Still Careful What You Wish For

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Still Careful What You Wish For

A/N: I’ve been getting into the Goosebumps TV series again, and got a bit inspired after watching one of my favorite episodes ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’. So I read the book to find out more about what happened. I do prefer the TV ending; however that is neither here nor there.
So I decided that the story, in both respects, was good for a sex fc. It will be somewhat similar to the original; however I will do my best to keep it as fresh as I can. I also apologize in advance that this is a bit more drama than horror. In retrospect, the book is not the scariest in the Goosebumps series.
Full credit to R.L. Stine for writing the original story and for inspiring this one. This is a fan-based writing and is not for profit. Please support the original publication.  

Additional tags (coz I didn't plan ahead): HJ, Oral, M/M, Minor2 and Solo

Chapter One

I totally suck at this.

I thought I had my chess game down and now I was getting my butt handed to me all over again. I just lost my third match today in Chess Club to someone on a lower rank than me. As I turned in the results to Mr. Murray, he gave me a look of disappointment and moved my name down another mark. I sighed as I sat back at my table with my chess pieces all over the place.

“What’s the matter Jerry, lose another game?” The voice belonged to the one person I didn’t want to hear from.

Yes, my name is Jerry, and I’m in my final year at High School. While many of my talents are in the mental field and I am a pretty good student, my chess game was not on par with it. The voice speaking to me belonged to Daniel; my rival, bully and crush. How do these things get so complicated?

“Yes, I did,” I admitted. If I denied it I’d look and feel as stupid.

“Well cheer up, you can always challenge me,” he offered in a fake sympathetic and mocking tone. The only reason I ever play Daniel is so I can look at his hot face over the chess board while he is thinking.

Okay, so I realize the hypocrisy of attraction to someone you dislike, but it is simply a fantasy. I simply gestured for him to sit and he did, his best friend and co-bully Corey sat as well. Daniel picked up a pawn of each color and mixed them under the table. He presented two clenched hands, and I chose his left hand. He opened it to reveal a white pawn, so I played as white. He set the pawn down and I played my first move.

“Really?” Daniel asked as he moved a pawn forward. “You really haven’t learned a basic opening move yet?” I played my next move, and the game went on. My pieces started dropping away faster than Daniel’s did, and eventually I lost. Daniel moved up one on the ladder and I moved down. I swear I’d be able to beat him if his short brown hair wasn’t such a distraction, or his softer pale complexion extremely attractive. No, really, I wanted to lick it for the vanilla that must be stored there.

I sat down at the board again and looked glumly at the chess pieces standing there in their usual rows. I swear I like chess, I’m just not good at it.

As I looked at my watch and saw how much time I had left, I decided I wanted to go to the library. I pushed my game board away slightly and walked out.

“Why does he even try?” Corey asked Daniel when he thought I was out of earshot.

“Because he’s a loser,” Daniel answered.

“At least my grade average is higher than yours,” I muttered to myself as I stalked off towards the library. I went in and over to the history section and started filing through the titles for anything on my history assignment. Just as I got to the section on the Russian Revolution, something hit me over the head.

“Lost again bookworm?” I let out an internal sigh as the voice belonged to the librarian and not Daniel.

“No Mrs. Collins, just looking up something for History,” I explained.

“Well good on you. Anyway, I was wondering if you could help me out. One of the younger kids is on his own. Could you play a game with him?”

I suppose when you build a reputation for helping people, as I’ve done, you get asked to do it all the time instead of just when you opt to do it in your own time.

“Sure,” I agreed without actually saying what I was thinking. “What’s he playing?” I asked.

“His name is Nathan and he’s learning chess.” I passed her the book I wanted so she could reserve it, and then went over to where she indicated and sat down for my umpteenth game of chess that day.


That afternoon after school I got on my bike and headed down the road. I followed the main road away from school and past the town’s sporting fields that were on the same block. It went from our school to the football oval, the tennis courts, the hockey fields and then, my destination, the track and field. I rode around the fence and headed towards the basketball stadium next door and tied my bike up in the bike rack, then followed the path towards the stands for the track. I looked down at the gathering group of students that were at the starters mark. There was my best friend, Bronson. He gave me a quick wave and I waved back before he started exercising for the practice.

Bronson and I have been friends since the beginning of High School. We get on so well because we are both really smart. I like scholastic achievement and strategy, and Bronson likes IT and track events. We support each other in everything, and he was even there for me when I started coming out. So now I was supporting him at the tryouts for the track and field team.

People were starting to gather in the stands, so I sat back and watched all the men warm up, and looked at the guys bent over doing stretches.

“Look who’s perving on the guys!” Daniel’s voice sang out and rattled in my head like rocks in a wooden box.

“What do you want Daniel?” I asked.

“Well I’m going to annoy you for being a fag, fag.” Daniel had learned that I was gay, and while he wasn’t always going on about it, it seemed to be his fallback when he had nothing else to go at me about.

“The sharpness of your wit is matched only by a bowling ball,” I replied without looking away from Bronson.

“Well your boyfriend is down there,” Corey chipped in.

“Bronson has a girlfriend, for the trillionth time.”

“If you say so,”

“If you want a seat, try this one.” I stuck my finger up at them then turned back to the field.

“No thanks, that’s your deal.” Daniel moved away with Corey following him like a shadow. If anyone were a closeted couple, it was those two. I quickly glanced at Daniel’s butt as he walked off, and then looked back to the field.

The starting lineup was happening, and the under 18 boys, including Bronson, were set to race. The crowd fell silent as the caller raised the gun, ready to fire.


“I can’t believe you get to compete in state,” I exclaimed excitedly as I walked Bronson home.

“Neither can I,” Bronson added. “Mum is taking Rebecca and me out to dinner to celebrate.”

“You were totally awesome. You’re faster than anything you’ve made on your computer,”

“That’d have to be pretty fast,” Bronson said as he ran a hand through his short brown hair.

“True. Still, well done. Perhaps your luck will rub off on me for tomorrow’s big chess game.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Bronson asked. “I know you like chess and all, but do you honestly think you can win?”

“If I so much as place, I’ll be grateful,” I told him. I run a hand through my copper fringe. I let it grow a bit longer than my hair, which is short and copper colored.

As we turned into the next street, my mind went to the contest tomorrow. Everyone in the chess club would compete for a prize. Every day, people would get eliminated from the ladder until only three remained. Your position was determined by your win’loss ratio and how many pieces you took and kept.

“At least I will try; I can’t do more than that. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and stay in for the first round.”

“Well, here’s home,” Bronson said. I patted him on the back and he went inside. I got on my bike and started riding home. It was a ten minute ride, and I knew every inch. I raced down the quiet streets with the wind whistling through my hair.

Just as I rounded the corner on the main road, I turned to ride on the footpath and was headed straight for a collision with a figure in black.

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