No Beast Has the Right to Judge A Lion

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Cersei swirled her golden and gem-encrusted goblet filled with red wine in smug glee. All her enemies had fallen according to her brilliant schemes. That upstart Robb Stark was slain by beloved brother Jaime in the Whispering Woods. The man-loving Renly was dead by his own brother's kinslaying hands, and he was confirmed killed in his doomed attack on King’s Landing.  The crazy Arryn bitch in the Vale was dead, and her invalid's regent bent his banners to the Iron Throne and the Lannisters when commanded. All the while, thankfully, Dorne sat silent like good subjects.

The situation was far from ideal, however, and her victory came at a heavy cost. The little wretched dwarf had killed her beloved Joffrey and, before his corpse was cold, her father as well. Balon Greyjoy drowned and they elected a woman to lead the Iron Islands raiders, which Cersei thought was the only sensible thing the savages have ever done, but Cersei knew she’d deal with them soon enough no matter what her counterpart did. Not a single other family dared stand up to her. So it was then that she decided to stop hiding who she truly was. Her son, with a little gentle persuasion, dismissed Jaime from the kingsguard and with the High Septon under her control, within a week he was married to Cersei.

And when that silver-haired dragon whore attacked Kings Landing with her horselords and her eunuchs, not even the power of her dragons could fell the Lannister lion. The last anyone saw of her was when her black dragon was killed by that ballista shot over Blackwater Bay, before the water burned green a second time. Cersei smiled into her nearly empty goblet. The dwarf monster was good for something, at least.

Cersei set aside her goblet and melted as her brother's hands sunk into her golden locks, their tongues entwining in a deep kiss, “I’ve missed you so much, my Jaime. You were gone from the city for so long!”

Jaime Lannister’s tongue wrestled with his twin’s, and his hands roamed over her body to cup and caress her lewdly and unabashedly. He wasn’t afraid of anyone saying anything anymore. If they were foolish enough to complain, they wouldn’t be the first one to die on his blade for it, “I was out getting you a present.”

The room was empty except for her husband, the Stark bitch kneeling in the center of the room, and the kingsguard standing beside her. The look of revulsion on Sansa Stark's face was nearly palpable. The Queen Regent briefly put aside what her brother said to notice Sansa’s face and smile her poison smile, "Is there something you'd like to say, dear Sansa?"

Her beloved Jaime's lips drifted from her mouth along her jaw to her ear, where it nibbled and tugged. Cersei's brilliant blue eyes stared smugly at Sansa as she shivered under Jaime’s assault. Sansa’s voice was prim and vibrant, the control she normally had in hiding her true feelings falling away,  "Incest is absolutely the worst thing a person can do! It's disgusting and a sin!" Her face fell in fear for a moment as she quickly added, “Your grace.”

Jaime parted from Cersei’s ear for a moment to glance slyly at the young Stark girl kneeling meekly in the center of the room before refocusing on his wife, “Sister, don’t you want to know what I got you?”

Cersei nearly meowed as his attention and she ran her hand down his chest, “Please. Is it beautiful?”

Jaime laughed derisively and spoke, “No, rather not.”

His voice lifted in command and the doors to the throne room were thrown open. Two Lannister soldiers entered moments later, dragging a dirty young boy between them. Cersei glared daggers at the pathetic figure between them and was about to round angrily on Jaime when she paused and examined the peasant. Soft lines on her dirty face surrounded by unwashed brown hair Bruises bloomed across her face from a little rough handling, and her glare remained defiant and angry. Cersei’s eyebrows shot up over her forehead in realization.

Sansa realized it at the exact same moment Cersei started to laugh, and the scream that tore from Sansa’s throat was one mixed with relief and horror. Jaime grinned massively and lifted his arm in presentation, “My beloved Queen Regent, may I present to you Arya, of House Stark."

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