The Wolf's Love

BY : MoHowl
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Surprisingly soft lips attacked mine feverishly; no matter how many times we do this, it still surprises me how gentle those scarred lips of his are. But I didn't deny him. My tongue forced its way into his mouth, shoving his back and exploring the moist cavern; so familiar, yet so different every time. I swallowed his moan as I tangled our tongues.


My long claw-like nails dig into his black jeans as I ground my groin into his. He rips his mouth from mine and throws his head back with a loud moan. I lapped at his snowy throat, and it vibrates with every delicious moan that bursts from between his lips.


I reach that spot. I suck eagerly, and his nails dig into my scarred shoulder blades. He yanked me closer, our chests colliding almost painfully. My mouth travels lower to his collarbone, leaving a decent dark mark behind, dark enough for everyone to know he is mine. I sink my fangs into his flesh.


He scratches down my back; blood streams down in warm rivers. I release my right hand's grip on his hip and expertly pop the button of his jeans. His scream echoes throughout the darkening forest when my hand dived into his boxers and wrapped around his hard cock. I slowly circle the hot tip with the pad of my thumb.


My zipper is scraping me to death, but I ignore it. Instead I shove his jeans down to his knees in one swift motion. The gasp he makes as his hot dick is kissed by the cold air nearly sends me over the edge. He hurriedly kicks his jeans the rest of the way off. I waste no time and press him against the nearest tree. Returning my soft grip to his cock, I slide my hand down slowly until I can massage his smooth sac with my palm.

His loud gasp is lost in the rain that steadily patters down. I knew his eyes would be closed by the sheer ecstasy he was in, but he cut them off years ago. I stare into his usually soulless eyes; the love I saw there almost blew me away. My tongue flicked against his lower lip before delving back into the sweet cavern that is his mouth.

I felt my jeans slide down my legs. When did he undo them? Gasping into his mouth, I grabbed my swollen dick roughly and rubbed it against his. He let out a squeak, hopping up to wrap his long, pale legs around my waist. I stroked our dicks together, relishing the feel of our hard lengths being pressed against each other and our balls colliding with each frantic thrust.

With great reluctance I released my grip on our lengths and held my hand out to collect some rain water on my fingers. His pupils grew in size as I reached underneath his lithe body and gently circled his entrance with the tip of my forefinger. I blink once twice, then push my index finger past the tight ring of muscle. He gasped then bit down on my shoulder, hard enough to draw blood, as I carefully began to finger him.

"...ah!...Ah! Talis!"

The rain aided my second finger's entry. He panted heavily in my ear as I prodded around his warm hole. That delicious bundle of nerves was my target... A loud curse announced that my search was successful; I poked against the nerve bundle, knowing it was driving him insane. His moans were drowned by a roll of thunder. I stretched him a few more times before withdrawing my fingers and grabbing my cock with my calloused hand. A hiss escaped my lips as I slid the angry pink tip against his entrance.

"Are you ready?" I always ask no matter how many times we have done this.

He nods, pale eyes glazed. "Yes." The answer he always gives.

Covering his mouth with mine, I swallow his scream as I thrust forward, burying myself to the base in his body. He whimpers against my lips; I try to keep a hold on whatever sanity I have left, begging myself not to ravage the smaller body of my lover with inhuman lust. His muscles squeeze my length, trying to push me out.

He is so hot... so soft...

I wait a few agonizing moments before slowly pulling out until only the tip was left. With a low grunt I snap my hips up into his. I wince as his nails dig into my back, making me bleed more, but the pain is quickly dissolved by the pleasure clouding my mind. His tongue dances with mine, and I continue to thrust into him. He grinds his hips frantically, meeting my movements and rubbing his weeping cock against my stomach, creating a sticky line of precum.

I tear my mouth way from his to look at my lover. A dark blush has stained his cheeks, never-closing eyes swimming with unshed tears, a small stream of mixed saliva traveling down his chin, his body jerking upward with my relentless thrusting. He looked absolutely beautiful.

"Uh! Ah! Talis!"

The sheer intensity of me being into him makes him cum quickly. Strands of pearly white semen fly through the air and land on my chest, staying there until the rain washes it away. He nearly hits his head on the tress as he looks up at the sky and lets out a shout of pure, yet sinful pleasure. I continue my rough pounding into his tight entrance, loving the way his walls constrict my cock from his orgasm

My sac tightened uncomfortably; I grunt quietly, burying my face in his neck.


A wave of pure ecstasy washed over me. My moan is muffled by his snowy skin. I felt my cock pulse once, twice... five times as I unload my seed into my smaller lover. His throat vibrates with his moans. I dug my nails into the soft flesh of his ass. My lover's lidless eyes bore into mine. The muscles in my legs seize, and, with a drawn out sigh, I sink to my knees with my lover sitting on my thighs, holding me as close as possible.

"I love you, Talis." His voice is hoarse from screaming...

"I love you too, my beautiful killer."


I do not own Jeff the Killer.

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