Sissy Shades Of Grey

BY : AnastasiaWhip
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Disclaimer: Fifty Shades Of Grey belongs to E. L. James. This is a work of non-profit non-canon fanfiction

Christina Grey reflects on the changes in her life. How did she go from high-powered business man and Dom to a sissy slut at the mercy of her Godddess, Anastasia?

This story is very non-con. It diverts completely from the original source material. Christian is very OOC (a real bastard) to justify his transformation. If you no likey forced feminization or this take on the books, no readey ;)

Christian Gray - or Christina as his Goddess now insisted he call himself - studied his reflection in the mirror. Hard to believe that mere months ago he had been a brilliant business-man, a wunderkind worth millions.

He still couldn't get used to his reflection. Huge double-D breasts swelled out of his tight tube top, permanent make-up marked his hairless face and his hair was done up in two long pigtails. He looked like a disturbing mixture of slut and little girl - the kind of bimbo who was too dumb to remember the names of the men who fucked her. 

How had it come to this?


When Christian had first met Anastasia, he thought he'd found the perfect slave. She seemed so vanilla and virginal. It wouldn't take much to break her down and own her. To transform her into the sub of his dreams.

No, not sub. He had no intention of educating her about BDSM, of teaching her that the sub holds the real power, that she could negotiate with her Dom. No, he simply wanted to dominate her, to push her further and further past her own limits, to break her. 

Christian hadn't wanted a sub - he'd wanted a victim.

And he thought he'd found that victim in Anastasia.

How wrong he had been.

While he was trying to dominate her life, her choices, even her eating patterns, she had been studying him, learning everything she could about him. Training him.

And he hadn't even realized it. Not until it was too late.

His last memory of being his own master was of standing in his office, ordering her to strip. Then blackness.

When he next woke, he was on his knees, Anastasia standing over him.

"Anastasia, what? Why am I?" he struggled to rise and found he could not.

"No. Stay on your knees like a good girl. I didn't give you permission to rise."

At her voice, all strength seemed to flow from his body.

"What have you done to me?" he asked in a small voice.

"Simple. I've spent the last few months programming you. I've slipped subliminal hypnotic suggestions into our every interaction, our every

conversation. It took some time but you're now completely at my mercy."

"You'll regret this, you little brown-haired bitch," he snarled, "I'm a very rich and powerful man."

Anastasia laughed, her eyes twinkling.

"Rich? I don't think so. I had you sign everything over to me a few minutes ago. You were so deep in the trance that you don't even remember. And powerful? Well, which of us is on our knees?

No, Christina, you're not rich and you're not powerful and soon, you won't even be a man."

And that's how it started.....

To Be Continued

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