shrug off the thought. It wouldn't be that important anyway.   

"I'm home." You heard someone say and you knew it was Farah.

Farah was a really nice girl; however she was a bit shy. Even around you guys, who are her friends, she is always quiet. In the beginning you liked it about her, but it soon turned annoying when she would talk and go out with other friends while constant whining about the fact that she felt you guys were counting her out. It was never your intention to make her feel that way and you constantly asked and involved her in everything you did… But she always refused to go with you and later whined about it. However when you were alone with her you had the time of your lives, laughing, drinking and having fun together.

"Hey Farah, how was your day?" You asked and you saw her dropping her bag on the ground and walking over to the couch, before plopping onto it.

"It was fine, really." She replied while staring at the screen. You turned your attention back to it too before you heard someone shouting loudly.

"Turn it to the news!" You raised your eyebrow at the hasty and distressed voice, but before you could see who it was you saw Mandy nearly tripping down the stairs before snatching the remote away and turning it to channel 4.

"Incoming news: tonight there was another murder by the so called: 'go to sleep' killer. The victims are a 17 year old girl together with 3 police officers. The state their bodies have been found in was similar to that of the other victims of this killer. The killer had killed the young woman before being spotted by the police. When the three police officers chased the killer into the woods they were killed as well. The chief of police:

"I am sure every single one of us is grieving over the deaths of our fellow officers, who risked their lives to put an end to these horrible killings. Nobody knows what happened in those woods, but there might be a chance that this killer does not work alone. I advice every single resident to lock their windows and doors until we find this killer and let justice prevail."

"The chief of police also sai-" The TV then turned off and you saw Mandy holding the remote in her hand.

"It's really horrible, is it? There might be more killers around like this guy." She nearly whispered and you felt a tension between you guys. You only nodded before Sandy barged into the room, fully dressed and ready to go out.

"Alright Lola, are you ready?" She looked at her friend, who only nodded.

"You're going out?" You asked and she smiled. "Of course we are going out! It is a Thursday night after all, time to get wasted! You want to come too?" You only chuckled at the weird behavior of your friend.

"No, I'm good. Have fun." You didn't really feel the need to come along; you were pretty tired and had to get up early tomorrow.

"Thanks, bye!"  Sandy yelled and dragged Lola along before they disappeared out of the door.

You yawned and thought it was time to go to bed. You said goodbye to the other girls before you walked up the stairs. You made sure your window was locked before you let yourself fall onto the bed. Twisting and turning before you fell into a deep slumber.


Review Taken. (Jeff the Killer X Reader)
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